Prepositions after "reverse"

"reverse in" or "reverse by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 26% of cases reverse in is used
    There are two types of decisions that get reversed in the current DRS.
    Whatever you're going through, I command it to be reversed in the name of Jesus.
    Deforestation has been halted and reversed in parts of both Europe and the North America.
    That's the biggest decline in over a decade and it's not expected to reverse in the fourth quarter.
    If such liability was recognised under previous GAAP it would be reversed in the opening IFRS balance sheet.
    The rolls were reversed in the fourth and Perry found herself on the back foot as the top seed found her shots to seal the win.
    The PSP was hyperpolarizing near spike threshold, was reversed in polarity at? 56 mV, and was depolarizing at the resting potential (Fig.
    It could very well curb volatility to a certain extent, given that we see meaningless moves in prices in many sessions only to be reversed in the next session.
    Of course this milieu promotes the stratification by socioeconomic class (a trend that had been temporarily reversed in America in the middle of the twentieth century).
    For the Holy Doctor remarks that all affection which is not based upon love of God vanishes easily; other wise, the order of justice and right would be reversed in Hell.

    In 22% of cases reverse by is used
    As a result, reasonable Umpiring judgments (correct decisions by any reasonable standard) will necessarily be reversed by DRS.
    His conviction was reversed by the Third Circuit court of appeals, which declined to create a new category of unprotected speech.
    Carter tried to lead the way to efficiency and reducing our dependence on foreign oil but this was almost completely reversed by Reagan.
    Eventually Johnny Roselli and his friends became convinced that the Cuban revolution could not be reversed by simply removing its leader.
    However, such gains as may be realised for the concept, are apt to be reversed by constraining factors of dependency, such as lack of financial autonomy.
    Judah? s complaint was not as stated above, but that resolutions passed by the board oftentimes were acted upon differently or reversed by the board majority.
    This is suggested by the results of a recent trial in which long standing cases of the condition were reversed by the adoption of restrictive diets involving an extremely low calorific intake.

    In 7% of cases reverse into is used
    Punk going for the GTS, but Cena reverses into an AA.
    reversing into several lanes of oncoming traffic is no fun.
    I just turned in from Mobolaji Bank Anthony &; the guy reversed into my car.

    In 5% of cases reverse at is used
    It ’ s impossible to reverse at speed.
    Many believe that home education is illegal! Since every child in the UK has the right to a place at school, the decision can be reversed at any time.

    In 5% of cases reverse on is used
    But that effort was decisively reversed on the floor of the House when funding was restored by an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 327-90.
    From this we see that the geomagnetic field reverses on average every 300,000 years (the last was 750,000 years ago so we are well overdue).

    In 4% of cases reverse from is used
    reversing Do not reverse from a side road or a driveway into a main road.
    Free allocation could increase regulatory costs enough that the sign of the efficiency impact could conceivably be reversed from positive to negative net benefits (Parry, Williams, and Goulder 1999).

    In 4% of cases reverse without is used
    Not long after, he realises that a choice once made, can hardly be reversed without consequences.

    In 4% of cases reverse with is used
    Capitalism's dependence on the private car and truck would begin be reversed with the rapid proliferation of mass, free public transport systems.
    However, when the Fed tightens credit abruptly and substantially, as in 2006, the process is reversed with deflationary consequences (2007-2009).

    In 4% of cases reverse out is used
    Nobody will be there to close vents at night to prevent the heat from reversing out of the cabin.
    I have noted when reversing it judders on the flat but when I have to reverse out of my drive it judders much more.

    In 4% of cases reverse for is used
    If all 36 Rockettes wore it, I could imagine the costume sewn reversed for half of them, which might be really interesting for some numbers.
    Half of the participants received a worksheet with instructions to search the federated search tool before the single database; the order was reversed for the other half of the students.

    In 2% of cases reverse to is used
    However, as soon as visual input became available, even transiently, the induced changes rapidly reversed to baseline.

    In 1% of cases reverse of is used
    These colonial administrative structures will need to be reversed of there is ever to be peace or prosperity in Sri Lanka.

    In 1% of cases reverse between is used
    Now we finally get some forward movement, and some movement that can't be so easily reversed between Sarah and Hank.

    In 1% of cases reverse over is used
    That final mark-to-market item is expected to be reversed over the average three-year life of the hedges.

    In 1% of cases reverse because is used
    In India, this is reversed because of middle-men, vested interest, wastage and inadequate warehousing facilities.

    In 1% of cases reverse as is used
    All that is now being reversed as the combination of cuts, job losses and benefit reductions make absolute poverty worse and the gap between the richest and poorest greater.

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