Prepositions after "retrieve"

"retrieve from" or "retrieve by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 52% of cases retrieve from is used
    AMQ9510 Messages can not be retrieved from a queue.
    Another 96 images were retrieved from the recycle folder.
    Robredo's body was retrieved from the sea on Tuesday morning.
    Note: The information about icons are retrieved from the icon with the highest bitrate.
    Some of the publications retrieved from Pubmed were also present in Google Scholar and AJOL.
    What they really need, Rick contends, are more guns, which he'd be able to retrieve from his dropped bag.
    They do have a small amount of water that can be retrieved from a large tank in the courtyard, but it is limited.
    We retrieve from our ancient, collective memory the remembrance of a time when our relationships were harmonious, when we did connect and love.
    Yusuf retrieved from the well and sold as a slave Having thrown their younger brother in the well, the older brothers stayed around to see what may happen.

    In 23% of cases retrieve by is used
    Kip's past is lovingly retrieved by Hana.
    They were retrieved by specialist forensic software licensed to gardai.
    The anchor was retrieved by the Heberley family making the idea a reality.
    If the ball rolled into a sewer it was retrieved by an elaborate operation involving a coat hanger.
    The position so carefully retrieved by Li Hung-chang was to be suddenly destroyed by war with Japan.
    The information in the text files can later be retrieved by a website so that it can recognise the user or device.
    The URL Attribute specifies the location where the JDF file to be submitted can be retrieved by the queue Controller.
    Note: Property values set on an fo:marker or its ancestors will not be inherited by the children of the fo:marker when they are retrieved by an fo:retrieve-marker or fo:retrieve-table-marker.

    In 5% of cases retrieve within is used
    If the message was retrieved within a unit of work, the unit of work can be backed out and the message retrieved using the MQGET call.

    In 4% of cases retrieve in is used
    It also means that fewer records are retrieved in one I/O, which is bad for sequential processing.
    It is true, most people have gathered a routine of skimming through things and very rarely have it stored for retrieving in their long-term memories.

    In 3% of cases retrieve for is used
    Deeply dug bulbs divide more slowly and have to be retrieved for division less frequently.

    In 1% of cases retrieve with is used
    If the message was retrieved within a unit of work, the unit of work can be backed out and the message retrieved using the MQGET call.

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