Prepositions after "retaliate"

retaliate by, with, against, in or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 29% of cases retaliate by is used
    They retaliated by cranking up the busy tone level to its max.
    If you are caught in one, try not to retaliate by stealing in return.
    Pakistan retaliated by shutting down all ground supply routes into Afghanistan.
    When he learned of this he retaliated by posting YouTube videos about the students.
    They will then retaliate by coming up with some further sophistication of DSGE or ACE models.
    Aman Sinaya sent tempests into the sky and Bathala retaliated by hurling giant boulders from the mountaintops.
    In response, Hargaisa retaliated by launching a disproportional attack on Buuhoodle and called off the dtente between SSC and Hargaisa.
    I have a picture of my son in an ordinary sink, and I would post it here as proof but for the fact he would retaliate by posting an embarrassing picture of me on his Facebook site.

    In 25% of cases retaliate with is used
    So BrewDog retaliated with Sink The Bismarck, at 41 per cent.
    De Thierry retaliated with an accusation of republicanism, and left Tahiti for Sydney.
    Just then, Marimar got up and pulled their hairs and retaliated with all her strength.
    And if you've alologised while you bent his finger he has no reason to retaliate with violence.
    With his reply of thanks, Harry retaliated with the suggestion that she take Snape off his hands and add Ginny Weasley to the mix.
    Napoli retaliated with a pass by Marek Hamsik that found Gokhan Inler, who took a long shot to penetrate Milan's defence and surprise Christian Abbiati.
    Hamas retaliates with raw images from the ground One of the earliest images on the conflict that surfaced online was that of Jihad Masharawi, a BBC correspondent in Gaza.
    Its soul, and suburban hell, is the ever-widening schism of a mother and son at war, where the camera forces us so close we retaliate with a scream or an instinct to duck.

    In 18% of cases retaliate against is used
    While this varies by culture (national and organizational ), the general tendency is for whistle blowers to be retaliated against.
    The three negotiation days have passed, and Hang-woo decides to retaliate against Bang's inaction by enforcing sanctions on the factory.
    TVLINE Is Monroe going to retaliate against Rachel for the stabbing? Or has she actually managed to spare herself? She spared herself because now he really does need her.
    They wanted to retaliate against America and its allies, they wanted the anger the Balinese by provoking conflicts between the Hindus and Muslims, between the locals and the immigrants.

    In 11% of cases retaliate in is used
    The Gross Ventre assumed HBC had a hand in the slaughter and retaliated in June 1794.
    The Jew hopes that you retaliate in kind and when you do he can tell himself you are anti-Semitic.
    If one side is hurling something, the other side have every right to retaliate in the same fashion.

    In 4% of cases retaliate as is used
    In addition, the resistance can portray the inability or reluctance of the enemy to retaliate as a weakness, which will demoralize enemy forces and instill a belief in their eventual defeat.
    Hutu extremists within and outside the government had nothing to gain from sharing power with the RPF and feared that, once in power, the Tutsis might retaliate as the Hutu had in the 1960s.

    In 4% of cases retaliate on is used
    Every day there are people retaliating on the streets, saying that countries like Africa need food and aid.

    In 4% of cases retaliate to is used
    Are any of us surprised that this didn't happen? Kyle stated that he was the ' victim ' in the situation and was retaliating to Alison's ' personal attack ' on him.

    In 2% of cases retaliate for is used
    The Indian Muslims are crying and retaliating for the illegal Myanmar and Kokrajhar Muslims.

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