Prepositions after "result"

result in, from, into or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 84% of cases result in is used
    It results in recruitment failure.
    It resulted in 52 recommendations.
    It can also result in chronic insomnia.
    Errors made during surgery can even lead to permanent brain damage or result in death.
    This lack of functioning can result in frustration along with other negative feelings.
    This will utlimately result in MUCH higher taxes on the middle class and/or inflation.
    When this has resulted in a bruising collision with life rather than a smooth interaction, we have to re-evaluate.
    Mouth cigarette smoking items such as these could also result in mouth area cancers or conditions from the gum line.
    Believe me when I say that a lot of parcels come to us with the wrong information on them resulting in mis-sorts.
    I have seen it attempted many times -- but if it is not done properly, it can result in very misleading conclusions.

    In 14% of cases result from is used
    Meaning can only result from meaning.
    Purpose can only result from purpose.
    Intelligence can only result from intelligence.
    Ahmed feared a civil war resulting from army defections and the armed opposition.
    Thanks to E, and I apologize for any confusion resulting from that misinformation.
    Northern Australia also has ' greywakes ': chaotic rock sequences that result from dramatic underwater avalanches.
    They don't just have to deal with the long economic storm wave resulting from the upheavals of the casino banks.
    Permanent damage may easily result from even the most cautious attempts to clean a painting by an untrained person.
    We must allow some hypothecation to overcome practical problems resulting from that, but not metaphysical issues.

    In 1% of cases result into is used
    Regards Maybe you have a 1 Gbit NAND which results into 128 MiB.
    This ultimately results into increased revenue for the businesses.
    A refusal of parent's choice might result into severe treatment towards her.
    This resulted into a meticulous, not without bruises, to appoint the Commission.
    This great tourist's influx has resulted into a huge demand for hotel management professionals.
    It resulted into the instrument's exit out of a consolidation range and its growth to the new local maximum.
    This itself suggest that there is something much more than nature itself which has resulted into increase in flood incidents in Bihar.
    The Bank of Japan decision about the widening of easing program, which had been expected by the markets, disappointed investors and resulted into the strengthening of yen for a short time.
    Over the years, man has thrown his unwanted material into space and this has resulted into a clutter which has gotten dangerous, not only for the astronomical bodies, but for the planet earth too.

    In 1% of cases result to is used
    A is personally answerable for the loss resulting to B.
    Swatch: Used as shimmer When applied lightly, it results to a very subtle shimmer.
    Corruption in public services has resulted to lack of confidence in the public eyes.
    This results to the yellowing of leaves progressing to drying and wilting in young and.
    Nowadays, online futures trading is available and more advance which result to more benefits.
    Similarly, the price classification freeze for beer has resulted to cheaper taxes than it should be.
    Such high error rate may result to increased frustration, delayed production, lost client or possible lawsuits.
    However, research on the effect of PEF and US on meat processing is limited, yet results to date are promising.
    First to take note was the failed offlane coming from EG which resulted to multiple kills for the Queen of Pain.

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