Prepositions after "respond"

respond to, with, by or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 79% of cases respond to is used
    respond to fun when it happens.
    Sometimes people respond to him.
    He did not respond to my letter.
    He often appeared deaf and would not respond to his parents when they called his name.
    Property speculation is the problem, the banks merely responded to it (wrongly!) 36.
    I did not respond to his last email and I have not intention of speaking to him again.
    I seem to only be able to post at the end, so please forgive me if I respond to Speeds above post at 11:56 AM here.
    In a perfect world, his team reads this blog and may respond to what an average conservative thinks they should do.
    And if my memory is still functioning OK, Barclay sets out three ways folk have heard or responded to this story.
    Humans can only respond to the exponential demand for and growth of data by automating their information processes.

    In 8% of cases respond with is used
    He responded with a weak smile.
    Always respond with a firm ' no '.
    You respond with an ad hominem retort.
    If a goal contains variable(s), the system responds with one possible set of bindings.
    The Tigers responded with their own crimes, including suicide bombing and kidnapping.
    We look at each request on an individual basis and respond with our decision in writing.
    Take this into consideration when communicating with them, and respond with empathy rather than with frustration.
    When that was received coldly, he responded with a great series of speeches, more impressive than the original.
    If you read email and perhaps respond with a short to moderate reply, I still consider that primarily consumptive.
    The city has responded with high apartment buildings and VERY small flats (some just a few hundred square feet).

    In 5% of cases respond by is used
    Digicel responded by taking the OUR.
    Police responded by firing tear gas.
    They responded by repeating themselves.
    The Unionist Corporation responded by attempting to stall the building of new homes.
    Romney was called on his lie and responded by turning it into a TV ad to run in Ohio.
    Chris responds by unstrapping his skis and settling in, knowing that trouble is brewing.
    Sounders responded by bringing on Zach Scott for the goal hero Martinez who exited too slowly for Morales ' liking.
    Police began getting reports about the attack on Arnold soon after they responded by the dozen to the campus attack.
    The Burundian government has responded by requiring English and Swahili to be taught in every grade of primary school.
    Simultaneously, they would receive a piece from another artist to which they would respond by making another piece of work.

    In 5% of cases respond in is used
    Republicans will respond in kind.
    Hunter responded in the positive.
    Chris has responded in a similar way.
    Only if they fail to respond in kind should they be dismissed and subsequently ignored.
    Why not respond in a timely manner, but know that it just might not happen immediately.
    Depending on how much he has had to drink, your husband will respond in one of two ways.
    Often humans and other animals are aware of their observers, so they may respond in various ways to that awareness.
    And of course, if your partner doesn't respond in the prescribed way, the particular tactic you use might not work.
    But in each of the three times before that, he responded in a practical way because he thought the voice was that of Eli.
    I took this up with Gbenga Sesan who is one of the founders and they responded in a way that brings me up to my next point.

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