Prepositions after "resist"

resist by, in, with, for or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 31% of cases resist by is used
    Attempts to reclaim it had been resisted by Kenya.
    The move was resisted by other members of the gpsstash mailing list.
    This is a hard truth, violently resisted by the nuclear retentionists.
    Mujib's statement called on Bengalis to resist by all possible means ' any force used against them.
    I managed to resist by remembering the remorse that I had experienced every other time I had done something wrong.
    The attack was resisted by Imam Husain's companions but Muslim bin ' Awsaja was left on the ground of the battlefield.
    The IMF and EU are likely to face trying to renegotiate the deal with Greece, a move likely to be resisted by some countries.
    While the costs of arbitration depend on how strenuously the claim is resisted by the other party, we are flexible in our fee arrangements.

    In 12% of cases resist in is used
    This must also be actively resisted in an organised way across Europe.
    The Shandong resisted in the opening set however, truly, the hosts were not in for a challenge.
    The widespread triumph of neoliberalism has been resisted in many ways in academia, in parliamentary politics and on the streets.

    In 12% of cases resist with is used
    I want no part of it and will resist with all my might.
    Suddenly, among these heroes resisting with superhuman energy, Hazrat Ka'ab bin Malik (R.
    Owens ' impastos seem to take in as much of human endeavour as the adverts beneath them, colours interpenetrate and resist with vibrancy and hunger becoming genuine, if brief, adventures.

    In 10% of cases resist for is used
    Somaliland should not be lost to what they had been resisting for alone in two decades.
    When Hindus, Buddhists and Muslim nations and Muslims join hand, America and its supporters will not be able to resist for one week.
    Make sure to remove all petroleum jelly using kitchen towel to blot up any excess oiliness as this will act as a resist for any other paint or varnish you try to apply afterwards.

    In 10% of cases resist to is used
    Jidhif, the fired commander ' has resisted to hand over the leadership to the new clan militia commander Mr.
    Not it is calling on us all to refuse to tolerate thieves in our midst and to resist to the best of our ability.
    I resist to the idea that I can't do it all -- it must be part of the superwoman DNA that was imbedded in me from the time I was born.
    And before they make a shot they say, the tell, they make cautions and because the protesters resist to going onshooting back, burn another tires, etc.

    In 6% of cases resist at is used
    This discretionary action by Trichet's ECB was resisted at the time by IMF officials, whose judgement has been thoroughly vindicated by subsequent events.

    In 4% of cases resist because is used
    Payday loans can be very difficult to resist because of their easy approval, but it's supposed to be used only when there is an emergency need for cash.

    In 4% of cases resist from is used
    I got out one of the empty bottles and began to pour the resist from the tube into the bottle and then added one of my fine nibs.

    In 2% of cases resist among is used
    Virtually all news reports from inside Gaza reflect a strong determination to resist among the population.

    In 2% of cases resist let is used
    It suddenly found itself subservient and worse, with no means to resist let alone revolt.

    In 2% of cases resist of is used
    The thunder stays to only have for very hot fire order a, every resist of, all kill.

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