Prepositions after "replicate"

"replicate in" or "replicate by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 37% of cases replicate in is used
    Dylans example is being replicated in various ways.
    This can be replicated in the emerging economies too.
    Can this sort of experience be replicated in Pakistan? AB: There are two factors.
    The achievement of this project will be replicated in other suitable sites in the country.
    The framework isn't important, it should be fairly easy to replicate in any PHP environment.
    The ability to make a book is not something that can be replicated in the social media arena.
    This is a situation that is replicated in places like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Burma and Cambodia.
    It will be a UN's reform model city and the lessons learned and the achievements will be replicated in other towns in Africa.
    A couple of years back there was a surge of commercials produced for other markets and replicated in Kiswahili and placed in local media.
    That unless we have genuine, uncompromising political and military will, this soft Jihad will be replicated in other parts of India in future.

    In 22% of cases replicate by is used
    This problem has been reported and replicated by several iPhone users.
    As described, in step 2, any financial instrument is replicated by cash flows.
    A bond is replicated by the present value of each cash flow on each of the coupon dates.
    It's safe to assume that any behaviour you engage in will be replicated by members of your team.
    In the variance-covariance methodology, any financial instrument must be replicated by cash flows.
    Until I see these experiments replicated by other, sceptical researchers, I'd going to remain extremely.
    The bid was $46 532! the same jeans were meticulously replicated by Bart Sights of Sights Denim Systems.
    The sheer willpower they have shown in some games needs to be replicated by players like Diaby, Arshavin and Walcott.
    My suspicion is that actual heads tilt and deform on impact in ways that are not replicated by the rigid magnesium headforms used to evaluate them.
    For example, an interest rate forward position can be replicated by two cash flows, one at the effective date of the rate and the other at the maturity date.

    In 9% of cases replicate at is used
    It's an experience that can not be replicated at home or on your iPod.
    So in the spirit of Artusi, here is a simple, seasonal dish most folks can replicate at home.
    Some might see this as something anyone could replicate at home but others may see it as being superiorly refined.
    Create Club provides a level of variety that would be very hard to replicate at home for them not to mention the cost of all the materials and tools would be really expensive.

    In 5% of cases replicate across is used
    You'll see this approach to social media replicated across many luxury brands, in the fashion world especially.
    Alternative models of public service delivery provide opportunities for social entrepreneurs to scale and replicate across the country.
    What's sadder is the fact that the case in Uganda is by no means an isolated one, and that facts like this are replicated across the world.
    Working upon the assumption that well over half of those defecting to UKIP are Tories, this would be hugely damaging if replicated across England on election night.
    COUNT SPUDS NOT RIGS The same pattern of drilling more wells using fewer rigs is being replicated across the state as best practice spreads from industry leaders such as Continental to other firms.

    In 5% of cases replicate with is used
    You may replicate with the extra potato should it be still as well salty.
    But I'd in a civil union because I didn't consider it ethical to enter a relationship I wouldn't be able to replicate with a future partner.
    These are facets of play Juventus are well poised to replicate with hard charging wing-backs and the well-timed forward runs of central midfielders Claudio Marchisio and Arturo Vidal.

    In 5% of cases replicate to is used
    Can it be replicated to charities working in Africa.
    Whenever he puts a move on Matt Neal, or if Matt crashes/makes a mistake there is a huge roar around the circuit which isn't replicated to the same magnitude if the roles are reversed.

    In 4% of cases replicate for is used
    To establish a model pilot area for river rehabilitation, that can be replicated for other waterways in the city.
    England awaits the day when the Liverpool captain replicates for his country the match-winning pyrotechnics that have become his hallmark for his club.
    This is a role Rooney is likely to replicate for the national side this week, with expectations of an English victory high and Rooney determined to finally excel on the international stage.

    In 2% of cases replicate as is used
    The mbs fraud has been replicated as a business model.

    In 2% of cases replicate without is used
    It's just not advisable storing the first alternative and as well, make some replicated without any civil liberties, are is really a really.

    In 1% of cases replicate outside is used
    Humans are the only source of this virus, and it can not replicate outside the human body.

    In 1% of cases replicate under is used
    The distribution network is like the asset created at historical cost with would be difficult to replicate under current market conditions.

    In 1% of cases replicate of is used
    If you plan on enjoying against someone in your home, you may find that you'll want two replicates of the video game to play against each other.

    In 1% of cases replicate beyond is used
    The project was a great success and activities were replicated beyond the original target states of Kogi and Ekiti to Oyo, Abuja, Cross Rivers State and Kwara.

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