Prepositions after "reopen"

"reopen in", "reopen to" or "reopen as"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 31% of cases reopen in is used
    The Haunted Terrortories location reopened in the standard event space.
    When Murdoch's reopened in 1910, it had 542 rooms, 251 for women and 291 for men.
    The new Queen's Gallery was redeveloped and re-opened in 2002 for the Golden Jubilee.
    It was closed 1807, reopened in 1819 but finally abandoned in 1821 in favor of Rocky Mountain House.
    The British forces returned after the Japanese surrender and Raffles College was reopened in October 1946.
    Brendan Rodgers has warned Liverpool fans not to expect a great deal of transfer activity when the window reopens in January.
    reopened in November 2005, Top of the Rock welcomes visitors to a unique venue, removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.
    The camp will remain at this site until November when it will be dismantled for the rainy season, it will reopen in December 2007 on a new site.
    When the ViewTube reopens in December it will become a great spot to stop for coffee and cake and a gawp at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park taking shape.
    For outside distractions, Narberth Museum (**27;9150;TOOLONG ), which reopens in July, is just down the lane, while a ruined Norman castle looms opposite the B &B.

    In 12% of cases reopen as is used
    It will eventually be reopened as a sports, arts and entertainments venue, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
    The former World Cafe in the Te Hapara section of Gladstone Road has reopened as a Tandoori Indian restaurant.
    In June it was reported that the Radiophonic Workshop is due to reopen as an online portal for musicians to swap ideas and collaborate on compositions.
    The DfE explains that before re-opening as an academy the school will need to set up new financial systems and contractual arrangements, and complete registrations.

    In 12% of cases reopen to is used
    It is still not clear when the attraction will reopen to visitors.
    In the 1980's Zanzibar was finally re-opened to international investment.
    Of course, come July 2013, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will start to reopen to the public.
    Late yesterday, the ODPEM issued a statement that the Gorge had been reopened to vehicular traffic.
    However, you can't get up it at present, and when it does reopen to the public in 2013, it will presumably have a chunky entrance fee.

    In 8% of cases reopen for is used
    School re-opens for us this week.
    To reopen for business mid-summer is harder.
    Then they'll re-open for a second time on Black Friday.
    School re-opened for my little one and I hope everything will be back to routine from now on.

    In 7% of cases reopen after is used
    What should have happened is that all buildings should have been closed and only reopened after considerable inspections had been made.
    I had 1 site up for 8 months which is the 17 a month traffic number and my other site I reopened after closing it for a few months and that gets 21 a month.

    In 5% of cases reopen by is used
    And that creates an incentive for people to bring frivolous cases or reopen cases years after the fact that would never, ever get re-opened by the courts in any other context.

    In 5% of cases reopen on is used
    It was re-opened on 18 November 2012 to allow in 124 trucks, which.
    Schools are supposed to re-open on 27 September, but this will likely be delayed - some by as much as several weeks - say aid workers.
    Runners ambivalent On Thursday, there were signs of recovery in city life: some subway service was restored, and Bloomberg said city parks would re-open on Saturday.

    In 5% of cases reopen with is used
    The Festive Gift Shoppe also reopened with new gifts.
    Two of three major airports in metropolitan area re-opened with limited flights.

    In 4% of cases reopen at is used
    All lanes were reopened at about 9 p.
    Alexandra Road was closed and only reopened at 1.

    In 4% of cases reopen from is used
    The task pane can then be hidden and reopened from the status bar.
    Most of what I have felt as rejection from people is just emotional wounds reopening from the past, and it's not about the present.

    In 1% of cases reopen into is used
    Defeated, Stalin ordered that the road/rail routes be re-opened into Berlin and the Allies lifted the flights in to the city.

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