Prepositions after "remind"

remind of, about, by, at or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 85% of cases remind of is used
    Something I need reminded of often.
    I'd reminded of an Australian I once met.
    I am reminded of Coco Rosie for some reason.
    They abandoned me when I was at my lowest and I don't want to be reminded of the ex.
    Such silent killers remind of sufferings of generations born in Japan in 1940 and 50s.
    Let us be reminded of and guided by the wise words of Martin Luther King Jr freedom.
    These remind of the separatist designs of Sheikh Mujeeb who was caught conspiring against Pakistan and was interned.
    I am reminded of Caleb, who at the age of 85 came to Joshua and took possession of that inheritance he had earned.
    Aquino was also reminded of his promise to crack down on loose firearms and on private armed groups in the country.
    Whenever I work in my home office I am reminded of a television programme I once watched about life on a submarine.

    In 6% of cases remind about is used
    She does not need to be reminded about it.
    Mother keeps reminding about seraphic traits of exemplary sacrifice and patience.
    Together, dopamine and opioids create a pathway that can activate every time a person is reminded about the particular food.
    Thanks for sharing these channels! Now that I'd reminded about BLU and HARO again - I should finally start utilizing them as well.
    The students filled out questionnaires and some of the participants were reminded about death while others were given a control topic.
    When I attended the Black Ops II multiplayer debut in Germany a few months ago, I was reminded about just how terrible I am at CoD multiplayer.
    When reminded about death, Christian students had their religious beliefs enhanced; their belief in a higher power as well as God/Jesus was also enhanced.
    But I am still reminded about King David in the Bible and the Prophet Nathan who came to him to relate the story of a poor shepherd and the rich wealthy shepherd.
    Muslim men need to be educated and reminded about one of the most important rights among their wives ' basic Islamic rights: to be approached for conjugal relations according to the sunnah way, viz.

    In 5% of cases remind by is used
    Again he managed to just get his hand out before being reminded by the Head.
    I participated and passed on the info because I hope that at least one woman was reminded by this to schedule a check up.
    I was reminded by my friend from Smart that a lot of Smart-sponsored activities have been posted on the Philippine Android Community (PhAC).
    Not long ago, I was in Uganda and I was reminded by people there that Sabena never stopped flying to Uganda even when the country was having difficult times.
    In three days, I make a trip to oil country - western North Dakota - which, I've been sternly reminded by many a concerned friend, is STILL THE WILD WILD WEST.
    Friday, February 19, 2010 I'd sometimes reminded by readers of this blog that the future is not all about technology (despite the way futurism is depicted in the popular media.
    Yet beautiful music is able to express something of the mystery of God's love for us and ours for him, as we are reminded by the theme chosen for your Congress, Deus Caritas Est.

    In 1% of cases remind at is used
    But I'd sure we will be reminded at the end of the season what an achievment it is to finish fourth in the Premiership (and that's not a given this year).

    In 1% of cases remind in is used
    I was reminded in Danang that you alumni are yourselves ' diplomats '.
    I am reminded in this lesson of people who retire from many long years of work.

    In 1% of cases remind on is used
    Today we are reminded on all sides to live in the now.

    In 1% of cases remind through is used
    I was reminded through your book that God is sovereign and He is taking care of those children right now, and when He calls me, He will prepare the way for me.

    In 1% of cases remind to is used
    Rahul Gandhi, has let them down, should I say, so miserably? Does it really need any reminding to you, that it is your own, very own party which has ruled UP for much of post independence era.

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