Prepositions after "relegate"

relegate to, from, in, on or after?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 86% of cases relegate to is used
    Paul Martin was relegated to 15th place in our survey.
    Many bodily functions are not relegated to the involuntary, e.
    God can not be contained or relegated to a day on the calendar.
    I'd trained to do this, but because I'd not a regular I'd relegated to body searches.
    There is some hard maths however and this has been relegated to the Appendix (30 pages).
    Hanigan got more starts, sure, but Mesoraco wasn't exactly relegated to little-used backup status.
    Who was I to complain? After it had long been relegated to the role of spare PC I decided to install Linux on it.
    James Kennedy have died, James Dobson retired, and Pat Robertson has been relegated to the fringes of his own community.
    When you purchase anything by Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Kobo, you are relegated to tremendously outdated version of Android.
    Sean Gelael also improved at the end to grab third spot whilst early pace setter, Parth Ghorpade, was relegated to fourth place.

    In 5% of cases relegate from is used
    Bolton Wanderers are the most recent example of the impact of being relegated from the Premiership.
    It is easy to recall, though, the high esteem in which Hammers fans held Scott Parker when they were last relegated from the top flight.
    People forget that this club was in deep financial trouble prior to the takeover -- so being relegated from the Premiership is the least of the issues the club and their fans should be worried about.

    In 3% of cases relegate in is used
    In Wagner, the detail is relegated in favour of psychological exploration -- he prunes back, shifting all stage-props aside, and leaves only what is emotionally charged and inwardly ablaze.

    In 2% of cases relegate on is used
    As Deportivo de la Corua were relegated on the last day of the season, fans stood and hurled abuse at the players.

    In 1% of cases relegate at is used
    Kean out! Venky's out! We've ended up with Steve Kean as manager - a man with no track record until now (getting a stable mid-table premiership side relegated at the second attempt).

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