Prepositions after "reinvest"

"reinvest in" or "reinvest into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 81% of cases reinvest in is used
    All the profits will be reinvested in the further development of the project.
    The rest can then be either retained or re-invested in the company's operations.
    The problem is that the majority of these funds are not being reinvested in the club.
    For example, the proceeds from the sale of livestock could be reinvested in land or machinery without losing the relief.
    The knowledge acquired is then shared across countries, and reinvested in existing or new ICT-enabled education sector activities.
    But the tourism must be carefully managed to make sure profits are reinvested in the maintenance and economic growth of the destination.
    What was however completely wrong was to prevent Councils from using the proceeds from council house sales to re-invest in social housing.
    Over the next couple of years we will mix a number of small exits that will free up a lot of our capital to re-invest in the growth of core platform and portfolio companies.
    A minimum of 70% OF THE income or revenue generated from each region as a direct result of this Charity operating in that particular region will be re-invested in those same areas.
    Total Shareholder Return is calculated as the growth in the value of the investment in the Group's shares, assuming all dividends are reinvested in shares at the point dividends are paid.

    In 19% of cases reinvest into is used
    Revenue raised by the business operation is reinvested into the charity or NPO to support the programs and operations of the organization.
    He claimed that it would enable the council to make significant savings whilst also creating hundreds of new jobs and could, eventually, result in profits being reinvested into council services.
    The point of this post, however, is to narrowly focus on the comparative advantages of taking savings and directly reducing the deficit, or taking the savings and reinvesting into public services.

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