Prepositions after "regulate"

regulate by, in, through, under or like?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 66% of cases regulate by is used
    Notaries public are regulated by the Notaries Act.
    This Law was regulated by Decree 3683, issued in 2003.
    Sweating is regulated by the sympathetic nervous system.
    The Nuclear Sector is regulated by the National Nuclear regulator (NNR, http: //www.
    Informed Choice Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.
    Usually it is unregulated, though in some cases it is regulated by local legislation.
    Knowlege by adults risks these communities being regulated by adults, and causes the young people to develop new communities.
    Replace the current trial system regulated by the police with lawfully educated and well-trained public prosecuting attorney.
    The transportation and distribution enterprises are controlled and regulated by the Conseil Suprieur des Messageries de la Presse.

    In 9% of cases regulate in is used
    The present state is obviously regulated in the interests of a minority.
    Of course, they're regulated in different ways -- they're different things.
    Radio is regulated in a different way than TVs and movies because it's disseminated differently.
    We will know how many feet of underground will be needed for the cubic feet to be regulated in the next month or two.
    Dopamine is also regulated in the digestive tract requiring activation of vitamins to ensure production and breakdown.
    It includes you actually to comprehend regulate in addition to helps to keep you actually at the biggest market of advertising entire world.

    In 4% of cases regulate through is used
    Others still, so called recreational drugs, are regulated through the criminal process.
    Others, such as alcohol and tobacco, are legal but regulated through licensing and other laws.
    Gun control, like drug control, doesn't do much to restrict supply -- instead, it creates a black market for the product regulated through violence.
    The cornerstone of his rule was based on the continental provision that conflict of all Kromagg Feudal houses would be regulated through the central monarchy.
    All banks operating in India are regulated through the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) whose authority the GOI has limited gradually as part of the economic reform process.

    In 4% of cases regulate under is used
    The market is regulated under the regulation Governing Bonds Automated Trading regulations.
    Current account transactions are regulated under the Foreign Exchange Management Rules, 2000.
    I am saying this scheme is not trading because it is more inclined to money lending business which must be regulated under our Malaysia law.

    In 3% of cases regulate like is used
    This must be regulated like alcohol and cigarettes are.
    Communications Minister Stephen Conroy spent years pursuing a misguided idea that the internet could be regulated like books and movies.
    GlenMatthewClifton: Legalize it tax it and regulate like alcohol! Throughout human This is also part of what's behind the war on smoking.

    In 3% of cases regulate to is used
    I think that if the use of the burqa is regulated, sunglasses should also be regulated to perhaps just at the beach and maybe the cricket.
    Because dietary supplements are not regulated to the same level as prescription drugs, ' when you go into the store, not sure what you get, ' said Hochberg.

    In 2% of cases regulate at is used
    Capitalism can not be regulated at arms length -- it needs to be domesticated at source.
    Special operations as proposed and programmed within the United States? defense establishment are clearly determined and regulated at the highest level.

    In 2% of cases regulate with is used
    Many Australian rivers have had their flows regulated with dams and weirs.
    In emergency cases, butterfly caterpillars can be regulated with Bacillus thuringiensis (Bf).
    Key brain chemicals are produced and regulated with the help of good bacteria in the digestive tract.

    In 1% of cases regulate from is used
    But Cameron is also facing an unexpectedly strong call for the press to be regulated from his own benches.

    In 1% of cases regulate upon is used
    Is it, then, possible to consider the price of the necessaries of life as regulated upon the principle of a common monopoly? Is it possible, with M.

    In 1% of cases regulate within is used
    The rate changes were strictly regulated within 1%.

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