Prepositions after "refuse"

refuse to, by, on, for or due?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 59% of cases refuse to is used
    I refused to loan money to any of them.
    Clara saw Mara begging for help but she refuses to.
    Of course they still bugged and bugged I refused to bite.
    Confused, the tribesmen refused to hand over the ' guests ' to Americans for dollars.
    She refuses to cave in until her husband pushes her to the edge by, yet again cheating.
    Russia has resolutely refused to pressure Israel over its colonial settlement expansion.
    If the Soviet ships carrying weapons for Cuba did not turn back or refused to be searched, a war was likely to begin.
    You make a decent point, but it only went to a floor vote because Bork refused to withdrawal his name from consideration.
    I just got so sick that they would even entertain an offer so low, but refused to work with us from the star to save our home.
    Libya is now refusing to hand over Saif al-Islam Gadafy to the ICC, and once again, the international community seems unconcerned.

    In 13% of cases refuse by is used
    He sent his officials and sons repeatedly to go out for sparing, but was refused by Hleg.
    But his request was refused by the State Department and his actions on behalf of Korean independence were censured.
    On June 8th 1976, a Rechatin proposal to wire walk across the Niagara River above the Falls was refused by New York State Parks authorities.
    However as the approval for the said project had been refused by the Minister in charge of the subject of tourism, the UDA was unable to embark on that project either.
    Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger both hoped for the original role, but Arnie didn't make it and Sly was refused by Marlon Brando, who didn't want to play his father.

    In 8% of cases refuse on is used
    An application was then made to Her Majesty in Council for leave to appeal, but that too was refused on April 21,1955.
    One of the central problem of civilization in the 21st Century is that Muslims and Islam generally has refused on all levels to take responsibility for their actions.

    In 6% of cases refuse for is used
    If the planner refuses for any reason, walk away.
    Gandhi refused for the Indian people to participate in the war.
    But Clara refused for Gary has given her the money that she is expecting to have.
    Jobs also refused for some time to acknowledge a daughter, Lisa, born in 1978 to Chrisann Brennan.
    Hell, I even sew my own clothes, and refuse for my children to have store bought halloween costumes.
    They further confirmed that the important guidelines are to be issued to the applicants who were refused for visa following the previous law.

    In 3% of cases refuse due is used
    If insurance coverage is refused due to old age, this requirement may be waived subject to proof.

    In 3% of cases refuse in is used
    Leave to appeal to the House of Lords was refused in December 2008.
    However, his refusing in unveiling the origins of the meat had me in doubts.
    LiteForex Group of Companies reserves the right to refuse in registration and disqualify the participant without explanations.

    In 1% of cases refuse above is used
    Linking any agreement to more budget cuts and refusing above all to isolate David Cameron, Chancellor sealed the stalled EU summit on budget.

    In 1% of cases refuse as is used
    Imam Hussain had to refuse as a matter of principle.

    In 1% of cases refuse from is used
    So often these children are refused from the help they need because they are labeled higher functioning, despite not having the social skills required to maintain a normal life.

    In 1% of cases refuse outside is used
    My mother has always refused outside help which put me under a lot of strain and as we had no family as such to turn to for help, it made everything a lot harder.

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