Prepositions after "recount"

"recount in" or "recount of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 42% of cases recount in is used
    This narrative is almost never recounted in the media or on the Internet.
    Alice's story is recounted in Twelve Handkerchiefs: The Global Journey of Alice Wood Bulkeley.
    Freddie's life is recounted in insightful text and captivating photographs, from the most recognised to the very rare.
    The build-up to the Great Escape, Ken's role as a tunneller and the night of the escape itself are recounted in detail.
    Here's a story I recounted in the protein deals thread (from the Hot Deals subforum) about the time I switched to a new protein powder.
    According to an early story, recounted in Ibn Ishaq's S? rah, Umar RadhiAllahu Anhu is said to have resolved to assassinate Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).
    Apart from our own stories which are usually recounted in talk or thought, we get much of our story experience from especially gifted storytellers-- people like painters.
    recounts in Ohio begin with counties doing tests of five per cent of their vote; if that result differs from the earlier number the county had reported, then a recount of every vote is required.

    In 13% of cases recount by is used
    It is recounted by locals that the priest used the base of the falls as an entertainment ground for his friends and himself.
    This episode, as recounted by the historian Si-ma Qian, became so popular that it figured widely in both folk-tales and plays.
    The story is recounted by the late Vishwanath Gopal Pendharkar, the first Executive Trustee of UTI, in his book Unit Trust of India: Retrospect and Prospect.
    Adding to the sense of authenticity is the consistency that runs through the reports; incidents recounted by one rider that involve others are backed up in the accounts of those involved.

    In 13% of cases recount to is used
    The sound of the gavel shall hail us no more? This edifice was duly dedicated with such brilliancy that the decades after, parents recounted to their children the grand festival the Free Masons had.

    In 4% of cases recount on is used
    Rice recounted on several Sunday talk shows.
    She recounts on one occasion on her way from the Morant Cays with a full cache of fish, the boat she had rented capsized, dumping her and everything on the boat in the sea.

    In 2% of cases recount via is used
    It ties into a far more horrific thread: the account of a 19th-century murder, recounted via epigraph, in which a man burned his wife alive because he believed she was a fairy-possessed imposter.

    In 2% of cases recount with is used
    Carlton Brown, a commodities trader, recounts with unabashed honesty the mindset of gold traders while the twin towers crushed their occupants.

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