Prepositions after "rebuild"

rebuild in, by, after, from or as?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 22% of cases rebuild in is used
    It was likely rebuilt in 1857 at the forks.
    Two great fires resulted in Galway being rebuilt in stone in this century.
    Especially now, as the largest rebuild in New Zealand's history is about to take place in Canterbury.
    Global Warming is real folks and we can not afford to keep rebuilding in areas that will continue to be ravaged.
    We need to fund a phenomenally expensive rebuild in Christchurch, we have a wealth of leaky home payouts to deal with.
    Although the structure was rebuilt in 1901, the storms of 1909 and 1915 were so violent, that reconstruction was required after each.
    The posters here who propose the common sense prohibition against rebuilding in devastated coastal communities are absolutely correct.
    Line 1 stations were upgraded or completely rebuilt in time for the 2004 Olympics, with Eirini station the main public transport link to the main Olympic complex.
    The original resting place founded by Guru Nanak Ji was washed away by floods of the river Ravi and the present Gurudwara was rebuilt in its place at a cost of Rs.
    It seems likely that Morris had the house rebuilt in 1781, since he is taxed at this location in August of that year, and he is reportedly living there in spring 1782.

    In 11% of cases rebuild by is used
    The city had the good fortune to be burnt to the ground in 1871 and to be rebuilt by geniuses.
    Mannar Fort Mannar Fort Built on the island of Mannar by the Portuguese in 1560, it surrendered to the Dutch on 22 February 1658 and was rebuilt by the Dutch in 1696.
    I ask you is making DW untouchable really rebuilding by not even listening to offers for prospects who within two years can contribute to make us a a contending team.

    In 10% of cases rebuild after is used
    It needed all its strength to rebuild after the war.
    Much of the water infrastructure has had to be rebuilt after the tsunami.
    Everything was rebuilt after the war, and the area is now a residential neighborhood.
    It is also true that some of their effort to rebuild after the top-order has collapsed would hurt their overall strike-rate, but now things have changed somewhat.

    In 10% of cases rebuild from is used
    But you have to get it right from the very start or you have to rebuild from scratch.
    But then we showed that we have been not a vindictive nation when, even in defeat, we reached out to Japan, Germany and other defeated peoples and aided them rebuild from that awful war.

    In 7% of cases rebuild as is used
    He now rebuilt as a steppe ' aim.
    However, Dhaka can still be rebuilt as a green city.
    However many engine builders decide to bore the cylinders out during this type of rebuild as well as adding the crankshaft.
    The body, which may have been transferred from an older vehicle, was not in good condition and was rebuilt as a platform or flat.
    Yet Japanese buyers are bound to contribute to rising energy costs this year as they begin to rebuild as well as restart production lines.

    In 6% of cases rebuild at is used
    When written well, GA is one of my favourite DC characters, so it was great to see him broken and rebuilt at the start of his career.
    Chrysler contracted to have factory GTS Darts rebuilt at the Hurst factory, with the Chrysler 440, or the 426 race hemi engine put into them.

    In 5% of cases rebuild with is used
    The damaged west side was ruined but could be replaced with glass and the steeple rebuilt with wood.

    In 5% of cases rebuild for is used
    In Columbus's day, Jews widely believed that Jerusalem had to be liberated and the Temple rebuilt for the Messiah to return.
    How do you reconstruct and rebuild for prosperity without the requisite resources? Managing a post conflict state is complicated, made more so by the presence of external involvement.

    In 3% of cases rebuild to is used
    By its terms, the pier has to be rebuilt to 489 feet long and 20 feet wide.
    Engine and transmission rebuilds to simple oil changes and everything in between.

    In 2% of cases rebuild following is used
    Agos claims that the new database, which had to be rebuilt following the debacle involving Finance Ministry-subsidiary Prokhas Sdn Bhd, is expected to be fully ready by 2014.

    In 2% of cases rebuild of is used
    The amount of amenities no longer available and central city focus on the would rebuild of CBD seems pointless when the focus should be on the suburbs with services.

    In 1% of cases rebuild without is used
    How are you supposed to rebuild without that? We'll still be paying for this three year failure next year.

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