Prepositions after "rebel"

rebel against, In, at, on or Without?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 82% of cases rebel against is used
    Never did she rebel against the destiny decreed by Allah.
    And that's something many clinicians still rebel against.
    But beyond that, my legs had started to rebel against my body.
    Sedition actually means actions that make people rebel against authority,??????????
    He rebelled against the winged-beasts and became a threat larger than themselves.
    He rebelled against his mentors in the party and formed a splinter party in his name.
    Marie seems to be rebelling against her strict SVU cop mother who ruled with an iron fist while she was growing up.
    Oya go and use your spare the rod and spoil the child mentality on your child now, and see if he will not rebel against you.
    And the other thing I'd like to say is it gives you something really substantial to rebel against as an adolescent, you know.
    Ultimately, the Jayesh and Amrito Cult will fail, because you represent the very thing Osho taught his people to rebel against.

    In 8% of cases rebel In is used
    The closure of this border comes two months after a leaked UN report accused Uganda and Rwanda of aiding M23 rebels In the Eastern DRC.

    In 2% of cases rebel on is used
    It is not surprising that later the Al Shabaab wing rebelled on the Islamic Courts and their senior leaders such as Sheikh Shariif himself.

    In 1% of cases rebel for is used
    rebelling for freedom It's no wonder Pastor's kids run dry and go wild.

    In 1% of cases rebel like is used
    The only people that are permitted into the astral realm unmolested are largely those who are never threats, who even with knowledge, would not use it to rebel like Jesus.

    In 1% of cases rebel to is used
    Everytime i rebelled to her she used to mention my father's ill-health and make me feel guilty, after the guilt trips ofcourse her demands came forward.

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