Prepositions after "rave"

rave about, at, from, to or before?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 87% of cases rave about is used
    I have friends who rave about it.
    Their clients rave about their unexpected free gift.
    Not everyone has to approve and rave about your choices.
    Anyhow, Ryan was always raving about the National Marathon Champs race in Ballyhoura.
    This art director guy, Ken, raved about a Doom -like game for the Mac called Marathon.
    But this P is the kind of thing we have to deal with so rant and rave about it as much as you like.
    Nobody was trying to stick anything to the studios---they were simply raving about what they saw, for good or bad.
    I was not surprised when I saw how translucent and pearly the cheong fan skin was (many people have raved about this!).
    At 60 miles per gallon and a range of 714 miles on a full tank, it's no wonder people rave about this remarkable vehicle.
    She also raved about Michael Nyangi and all that she learned from him during the Advanced Microfinance Training in April.

    In 2% of cases rave at is used
    Allie, isn't if funny to listen to people rant and rave at you attendants, and try to criticize you, when they can't even spell properly?!:) Its not mie prolum, its urs.

    In 2% of cases rave from is used
    You hear Citizen Kane raves from your pompous film friend all the time.

    In 1% of cases rave in is used
    Meanwhile, all these fans are ranting and raving in response to what Jill Scott said, did anyone notice Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga responding their self? Lol no.

    In 1% of cases rave like is used
    He was running at the back of the van still ranting and raving like the lunatic he was.

    In 1% of cases rave on is used
    For Francey, a young man from ye olde parochial Belfast, the experience of raving on a Sunday night felt so exclusive that he started to believe he was in the Illuminati.

    In 1% of cases rave unto is used
    Next one is Friday 15 June - football on the big screen then raving unto the small hours.

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