Prepositions after "rake"

rake in, through, across, at or over?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 84% of cases rake in is used
    After setting a new record by raking in Rs.
    Comely dancers shimmied in item numbers and raked in cash.
    If so maybe you can nab someones leaves that they rake in town.
    Ministers of state are to receive GH10,000, while deputy ministers rake in GH8,000 a month.
    It's also reasonable to assume that SOEs are not raking in huge profits, most of the time.
    You will uncover the real things the wise people are doing to rake in abundant cash in spite of this global economic crisis.
    If you can come to a point where you need to be on your own private server, that means that you're raking in a lot of money.
    Pro US democratic Governments will roll over on granting contracts to US companies that will rake in billions from a new market.
    The complete step-by-step instructions detailing the exact system that I personally used to rake in over $30,900+ in just 37 days.

    In 4% of cases rake through is used
    It might be interesting to rake through what he says about it.

    In 2% of cases rake across is used
    And no, I don't know what the little baby sinks are for, either! Amazing photos of the spray blowing back up the waterfall, and the sunlight raking across the moors.

    In 2% of cases rake at is used
    The 40 year old is raking at a.
    It is raked at the same precise angle as the connecting Ascending Passage.

    In 1% of cases rake around is used
    They realy need to rake around the huts to get rid of those little rocks.

    In 1% of cases rake by is used
    His hair is thick arid raked by the wind.

    In 1% of cases rake to is used
    The area should be cultivated as early as possible, to a depth of 35-40 cm, and raked to a fine tilth, and any weed roots removed.

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