Prepositions after "pursue"

"pursue by" or "pursue in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 35% of cases pursue by is used
    Violations of copyright and trademark right will be pursued by legal actions.
    The Liberals spearheaded by Franco moving to oppose any progressive policy pursued by Lugo.
    Demetriou, who spent the last seven seasons with the Wildcats, was pursued by a host of non-Super.
    We can't think about tomorrow, if we are pursued by the law and denied quality medical care today.
    But it does not debar reference to and/or dispassionate discussion of policies pursued by any of them.
    He was pursued by several clubs, but chose Tottenham Hotspur and duly signed for them on 9th April 1991.
    Finally, it challenges us to consider the economic model that is currently being pursued by the government.
    AV is an obscure hobbyists ' issue pursued by political enthusiasts on the fringes of wider British society.
    The matter was pursued by two colleagues from Tower Hamlets council, Councillors Marc Francis and David Edgar.
    A prep star who was pursued by most of the country's top teams, Smith said he's been pleased with his tenure in Athens.

    In 19% of cases pursue in is used
    Action was also pursued in the civil courts.
    There is no shortage of avenues to pursue in seeking out bereavement help.
    This is an example of ' austerity ' which has largely been pursued in the U.
    A/53/207 ), which catalogues important initiatives already being pursued in this area.
    They sauntered leisurely toward the door, pursued in a moment by the suspicious Ganymede.
    What it decides to pursue in that regard depends on the seriousness and consequences of the misconduct.
    For all those reasons, it is the position of Navistar, citing leading authorities from the Supreme Court, that this can not be pursued in this court.
    If a complaint is upheld at the hearing, the Commission will make a determination, though the matter may have to be pursued in the Federal Court for enforcement.
    The drive for profits by the giant corporations (predominantly Western) has been relentless and has been pursued in complete disregard of any impact on the environment.

    In 12% of cases pursue for is used
    But fashion is certainly what I wish to pursue for now.
    My husband is currently being pursued for a job in Hong Kong.
    These policies have been pursued for 30 years to no good effect.
    Cycling is an activity that is pursued for recreational or utilitarian means.
    They decide to call it Earth in memory of the dream they pursued for so long.
    For example, many who pursue CS may later feel that they should have in fact pursued for CA.
    Such actions can be pursued for their conscious pain and their suffering and personal injury brought on prior to their death.
    I started to feel more confident as I developed a better understanding of myself, strengths and areas that I should pursue for fulfilment.
    So ethically speaking a journalist trade union body should not pursue for recreational activities and it must not own a liquor license (meant for a bar in its office).

    In 5% of cases pursue on is used
    The second and third was something I attempted to pursue on a couple of occasions.
    While austerity has been pursued on all continents, this article will focus on Europe and the U.
    One Comment I think it's a great idea, making light of the science that is being pursued on Mars.
    This is by far one of the most enjoyable activities to pursue on the Internet, and we are sure that you will find it tremendously rewarding in more ways than one.
    It was also where a 33-year-old graduate student in public administration, Paula Broadwell, approached him for help on a research project she was pursuing on military training.
    In these cases we have examples of practical activities which are not merely as a matter of fact pursued on purpose, but (311) could not be what they are unless they were so pursued.
    In essence we require social and economic engineering in favour of the environment, something which we as individuals can not pursue on our own per se, but can pursue en-mass within a framework.

    In 4% of cases pursue with is used
    It should have and could have been pursued with much better planning and execution.
    Today, these types of links are often considered spammy and should be pursued with caution.
    Allegations were then made that the Police Ombudsman? s Office investigations into police-Loyalist paramilitaries were not being pursued with the vigor they required.

    In 3% of cases pursue at is used
    The bulk of the bond we are pursuing at the SEC is to develop basic education infrastructure.

    In 2% of cases pursue of is used
    In my adult years, I was busy in selfish pursue of all things materialistic and did not pay much attention nor spent much time with Ah Ma.

    In 2% of cases pursue through is used
    At present, tension with Iran is pursued through Tehrans nuclear energy program.
    This role can be pursued through programmes on the rights of ethnic groups, dalits, women and disabled people.
    However, I've been exposed to many other options of other career options I can pursue through the Mitchell Scholarship.

    In 2% of cases pursue to is used
    This reply smacks of (pseudo-) intellectual arrogance and, if pursued to its (il) logical end, could result in suppressing free speech.
    As always Siilaanyo is narrowly and unrealistically pursuing to further his clan's interest on the expense of other tribes -- This will not work.
    They are likely both to ruin some individual plans, while at the same time leading to problems with dithering, in which no goal is pursued to its logical end.
    So this is something that exists right now, that has been pursued to its highest degree, that can be used from space to reach any person, anyplace on the face of the earth.

    In 2% of cases pursue without is used
    Wars are constant and pursued without a congressional declaration.

    In 1% of cases pursue against is used
    The numerous lawsuits Apple are pursuing against Samsung show their concern about losing the market - and 30 days later, I can say that Apple really do need to worry.

    In 1% of cases pursue as is used
    The attainment of this target is being pursued as a strategy to maintain, if not improve, the Philippines ' ranking as the second largest geothermal producer in the world.

    In 1% of cases pursue during is used
    Another of the topics pursued during the forum was networking between compatible service providers along with marketing of the critical mass that businesses achieve by banding together.

    In 1% of cases pursue under is used
    Further offences, such as cheating, can be pursued under the Penal Code, Foong explains.
    FETAC Certificate (Levels 1 to 5) and Advanced Certificate (Level 6) and may, if full-time, be pursued under the Second Level Option of the BTEA scheme.

    In 1% of cases pursue within is used
    A more promising approach would be to view government's efforts relating to social welfare as prudential matters that must be pursued within the requirements of justice as individual rights.

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