Prepositions after "punch"

"punch in" or "punch above"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 39% of cases punch in is used
    Women being beaten (punched in the face).
    Drop them in holes punched in the lawn using a long metal crow bar.
    Getting punched in the head definitely could cause some neuron (brain cell) death.
    Within weeks of their birth, lambs have holes punched in their ears and their tails cut off.
    To facilitate this, a single hole should be punched in the top left-hand corner of each page.
    Physical abuse included being punched in the back every time I played a wrong note at music lessons.
    Morse Code is a series of dots and dashes, known to us as dits and dahs and the holes punched in the tape represented those dits and dahs.
    You can hurt either or both of you by clutching the person, whether it be the other person pulling muscles or you getting punched in the face.

    In 23% of cases punch above is used
    We're in 4th place at present and perhaps punching above our weight but there we have it.
    He for sure punched above his weight in the Olympics and I hope that this performance will inspire him to achieve greater heights in the future.
    Hence they punch above their weight in terms of decision-making authority and political representation; but Ongoing internationalisation means that young people nowadays are more mobile than ever.

    In 11% of cases punch through is used
    He has all the shots in the book, be it punching through cover or hitting it on the rise past mid-on.
    They had managed to punch through the alien shields twice, hitting the surface of the ship? s rings and blowing hunks out of one area of one ring.
    They had been able to punch through its shields in small areas, but the damage they had done to the surface of the ship seemed to make no difference at all.
    How is it possible? The theory that man made CO2 is the cause of Global Warming has had so meny holes punched through it - I don't understand how it's survived this long.

    In 10% of cases punch by is used
    Normally, the aggressive characters must be punched by Shujinko before they react by assaulting him back.

    In 4% of cases punch into is used
    No sooner was the last tent pole punched into the hard, red, earth when the heavens opened and Uganda threw a violent storm at us.
    You load money into M-pesa, send it to KPLC, and in about an hour you get a 20 21 -digit number that you punch into the meter for an immediate update of electricity credits.

    In 4% of cases punch with is used
    Learn how to make fruit punch with the drink recipes below.

    In 3% of cases punch at is used
    That is the World Cup, and England has repeatedly failed to test to punch at or above their weight in a big tournament.

    In 3% of cases punch below is used
    The realist may note that other big teams have been punching below their weight and that this has given the two teams the unlikely chance to go to the top of the table.

    In 1% of cases punch like is used
    These knuckle enhancing stun guns pack an impressive 950,000 volts of electricity in every single punch, enough to paralyze your attacker even if you punch like a little girl.

    In 1% of cases punch out is used
    Why do I want to use it? For starters, madness provides an important function by giving other players a problem that they can not punch out of.

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