Prepositions after "provoke"

provoke by, in, at, into or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 65% of cases provoke by is used
    Of course also provoked by the likes of Iran.
    In other words, the death was not provoked by violence.
    We will be provoked by Mark Anielski, our keynote speaker.
    The event was interrupted by the young nationalist who felt provoked by the Human Library, its aim and objectives.
    However, the overall mood suggests otherwise: the love is provoked by the city boy, an imaginative response to his moment of humiliation.
    Nonviolent resistance movements create much more durable and internally peaceful democracies than transitions provoked by violent insurgencies.
    What makes that most clear? That s/he was loved! This train of thought was provoked by the death of a duck called Baltimore by those of us who loved him.
    Not long ago in a settlement of Huesca near Barbastro twenty-five members of the UGT were killed by the anarchists in a surprise attack provoked by unknown reasons.
    It is most common in men over 40 years, and probably represents ischaemic damage due to pressure on sun- and/or cold-damaged skin and cartilage, provoked by lying on it at night.

    In 8% of cases provoke in is used
    And you don't want to provoke in your customer frustration or anger.

    In 6% of cases provoke at is used
    He got provoked at slightest instance.
    An interesting piece and quite thought provoking at a number of levels.

    In 6% of cases provoke into is used
    Do not be provoked into retaliating.

    In 2% of cases provoke like is used
    I think the whole idea is stupid and that the bulls should not be provoked like this.

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