Prepositions after "protest"

protest against, in, about, at or on?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 50% of cases protest against is used
    Some do not allow you to protest against the government.
    Go to the dairy section and protest against milking cows.
    General strike is the only way to protest against government.
    Won't parallel staff object and protest against sharply differing salary structures.
    Some of the activists were protesting against corporate greed and rising inequality.
    Governments mustn't wait for people to take to the streets to protest against food prices.
    Having said this, it is very easy to take up moral policing and protest against everything and paint them as bad.
    Another thing that PSC did very bad, when the students were protesting against this they were beaten by the police.
    The workers protest against the privatization of the Health System and against the destruction of the public employment.
    He is able to show why we should continue to protest against global capitalism and its economic and political expression.

    In 11% of cases protest in is used
    MPs protested in the Commons yesterday.
    I? ve never seen so many people protesting in the streets about any political matter.
    The police and the administration were clearly rattled by the intention to protest in front of parliament house.
    But the Tamil parliamentarians protest in parliament may not turn out an acid test for survival of his government.
    Jit, While those protesting in the streets share many common grievances and motivations, they are not a single organism.
    I'd strongly advise the government not to stir up people's anger with court cases, but if they do, we will protest in our thousands.
    People pull a security fens as they protested in front of the Portuguese Parliament against the austerity measures and the financial crisis.
    Today, however they are also protesting in commemoration of the 1953 massacre carried-out by the Israeli colonisers in the nearby village of Qibya.
    The massive number of people who arrived to protest in Vancouver, and the support offered from across Canada shows that many more Canadians agree with him.
    Meanwhile, earlier this morning, relatives and friends Williams protested in front of the Ocho Rios Police Station, claiming that he was murdered by his colleagues.

    In 8% of cases protest about is used
    Fourthly, a state may protest about a particular practice.
    I've been protesting about the tenets of Islam regarding women for years.
    We can not protest about war crimes against civilians one minute and cheer for sports teams from that state next.
    Whilst there was much public outcry and protesting about the Gordan, the Pieman River had very few voices in its corner.
    Whatever you do, don't go protesting at any G8 summits in Europe and seriously, don't go protesting about anything in Spain.
    It makes no sense to be calling for reductions in oil and gas usage, yet not protesting about drilling more out of the ground.
    There were angry demonstrations outside the American Embassy in London as people protested about the possibility of nuclear war.
    Where a sufficient number of states protest about a particular practice that will prevent the evolution of the practice into customary international law.
    I spoke to two young girls shortly after I stopped filming who told me that they were squatters protesting about the recent criminalisation of squatting in the UK.
    Sir Peter Tapsell said that when thousands of demonstrators descended on Washington to protest about the Vietnam war, they were held en masse in a Washington stadium.

    In 8% of cases protest at is used
    The first step is to protest at the.
    Even pro-regime groups had begun to protest at the actions of the Iranian government.
    Ironically, they were doing it to protest at the relentless growth of political correctness.
    A crowd of about 4000 striking workers marched through the city to protest at the employers ' statement.
    And we all know someone who entered a religious order and protest at the disgusting generalisations going on.
    The popular expression of the kind of ethical stance they assume is a damned riot with looting rather than protest at its core.
    Whatever you do, don't go protesting at any G8 summits in Europe and seriously, don't go protesting about anything in Spain.
    Today, they were again protesting at Ofer for the prisoners, two of whom, Samer Issawi and Ayman Sharawna are critically ill after months on hunger strike.
    His actions are similar to those of the Westboro Baptist Church, an extreme Christian group that often threatens to protest at military funerals over what they believe are America's sins.

    In 4% of cases protest on is used
    Financial hardship and protest on an unprecedented scale have scored our language deeply (and no doubt many others too).

    In 4% of cases protest outside is used
    On the 16th of March, they also protested outside the Vice Chancellor's office.
    The meeting decided to protest outside the Indian Embassy in Athens, which was held on July 6 th.
    The world's largest platinum producer suspended its operations last week after thousands people protested outside one.

    In 4% of cases protest to is used
    I protested to the Code of Conduct, I protested to the National Assembly, nothing came out of it.
    The MJF one was mean, but he is alive and can laugh at himself or stand up and protest to an offensive joke.

    In 3% of cases protest for is used
    Also what is wrong with people protesting for their rights, it is quite democratic.
    A good thing for them to protest for is to convince their government to push legal proceedings against the director.
    The inmates have protested for more than a year against a policy of strip-searching them in search of weapons, drugs and cellphones.

    In 2% of cases protest by is used
    Any rebellion or protest by jews of the US and other countries wld be extremely foolish.
    The people protested by closing down shops, hoisting black flags and going in a procession.

    In 1% of cases protest across is used
    As young people worldwide Occupy Wall Street, mount the Arab Spring revolution and protest across Europe, he notes that they enjoy unprecedented opportunities today to make a difference.

    In 1% of cases protest as is used
    Annoyed, passengers protested as the distance by road between the two cities is nearly 220 km.

    In 1% of cases protest during is used
    Petersburg (which Madonna recently protested during her MDNA Tour stop in the city.

    In 1% of cases protest from is used
    protest from the ranks of the newly immobilised is good because that means that it's really working.
    Spain has been protesting from the ECB to restart its SMP effort to purchase its government bonds so that the country can tap life-sustaining market funds.

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