Prepositions after "prosper"

prosper in, as, from, by or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 46% of cases prosper in is used
    Hong Kong can not continue to prosper in that way, only as a financial center.
    Fried's Law: Ideas endure and prosper in inverse proportion to their soundness and validity.
    William Collins, Gerry Grondin helped the new church to prosper in those first years of the 50s.
    As to worldly employment; those that prosper in trade, and increase in wealth, should hold their possessions as though they held them not.
    Yes some companies will prosper in any economy but obviously more are failing than prospering or the unemployment rate would not be going up.
    One of the many paradoxes of Irish nationalism is that it never made much headway in Irish-speaking areas but prospered in places that had been heavily anglicized.
    Production chains help Australia prosper in many ways, from the jobs they provide to the huge boosts that the money generated by primary industries gives to our economy.
    While most who receive less than adequate nurturing will not develop to their potential, some left to their own development may prosper in spite of only random nurturing.
    Trade between Brazil and China has prospered in recent years, as Brazil tried to reduce its dependency on the developed world's products during the chronic financial crisis.
    THIS IS WHY BANKERS prosper in GOOD TIMES OR BAD In the millions of transactions made each year like those above, little actual currency changes hands, nor is it necessary that it do so.

    In 9% of cases prosper as is used
    Barriers have come down, trade flows have increased and countries have prospered as a result.
    How to survive and prosper as an artist: selling yourself without selling your soul by Caroll Michels.
    So until then, the business continues to grow and prosper as the love we have for each other grew stronger each day.
    By the time he was a teenager, his father, Ted, had prospered as a broker and the family--including Dimon's two brothers, one his fraternal twin--moved to Park Avenue.

    In 8% of cases prosper from is used
    No economy of the world ever prospered from people trading imaginary bits of paper back and forwards between themselves.
    Kilwa prospered from the gold and ivory trades, tariffs on cargoes, and as a source of pitch and resin as it is a convenient port for victualling and re-caulking ships.

    In 6% of cases prosper by is used
    Truth Prevails Those who prosper by deception or falsehood, never last the course.
    But regulations alone can not guarantee cheats will not seek to prosper by finding ways around them.
    Considering how hopelessly worthless and idiotic the Mercosur countries are, Paraguay will prosper by dumping them.
    In time the settlement in towns and the control of local government fell mainly to the Bantu tribes who prospered by virtue of their hard work in the rich agricultural lands around Mt.

    In 4% of cases prosper with is used
    Others may take their comforts in the domestic sense, and hope only to meet someone with whom to fall in love, and prosper with a loving family.
    Also in the cast is excellent Tom Berenger who portrays an eager yank whose only hope is for his ancestors town land to prosper with his investment in the Bulls field.

    In 4% of cases prosper through is used
    Gambling during Diwali stems from the Hindu belief that while the Goddess Parvati played dice with her husband, Shiva, she declared anyone who played that night would prosper through the entire year.

    In 3% of cases prosper on is used
    It prospers on river banks and has been known to withstand prolonged flooding, yet it is tolerant of drought as well.

    In 3% of cases prosper over is used
    Facebook may well prosper over time, but it's not without risks.

    In 3% of cases prosper at is used
    Are the rich, however, prospering at the expense of the middle class? As economists like to say, it's not a zero-sum game.

    In 1% of cases prosper under is used
    The city became extremely wealthy and prospered under a series of mayors drawn from the fourteen families.

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