Prepositions after "proportionate"

proportionate to, in, with or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 91% of cases proportionate to is used

Atheism is proportionate to the evidence.

Discovery must be proportionate to the case.

For matter must be proportionate to the form.

Any use of force in SD must be necessary and proportionate to the armed attack.

The sentence should be proportionate to the offender's degree of responsibility.

What is needed is an open approach, directly proportionate to the perceived risk.

Proportionate to the size of our economy, our debt is one of the two or three highest in the developed world.

The enjoyment of these arts is proportionate to the effort made to learn how to approach and appreciate them.

CRA must be able to impose disciplinary actions that are proportionate to the severity of breaches committed.

The ability to be exalted and worshiped is directly proportionate to the ability to be deep in understanding.

In 3% of cases proportionate in is used

Our actions must be measured and proportionate in tandem with our ability to spend.

They were satisfied that it would not be proportionate in 2012 to deport the appellant.

If it is not, he must make an order that is proportionate in place of the order based on the POCA benefit.

Your advancement will likely be proportionate in order to the amount coach outlet you might be ready to take.

I disagree, planning laws are for the most part proportionate in this country and I say this as someone in the development industry.

To prevent matters being blown out of proportion the Qur'an has commanded that all parties must remain equitable and proportionate in their dealings.

If Cowen wants us to all pull together he had better put together a programme that is proportionate in its impacts and that protects vulnerable people.

If we are proportionate in our judgments of culpability then we can not waste time denouncing those in government who actively and passively support these crimes.

In my view, the present criminal offence for failing to fill in a household form is proportionate in that failing to do so can prevent others from having the right to vote.

In 3% of cases proportionate with is used

It tells you if your weight is proportionate with your height.

The increase in number of motorbikes is proportionate with the increase in gasoline rates.

But proportionate with their limitations, they would require more work from the general population.

Your christmas spend should be proportionate with your income, not with the spend of the Jones ' up the road.

The size should be proportionate with the overall size of the hall, moncler, neither too big nor too small, **31;27545;TOOLONG.

About 62% of India's literate youth live in villages, which is roughly proportionate with the number of Indians as a whole who do.

You also have to know that men are not so much after how much you weigh; they want your body proportionate with the curves still there.

The study read that the representation of working women in trade unions was not proportionate with their numbers at the industrial units.

Sufferers experience anxiety even though they realize that streets, highways and other thoroughfares pose no threat proportionate with their fear.

The percentage of children in the population is inversely proportionate with the economic status of the country, reaching 50% in the least developed countries.

In 1% of cases proportionate for is used

I, therefore, conclude that it is both necessary and proportionate for Mr Power to remain suspended.

I mean, isn't it an oxymoron that outside of a war zone, it is in any way thought proportionate for private citizens to defend.

The Court then examines whether the Greek legislation is appropriate and proportionate for the purpose of attaining the objectives invoked.

They have asked me to look at it and try and establish if there is anything contained within the protocol that they might struggle with, or may not be proportionate for them to do so.

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