Prepositions after "proper"

"proper for" or "proper to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases proper for is used

It is not proper for them to speak.

This gold isn't proper for contemplatives.

It must be just proper for the environment.

Mr Jeremiah Owiti, one of the losers, said it was not proper for the party to declare.

It is proper for the Adjudicator to actively help and encourage the parties to settle.

The minister said that the mantra was correct, but it was not proper for him to say it.

In the society of ancient Israel, it was not considered proper for a man and woman to have a platonic relationship.

It marks the start of trading proper for the scheme, which recently announced plans to integrate with the EU system.

We did well though, I think and before sundown were on track to reach the white desert proper for an overnight stop.

They were uncertain whether it would be proper for them to marry, so they asked the sun as it rose the next morning.

In 24% of cases proper to is used

It would have been proper to for Mr.

Therefore what is proper to the Father, viz.

For it is proper to virtue to produce a good act.

Decide on culpability limitations proper to your requirements and individual finances.

That which is peculiar or proper to any person; that which belongs exclusively to one.

Be sure to acquire edge of your correct to remain silent, and your proper to an lawyer.

Do you ask if it's ever proper to help another man? No - if he claims it as his right or as a moral duty you owe him.

The criteria they will apply will no longer be those applied by FAS, but instead those proper to the school itself i.

Growing Seed and Mustard Seed (Mark 4; 26-32) The parable of the Seed Growing to Harvest (4:26-29) is proper to Mark.

The visible rites by which the sacraments are celebrated signify and make present the graces proper to each sacrament.

In 11% of cases proper in is used

Cease pessimism proper in their tracks.

Venue is proper in this District under 28 U.

It is not proper in our parliamentary system.

But somehow I'd never managed to immerse myself proper in any one of his long players.

Even devout Christians are not always perfectly right &; proper in what they do or say.

The government can only do what is necessary and proper in support of the enumerated powers.

You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of, and agree that venue is proper in, these courts in any such legal action.

And my top pick so far is the Four Seasons, just north of Puerto Vallarta proper in the gated community of Punta Mita.

What is fitting and proper in the expression of warmth and pride is infiltrated with a maze of customs and conventions.

Moscow is the most populous city on the continent of Europe and the seventh largest city proper in the world, a megacity.

In 4% of cases proper of is used

Secret Prayers (Proper of the Mass).

In 2003-04, Barnet made the 2 nd round proper of the cup.

Fast forward to yesterday, the first round proper of the Chatham Cup.

Teach the user that you will only pay them if they select the proper of the three buttons.

It is situated about 50 kilometres to the north of the Unguja (the island proper of Zanzibar).

The eco-technology farm, which is the resort proper of May's Organic Garden, occupies about 2.

These liturgical days can not be shifted, that is, they can not be replaced by any other Proper of Saints celebration.

It? s additionally enshrined in family law that its the proper of all kids to receive the care and love of each folks.

I as well have forever corroborated the proper of Scotland to secede, for I funding the position to self-determination.

Anyway I?? ll be subscribing within your feeds or perhaps I achievement you get proper of entry to persistently rapidly.

In 3% of cases proper on is used

Ginko Biloba and more are usually quite often regarded as the proper on the internet.

A fix for your problem, however, is proper on hand! Read on for several handy juicing tips.

I said to him that that was not proper on his part to observe them from the place of his concealment.

It does go through Windsor proper on city streets, just adjacent to the University and the city center.

Musa said,? It was not proper on your part to repair the wall unless they had fed us and allowed us to lodge in their houses.

Deckster USAGE While the Deckster is quite proper on its own right, it is made to be accompanied by the 6 th generation Appler iPod nano.

Crest: Out of a mural crown Gules a Moor's head couped at the shoulders proper on the neck a cross crosslet gold and wreathed or and azure.

It's not my birthday until the weekend but I couldn't resist a little peek and then I sealled it back down and will open it proper on Sunday.

For the proper on page optimization, make sure that the keywords and HTML codes which you use on your blog and website are searched at maximum.

I eventually made it to the entrance proper on the first floor past a gentleman in a black suit who checked my ticket and then stamped my hand.

In 3% of cases proper with is used

It went down proper with Jerry Moore.

A note to check it out the shops proper with a girlfriend.

If most of the teeth are lost, Qurbani is not proper with that animal.

Once that's out of the way: shoot for the big one: Mars proper with boots on the ground.

Judy Gordon said that woman should wear dress which is suitable and proper with their skin.

This is proof that there are still serious barriers to mixing education proper with the web.

Pack a picnic basket and sit fieldside for some tailgating, or do it up proper with bottle service in the VIP tent.

Should you prefer to stay in the hotel proper with your dog, a charge of $100 per stay will be applied to your bill.

Through folding doors I passed from the bar proper with its bottles and elk head back to the hall with its various tables.

In 2% of cases proper as is used

Aye, port o ' arms prim and proper as the manuals so proscribed.

Everything had been made as sane and obvious and proper as a lunatic's dream.

All the other prophets said the king would go to war and proper as the Lord said.

Currently, Mustard Seed serves children in Kingston proper as well as the parishes of St.

There is lots you can do proper as well as a great deal that you can do wrong with photography.

The resort is away from the congestion and filth of darjeeling proper as well as the Ghoom market.

The figures obtained by using the population of city proper as the statistical range will be a better indication of real urbanity.

It is not surgery proper as no incision is made, but still requires general anesthesia, so it is a decision not to be taken lightly.

Through simply considering the actual experience of your jogger you can notify in case he's been experience virtually all proper as well as sensation.

Again, it is fully proper as a matter of civil-military relations for the president to impose cuts on Defense, and he can do it in whatever sequence he chooses.

In 2% of cases proper at is used

But Mother India fixed him right and proper at right time.

It is not proper at this moment that she should cry for her camel.

If you are not comfortable with that, you can set up apaypal account proper at www.

Yes, government assistance can help and is absolutely necessary and proper at the moment.

Thus, the caveat is to bow in the manner in which you were taught is proper at your school.

It seems like this because the entire world is staring proper at it! They can't overlook it.

Next up for the Dragons is fellow Blue Square Bet Premier club Alfreton Town in the first round proper at the Racecourse.

To taste of every food in order, This is proper at Imbulc, Washing of hand and foot and head; It is to you thus I relate.

In general, the popularity patterns for men's given names are very similar to those in England proper at the same period.

I then rejoin the path proper at a footbridge at the end of Gipps Street, which leads over the Yarra to the Yarra Bend Park.

In 2% of cases proper by is used

Any other means deemed proper by the Council.

The slabs themselves are isolated from the viaduct proper by more vibration dampeners.

Their cause could have been adopted as true, positive and proper by many, many Israelis.

I was caught, they called for assembly and i was put on my table and lashed proper by Mr.

Such is not considered as a practice accepted as proper by a responsible body of medical opinion.

The other is shorter, narrower and regarded as perfectly fit and proper by our indulgent Premier League.

It claims greater orthodoxy than the Sankhya proper by directly acknowledging the existence of a Supreme Being (Isvara).

We shall now commence our walk proper by crossing over to the east side of O'Connell Street and entering North Earl Street.

It was a perfect setting for a thriller movie! We found our trail soon enough and entered the forest proper by around 8:45AM.

If a norm mandated by a teacher fails to be accepted as proper by the majority of the class members, it will not become a group norm.

In 2% of cases proper from is used

Or use a cold egg proper from the refrigerator.

The exclusive thing is that intercrossed cars are pricey proper from the car lot.

It is possible to sell goods on the web and produce a profit proper from your home.

Almost immediately there is a 10m drop into the creek proper from a tree on the right.

There are no skate boots which will provide you convenience proper from the initial day.

This indicates that you really should have all the information proper from the beginning.

Where someone refuses to give a sample, the court can draw whatever conclusions it thinks proper from the refusal.

These lovely villas allow a customer to view the golf course accompanied by a glistening lake proper from their room.

If it was, the law is that you may draw such inferences as appear proper from his failure to mention this matter at the time.

Robin Hood: The Panto The city's one and only panto proper from the Hong Kong Players is the tale of Robin Hood and his merry men.

In 1% of cases proper according is used

That is not proper according to the law.

We accept robes (robe-cloth) as are proper according to season.

But they do only what is proper according to the accepted standard of the world - nothing else.

As for her making the rounds between Safa and Marwa, they are proper according to the strongest opinion among the scholars.

As for her making the rounds between as-Safa and al-Marwah, they are proper according to the strongest opinion among the scholars.

A banten is considered proper according to religious conduct whenever it has been given the sprinkle of tirtha (penglukatan and pebersihan) on it.

The Public Security Bureau failed to notify Yao? s family about Yao? s arrest and even denied it, which was not proper according to the Criminal Procedure Law.

This nikah also took place without any wali as ' Umar bin Abi Salmah was a minor and hence it was not proper according to shari'ah for him to carry out the nikah.

However, the contrast between these favours and her conduct, which was more relaxed than was thought proper according to the ascetical standards of the time, caused some misunderstanding.

In 1% of cases proper after is used

Only if Buhari is president, Nigeria would have been fixed proper after a very short time.

Aditya Mehta of India also reached the first round proper after seeing off Zhu Yinghui 6-5.

They did mention Halloween proper after all, but I happened to be up at 4:30 so I checked in.

Wire has experienced the news recently proper after hany goodding over a Silver Clef Award to Kylie Minogue.

Male and female genitals have several options for piercing, heal quickly with proper after care and are easily hidden.

Hariss is hoping that the his team mates will finally get it right at the tournament proper after firing blanks in Singapore's last two friendly matches.

Within the natural menstrual cycle of women, proper after ovulation on concerning the 18th day, each progesterone and estrogen decline to very low levels.

I think it's only right and proper after everything that has happened we should recognise and applaud a consistently polished and professional performance.

But no civilians were killed by terrorist attacks within the United States proper after 9/11 until the Fort Hood massacre, which took place on Obama's watch.

As of late, the silver bucks we know are at the beginning price their face worth, The United States mint started proper after the revolution, within the late 1770s.

In 1% of cases proper among is used

Ephesians 5:3-4 - But immorality or any impurity or greed must not even be named among you, as is proper among saints; and there must be no filthiness and silly talk, or coarse jesting,.

In 1% of cases proper under is used

In no instance did I hear of personnel from our division receiving treatment other than proper under the ' Rules of Land Warfare '.

The prosecution had been proper under Arizona law; if the verdict was thrown out, it would set a precedent that would hamper future police investigations.

Of course we all labored as I think is only proper under the knowledge that a great newspaper was being restrained from publishing and that expedition was desirable.

I really need to try both out (and then I guess come up with a decision myself )! I haven't tried a proper under eye concealer yet and my bags are truly upsetting too much of the time.

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