Prepositions after "propagate"

propagate by, in, from, to or into?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 45% of cases propagate by is used
    Secularism does not mean atheism -- against religion or non -- believer, as propagated by religious groups.
    Searching for truth The line of denial propagated by Emil Vlajki has found a warm reception among Serbian deniers.
    Not surprisingly, the wording of Article 25 was modified to include the right to propagate by the Minorities subcommittee of the CAI.
    There is a false modern philosophy propagated by President Kibaki's administration that the foundation of community health is economics.
    This story is then reproduced and propagated by the medical profession, picked up by the media, playwrights, novelists, journalists, etc.
    A vast section of middle class is convinced with the logic of capital propagated by the state, power-mongering political parties and omniscient media.
    And before I heard it I thought it was some kind of meme propagated by the vast right-wing conspiracy to discredit people on the Domestic Purposes Benefit.
    Couple this artificial effect with an increasingly large debt propagated by Obama policies and you are likely to get another financial meltdown within the next 1.
    It seems that Americans live in a nation of lies, propagated by liars who believe that suckers are born every minute, and who pick the pockets of the public while claiming to be do-gooders.
    The idea of Liberalism and Pluralism that is being widely propagated by the Al-Kafiruun and the Al-Munafiquun are far more dangerous than boarding a crippled plane with its tail already on fire.

    In 9% of cases propagate from is used
    It can be easily be planted any time of the year and propagated from stem cuttlings.
    I would like to correct, due to my late experiences, the idea of a cult or anything like that propagated from Pune.

    In 9% of cases propagate to is used
    Every Registration on one device will be propagated to all other devices.

    In 5% of cases propagate through is used
    He showed mathematically that such fields would propagate through space as a wave motion with a speed of 3 x 10 8 m/s.
    Due to the elastic properties of the lattice, this region of increased positive charge density propagates through the lattice as a wave.

    In 4% of cases propagate throughout is used
    If all of Jambudvipa (the entire world) were to be thrown into chaos, there could be no doubt that (the Lotus Sutra would) be widely propagated throughout Jambudvipa (the entire world )? WND, 1122).

    In 2% of cases propagate against is used
    Malware has also been propagated against Linux.

    In 2% of cases propagate on is used
    It could be transmitted indefinitely; he determined the best temperature for it and found that it did not propagate on dead staphylococcus.

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