Prepositions after "prominent"

prominent in, among, of, on or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases prominent in is used

Prominent in this regard is St.

Prominent in Conradh na Gaeilge in Co.

He was prominent in the musical clubs.

The dregs of the postwar period are too prominent in the consciousness of Japanese.

I can't understand how Conservatism can still be so prominent in the Western World.

It anticipates the Edison Lighthouse/White Plains style of Britpop that would be prominent in the next few years.

Jews have always been prominent in the fight against racism and in support of civil rights and ethnic minorities.

The pseudo-scientific racial theories prominent in the colonial period made their impact on the Igbo in two ways.

Pentecostals are quite prominent in the enterprise, and their websites are intriguing in their mission statements.

In 13% of cases prominent among is used

Prominent amongst them were Mr.

Prominent among these elite were J.

Monk Bahira was prominent among them.

Certainly the most prominent among these in the ancient church was Mary Magdalene.

Bone and joint manifestations are prominent among most patients with MPS disorders.

Prominent among them was Fernandez Carvajal, a great financier and army contractor.

Prominent among state officials at the session with the Governor were the Commissioner for Transportation, Mr.

The O'Kellys, O'Donnellans and O'Maddens were prominent among the septs of the U? M? ine of southeast Connacht.

The Roman Catholic Church, or at least its hierarchy, has also been prominent among the movement's adversaries.

Prominent among them is Mike Adenuga, the Gobacom giant, whose Falcon 7X cost him a whooping $51 million or N8.

In 9% of cases prominent of is used

Most prominent of which is Syria.

The most prominent of them is Bermudagrass.

The Persona system is the most prominent of these.

Given its importance, discussions around Basel III have been more prominent of late.

Overwhelmingly the most prominent of these are phonics and comprehension instruction.

The most prominent of all tourist places in Bangkok is the gleaming monasteries or Wats that flank its landscape.

The most prominent of these laws are the laws concerning the charging of interest or fees on loans or usury fees.

Irish bishops had condemned the Land League, and Father Eugene was the most prominent of those who defied the ban.

As the most prominent of the revolutionary poets in Andhra, he naturally also incurred the most ferocious attacks.

In 6% of cases prominent on is used

An eco button is prominent on the dash.

This view of Reagan is prominent on the left.

Having a drama that is prominent on the UK network,.

As for snakes themselves, there's no mention of them being prominent on the island.

That shouldn't take you that long and the bass is fairly prominent on those tracks.

Not surprisingly the name of Stewart is also very prominent on the Ste-Anne campus.

But hey, this is all about post-modernism, right? The word ' iconoclastic ' is prominent on the official website.

Less prominent on their website is information that will assist genuine entrepreneurs to register their products.

Reeve was also prominent on Saturday, helping captain Danielle Brown set up Nicole Dunlop for one of the NAIT goals.

The distribution of psoriasis has been observed to be particularly prominent on the fingers and hands of heavy drinkers.

In 2% of cases prominent amongst is used

Prominent amongst them were Mr.

Prominent amongst the names was? P.

Peter 's, prominent amongst the greatest ones.

Prominent amongst them are the Reveille, Last Post, General Call, RSM Call etc.

Prominent amongst these in the last couple of years were John Campbell and Bernard Dix.

Double standards and inconsistent behavior of powerful States are prominent amongst them.

Prominent amongst these was the English writer Sax Rohmer's creation, the insidious and diabolical genius Dr.

The most prominent amongst them were Rabbi Izak Aboab and members of the Nassi, the Meza and the Pereira families.

Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Oriya, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam are the most prominent amongst them.

As you can easily see, there are various things that you can easily do to make your medium hair design be prominent amongst your peers.

In 2% of cases prominent at is used

They aren't very prominent at the moment.

Preaching has been prominent at Bethlehem.

Invisible to optical telescopes, the bubble is very prominent at low radio frequencies.

Asian security issues were prominent at this year's annual security conference of the U.

Monks remained prominent at rallies and demonstrations promoting ethnic Sinhalese issues.

I had wanted only to test out my camera that day, but did not expect to catch something as prominent at the TimeX run.

The results were seen to be most prominent at night, when the ground becomes cooler than the air just above the surface.

The bold Audi gloss black grille sits prominent at the front and is flanked by frowning headlights and recessed fog lamps.

Men of Christian birth were prominent at the court and in the army - the corps of janissaries consisted exclusively of such.

In 2% of cases prominent during is used

He was prominent during the Golden Age of Freethought.

One another thing which is prominent during Ramadan is prayer.

Its flow is prominent during rainfalls and the winter snow melt.

This was perhaps most prominent during the Cold War, pitting the USA against the Soviet Union.

Thomas's booming voice and his warm and expansive personality were prominent during the conference.

He was prominent during the era of the PEOPLE's CONSULTATIVE FORUM which used OWO as it's base then.

Respect should be extended to those who aren't prominent during the game, such as janitors and staff members.

Maybe a Zoe Salanda or Taraji P Henson who were both prominent during 2011 could have been viable alternatives.

But the other most-worried group are precisely those prominent during last year's events: Young men aged from 18 to 24.

His voice was good but the minus one vocals from the other vocalist was more prominent during certain sections of this song.

In 2% of cases prominent for is used

Ron Paul has been prominent for years.

She was prominent for her contributions to the community.

Two veterans Bob Lambert and Bill were prominent for Leinster.

Men and women get these prominent for mainly an individual important cause, using them.

Steven Fox (Ballylanders) and Eoin Halligan (Galbally) were also prominent for their clubs.

Richie Doyle was prominent for a while in the first half when Kilkenny came back but then faded.

Compliance work will be more prominent for some agencies than others; for some it will be only a secondary function.

Unlike other villages we visit, Badeo is more prominent for its slippery trails and long traverse exiting to La Union.

Zanzibar is yet another famous destination, prominent for its gorgeous beaches plus the great history of Spice-Trading.

In 2% of cases prominent with is used

More prominent with H2O but it is there.

This is even more prominent with a farm team like St.

They both were prominent with the USA in it's crimes.

H1N1, food safety issues, etc) should be prominent with simple steps for citizens to follow.

The DNO is now rather prominent with a broad dark brown oval ring marking its outer boundary.

This condition affects Kuwait severely but is a problem prominent with many of the gulf countries.

If you want to keep your site prominent with the search engines, then you must be continually post new entries.

The pancreatic head was initially reported to be prominent with vague masses in the para aortic region (nodes?).

No doubt, dark circles under eyes may be because of several reasons and gets prominent with the passage of time.

CA is alive and noticeably their, but I compared it to the BN's and to honest just a little more prominent with the Premier.

In 1% of cases prominent after is used

The public club became prominent after C.

This was even more prominent after 10 years of evolution.

This is more prominent after a period of inactivity, such as in the mornings, or after doing exercise.

The cornucopia of smells and sounds from the various people around me seemed far less prominent after my time in China.

The problem that had become prominent after 1998 was how to regulate the market, primarily to increase market efficiency.

The most popular sport in Mali is football (soccer ), which became more prominent after Mali hosted the 2002 African Cup of Nations.

This effect is more prominent after intercourse than after masturbation because intercourse actually causes four times more of these chemicals to be released.

The Tamil Homelands project of Chelvanayakam's Federal Party /TULF was not without its separatist component which became prominent after Chelvanayakam's death.

No one knows what the future will reveal but by all accounts VCB is competing on a more level playing field, having become prominent after the infamous Marion Jones era.

After the first day of conference sessions, delegates will be taken to a nearby hotel by free coach transfer where there will be a formal dinner with a prominent after dinner speaker.

In 1% of cases prominent as is used

Johnston has been prominent as a public man.

I need to become more prominent as an actor before I enter the house.

When your puppy is in front of you she believes prominent as well as in control.

Prominent as a legal thinker in his day, Publius Iuventius Celsus was praetor in A.

Even twitter is becoming prominent as the very best tool for discovering travel offers.

The design details became prominent as the building rise in height towards the pinnacles.

Avalokite? vara and Mah? sth? ma became more prominent as the Pure-Land ideology grew popular throughout the country.

And finally, I'd suggest these questions have become more prominent as an unintended consequence of the Freudian revolution.

The impact of orientation activities becomes more prominent as the new students under the new academic structure are younger.

Ben Botica and captain Luke Hamilton were also prominent as the Harbour attack spread the big Waikato forwards all over the field.

In 1% of cases prominent by is used

And of course, make your phone number prominent by making it big and easy to find.

The bony prominences are made even more prominent by the complete lack of abdomen.

You should add that Mosque very soon, which is prominent by its shape and Natural Beauty.

The bright and cheery is quite large and has extra tall ceilings which are made more prominent by the woven thatched ceiling.

I think the biggest problem with this method, however, is that it makes the program's interface too prominent by consuming screen real estate.

Instead of???????????, the older language would use??????; it does not, like the author here, use pure perfects, but makes the chief factum prominent by the fut.

Sikhs formed somewhere between 10 to 12 per cent of the population of undivided Punjab but they were, and still are, highly prominent by virtue of their hard work.

Their visibility in mainstream society is made more prominent by the mass and social medias that recycled images of them in their eye-catching carbon fibre prostheses.

Souvenir involontaire is a concept made prominent by Marcel Proust, and refers to ephemeral moments that arouse personal memories without deliberate, conscious effort.

In 1% of cases prominent over is used

Its limbs are stick thin, ribs prominent over a distended belly.

Story Points invites collaboration as team behavior becomes prominent over individuals.

This behaviour has also been prominent over popular social-networking websites and blogs.

It is increasingly evident that private sector financing has become more prominent over time.

There has been lot of activity going around in Isloo and many of it has really become prominent over the time.

Veins are prominent over the surface of the breasts and the creamy nodules in the nipple area will become bigger.

The man was tired -- not with the exaltation of fatigue but life-tired, with his lids sagging and his beard prominent over the blue shadows near his mouth.

Amongst these are quite widespread malicious lies, utterly without foundation, about various politicians who have been prominent over the last decade or so.

In 1% of cases prominent throughout is used

History of ballet Dance is prominent throughout history.

The lady's first words to Bernadette were quite prominent throughout the film.

Today it is the African influences that are the most prominent throughout Jamaica.

There are numerous bugs prominent throughout the matches, some of them even game breaking.

The IPCC's use of the hockey stick was not incidental: it is prominent throughout the 2001 report.

The petty gimmicks and vacuous stage managed stunts so prominent throughout the Blair years have lost their potency.

The Blue Mountains are their highest and greenest in the east (Portland ), but are also very prominent throughout St.

In the pre-dawn Eastern skies Venus remains fairly prominent throughout November and will pass very close to Saturn on the morning of the 27th.

Conclusion With issues such as uncompromising management, inflexible working hours and relatively low pay remaining prominent throughout the U.

The box-to-box version was prominent throughout the world cup where midfielders like Van Bommel, Khedira, Schweinsteiger, KP Boateng had success.

In 1% of cases prominent to is used

This is the major thoroughfare for the event, and will be very prominent to all visitors.

The first thing that strikes me when reading the NST is the prominent to 4G from Berjaya.

It is quite prominent to the southeast when viewed from the dump or from the Cedar Slope Inn.

It is the subject most prominent to the ordinary Christian and Tanner offers substantial detail.

Taking pills are much safer compared to surgery that is why it is much more prominent to most women.

Those outlets will only become more prominent to locals if they lose most access to the Chronicle-Herald.

Hence the body or the flesh of each animal is saturated with qualities which are peculiar and prominent to it.

The most prominent to my mind is the published modern critiques of misplaced concreteness and mere description.

Keys and electronics add some good depth and texture into the mix but are not prominent to the extent of the guitar and drums.

That would take up a lot of time and effort with which the government may spend on solving other problems that are more prominent to the country.

In 1% of cases prominent within is used

Wood and earth tones are prominent within the home.

Shahid MCB and Zafar Baloch also became prominent within the group.

You don't have to make these text links prominent within your website.

But South-South links are not as prominent within total FDI flows as they are within trade flows.

They were prominent within LIFG, and when they joined al Qaeda, they brought their followers along.

Desire to become prominent within a group of people because this is usually a method to fascinate beautiful women.

In order to become fascinating to beautiful women, it's critical that you'll want to be prominent within a gathering.

To awaken that property and make it prominent within the individual is the true purpose to the principles of dharma, which can be equated to piety.

Prominent within China as a member of the Communist Party, to this day his late father Ai Qing is considered one of the country's leading modern poets.

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