Prepositions after "prolific"

prolific in, of, with, for or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases prolific in is used

He was equally prolific in Kannada.

At least he's prolific in his thoughts.

English is quite prolific in this respect.

His followers shall be prolific in consuming pork, wine and all types of sinful acts.

Needless to say he was prolific in his work, producing some 2000 landscape projects alone.

W833 if you think a yute being prolific in the U21 or College can make the R'BOYZ that easily U need fi come again.

Plainly, references to sin became increasingly prolific in WCG literature, while the definition of sin disappeared.

Saprolegnia, a ready and potentially very serious pathogen, is particularly prolific in eggs, larvae and early fry.

In 10% of cases prolific of is used

Fleming as the most prolific of all.

By far, it is the most prolific of all plants.

One of the most notable and prolific of the retailers is J.

The second discovered her sister's talents, and became the more prolific of the two.

Seven is the most prolific of the mathematical series which binds scripture together.

Pigs, one of the most prolific of all animals in the Caribbean, tend to become very languid.

Sarkodie, known for his fast rapping abilities, was just as prolific of an artist singing a slow uncomplicated song.

Asimov was among the most prolific of authors, publishing hundreds of books on various subjects and dozens of short stories.

Postle-thwayt, most prolific of the mercantilist writers, wanted the 4company, the whole company and nothing but the company.

The most prolific of the artists was Jack Davis, who illustrated all the iconic Tales From The Crypt covers starting with issue #29.

In 8% of cases prolific with is used

I used to be quite prolific with that kind of thing in the olden days.

Don't be too prolific with them, as YouTube looks only at the first few sentences.

Ironic, because Mavado was more prolific with songs reflecting his gritty upbringing.

Since the garden has been quite prolific with these beans, I had to freeze some of them yesterday.

I'd prolific with my material but I've decided, very intentionally, that I can go directly to my audience.

Speadsheet users have no such option though, so bare that in mind if you are more prolific with numbers than words.

The bird life is also prolific with flocks of flamingos on the soda lake as well as other species of water, migratory and plains birds.

You will marvel at the fascinating eco-system, prolific with crabs, mudskippers, mudfish, crocodiles, monitor lizards, birds, and butterflies.

Margaret Knight was prolific with her inventions and patents throughout her life but her most famous achievement was in the paper bag industry.

In 6% of cases prolific for is used

This was prolific for a man who only lived for 31 years.

He's been so prolific for us so hopefully he'll get his scoring boots on.

So yeah, I think that sometimes people are too prolific for their own good.

He went on to make around 180 records, which was relatively prolific for that period.

The 31-year-old has been prolific for Australia with both bat and ball in all formats recently.

So, you can see some of the trades done by Gainey and Gauthier were somewhat prolific for the Canadiens.

Past 5,000 years prolific for changes to human genome From Nature: The human genome has been busy over the past 5,000 years.

The former-Rosenborg forward was prolific for Norwegian second tier outfit Aalesund, earning a move to Japan to play JEF United in the.

The Dutchman has been prolific for two years in Germany and I think would a smart bit of business on our part to tie down for 18 months.

The 31-year-old has been prolific for Australia with both bat and ball in all formats recently, and his absence could be a major blow to the team.

In 5% of cases prolific at is used

Oysters were prolific at Amity on North Stradbroke island.

In addition to being in the moment, children are also prolific at laughter.

A play-making attacking midfielder, Aboutreika is prolific at creating goals too.

He was most prolific at Barnsley where he scored 16 goals in 45 appearances between 2009-10.

He's been prolific at Under-20 international level too, scoring 14 times in nine games in 2012.

They had the height of Jan Koller and the pace of Milan Baros -- two forwards who were prolific at international level.

Malcolm X was so prolific at the art of oration that he was invited to speak at Oxford University (amongst other places.

Club: Aston Villa A striker who has scored goals wherever he has gone (although not so prolific at Spurs) misses out due to injuries.

Cheikh Diabate (Bordeaux) has proved reasonably prolific at international level and is another aerial threat for Giresse to consider.

In 4% of cases prolific on is used

FastCompany magazine is quite prolific on their blogs.

This is prolific on the Vern Westbrook walk just east from Badgingarra town site on the road to Moora.

The most popular explanation is chronic malarial fever, very prolific on the coasts of eastern Mediterranean.

Because I tend to be fairly prolific on social media at events, I paid attention to the conversations and streams.

The photographer, Gab, is quite prolific on Flickr and will reward all visitors with her array of wonderful photos.

If we break down his goal and assist numbers, we get an indication as to why Sergio Aguero has been less prolific on the road.

Interestingly the current side are more prolific on their travels, seven of those 13 goals have been scored on opposition turf.

I used to rely on this channel to be somewhere I could be safe from the typically intellect battering offal that is prolific on most other stations.

I am worried about Markgreen0/Mike1 absence, he's usually so prolific on here when there's an opportunity to extol the benefits of the Blair experiment.

Nature is so imposing, so magnificent, and so prolific on the Malay Peninsula, that one naturally gives man the secondary place which I have assigned to him in this chapter.

In 3% of cases prolific during is used

I was not very prolific during this period at all.

Karthik had been very prolific during the Ranji Trophy for his side Tamil Nadu.

Publications Linnaeus ' publications were prolific during his 3 years in Holland.

He loved covering the showbiz beat and was prolific during the era of the Spice Girls and Oasis.

Season - Seen and caught throughout the fishing season but most prolific during December and January.

Moreover, many people--particularly creative types--are often their most prolific during their thirties and early forties.

Cook is the only opener who has been consistently prolific during this period, with eight hundreds in 45 innings and an average exceeding 56.

But if the Sligo champions had been more prolific during the opening 30 minutes, there would have been no second-half superiority for Mark Dowd's men.

Greene was impressively prolific during the 1930s, publishing thirteen books? including, Brighton Rock (1938) and The Power and the Glory (1939 ), which won the Hawthornden Prize.

In 2% of cases prolific as is used

I think he's more prolific as a songwriter than as a singer.

The old man frowned at Jack from underneath eyebrows as white, wiry and prolific as the beard.

Kalidas Karmakar is prolific as an artist, works with mixed media and has an inexhaustible repertoire.

In between all of his musical endeavors, Omar has been prolific as a label manager, actor, producer, and film director.

The threat to your organisation is as real and prolific as the IT systems and on which you place so much reliance to conduct business on a day-to-day basis.

Note: It is not uncommon for a professor to be well known in a given field and prolific as an author but also to have a dreadful record as a supervisor of doctoral candidates.

In 1% of cases prolific from is used

Mychannel is one of the most prolific from Poland.

Neither of their sacrifices proves prolific from the materialistic point of view.

Striped Marlin are most prolific from November to March, sometimes showing in packs of up to ten, which makes it a good chance of getting a personal best.

In 1% of cases prolific throughout is used

Cone Shell Cone Shells are prolific throughout the world around reef areas.

The Dutchman has been prolific throughout his entire career scoring an incredible 256 goals in 392 appearances so far.

Middens, shelters, engravings and art remnants of indigenous life are prolific throughout the region, but no one remains to reveal their particular meanings or ancient significance.

In 1% of cases prolific since is used

He has never flirted with the word prolific since hitting that rather barren patch.

But KIPRICH has been so prolific since then, that he leaves fans in wonder at his many hits over such a short period of time.

The Colombian international has been prolific since joining Atletico from Porto and is now regarded as one of the best number nines in world football.

Though Mboyo has not been that prolific since joining his new club, he is now seen as their main striker and seems to appreciate Trond Sollied's light touch as a coach.

In 1% of cases prolific inside is used

Since his return he has been a part of a prolific inside line that includes Dean Rock, son of former Dublin legend, Barney.

In 1% of cases prolific across is used

Now e-signatures are prolific across all industries.

I have argued that sexual abuse is prolific across society, it is a distraction to define it as a merely Catholic problem.

In 1% of cases prolific around is used

This was a Verizon flagship Droid device so they're rather prolific around here (especially since the company got them for everyone they issued cell phones).

In 1% of cases prolific among is used

Texting is the most prolific among 12-15 year olds who said they were sending an average of 193 texts per week.

The gift of tongues was also prolific among the Shakers, a celibate communal religious sect in the mid-18th century United States.

While not all Muslim women cover their hair, veiling is more prolific among them than among any other religious group of women these days.

Large numbers of Canadians bought homes or recreational properties down there and reports now indicate that they are the most prolific among all foreign buyers in the U.

In 1% of cases prolific after is used

He was not as prolific after that season, scoring a handful of goals, but not having the creativity behind him with the club selling Juan Veron and Pavel Nedved.

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