Prepositions after "progressive"

progressive in, on, about, for or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases progressive in is used

He is highly progressive in his ideas.

Britain can not be progressive in Ireland.

Not, that is, progressive in the slightest.

Northern Ireland is progressive in the sense that both views are widely accepted.

Shammi's films were amazingly progressive in their treatment of gender and class.

Colorado has been relatively progressive in terms of campaign finance regulations.

Nonetheless, out-of-pocket payments have become mildly regressive (instead of progressive in the base scenario).

While the DPB only applies to single parents, New Zealand must have looked somewhat progressive in the early 70s.

These days it is at the very centre of what it means to be progressive in Britain, in politics as much as in law.

This law has been heralded as the most progressive in the world and signals a new era for transgender human rights.

In 8% of cases progressive about is used

There is nothing progressive about it.

There is nothing good or progressive about you.

There's nothing inherently progressive about it.

There is nothing enlightened or progressive about abortion in general, I agree.

There is nothing at all progressive about their agenda; it is all regressive; i.

You are beginning to see that there is nothing progressive about them (ACN) or democratic about them.

Just as there is nothing ' modernising ' or progressive about this, neither is there anything inevitable about it.

But neither is there anything progressive about transferring income from one section of the working class to another.

There is certainly nothing progressive about taxation and state spending which transfers wealth from labour to capital.

Unlike Marx and Lenin, we African Internationalists deny that there has ever been anything progressive about capitalism.

In 8% of cases progressive for is used

This is very progressive for Kenya.

So taxes are progressive for the bottom 80%.

We are too progressive for the majority of Americans.

Anarchists reject the idea that nationalised industry is progressive for its own sake.

Our motto is give us a progressive for 15 minutes and we'll make him into a neoliberal.

This parallels the use of the present progressive for arranged post-present situations.

Richardson shows me a little abstract work that he made at the time, impressively progressive for a 1930s schoolboy.

We at the CEP believe that one change will be more progressive for England than all the other promises put together.

Caroline's thinking proved to be way ahead of her times and extremely progressive for the middle of the 19th Century.

By that I mean that I'd on auto, I don't really think alot and I do nt se that kind of activity very progressive for me.

In 8% of cases progressive on is used

But he is progressive on most issues.

I'd conservative on some things and more progressive on others.

Australia is widely regarded as being progressive on this front.

Republicans in the NorthEast have a long history of being more progressive on social issues.

For its part of the world, Dubai is mind-blowingly progressive on top of being fun to look at.

People can right now shoot at 60fps progressive on their Canon 7ds and guess what? It looks awful.

And even African countries criticised for abuses of human rights and civil liberties are progressive on gender.

And you watltz in and call us hillbillies and your take is that the article is fine? You are progressive on stilts.

Let's just say that it hasn't been to make sure that the Strategy is progressive on the preservation of urban farmland.

I want to confirm that it's white people who need to be more progressive on this issue and that every other race gets it.

In 6% of cases progressive with is used

Progressive with respect to income.

This firm is progressive with a no politics approach.

Make these taxes progressive with a citizen dividend.

We need a progressive with 60+ Democrat senators and 220+ Democrat representatives.

Mark says: 11:46am 19/10/12 I'd not conservative, i'd progressive with a hint of realism.

Learning should start early and be progressive with theory linking to practical exposure.

Inheritance: Federal estate tax is progressive with rates at 18% to 45% and an exemption of up to US$2,000,000.

Kobe Kobe-ben is notable among Kansai dialects for conjugating the present progressive with the verb ending -ton or -t?

Bill Maher articulated the sentiments of every Liberal &; Progressive with regards to the reelection of President Obama.

Although he had been seen as a progressive with his support for the New Deal, he had conservative views on civil rights.

In 5% of cases progressive by is used

O look progressive by comparison.

Greg is an ideological (Obama supporter) progressive by geographic confluence and family upbringing.

But because he was half black, Americans could feel like they were being progressive by electing him.

It's not enough to make a product successful by business standards; but to make it progressive by ours.

They feel wiser and more progressive by assuming that bigotry is at the heart of the opposition to Obama.

The overall taxes in developing countries were in fact found to be broadly progressive by Shah and Whalley 23.

You are not going to sucessfully encourage Christians or Muslims to be progressive by telling them that they're wrong.

Bell on April 26, 1983, with a set of recommendations that might be considered somewhat progressive by today's standards.

Although a simple VAT is regressive, it can be made progressive by combining it with a partial rebate or by exempting necessities.

In 5% of cases progressive of is used

The Democrats chose him, the most progressive of all the candidates.

Even the most progressive of political Islamists put forward no clear alternative to capitalism.

Mark in DC June 22, 2011 Harold -- how kind and progressive of you to make that assumption, lol.

The Huguenots were, in fact, among the most progressive of the early traders and settlers who came to Canada.

The most progressive of countries have increased women over time and without quotas and that can happen here too.

Key strengths are as follows: It has been demonstrated to be the most progressive of different methods of funding.

Over the march of our history, progressive ideas (and those most progressive of ideas that formed our nation) are winning.

Even in the most progressive of countries, women had to wait until the end of the 19th century to win equal voting rights.

One of the most progressive of these was people's right to ' an environment that is not harmful to their health and well-being '.

Bacon's vision was not only progressive, it was progressive of a particular kind, with scientific knowledge as the driving force.

In 3% of cases progressive at is used

Company tax should be progressive at the same rate as income tax.

Their editorial stance towards the subject was pretty progressive at the time.

I will continue to wage my lone war that be more progressive at home and we will do better.

Dunedin is a very interesting mixture of being conservative and progressive at the same time.

It was not progressive at the Berlin Conference, which divided up Africa for the benefit of Europe.

I'd talking here about its willingness and flexibility to be socially progressive at the political level.

However, it was considered progressive at the time; the issue even sold out despite Alpha Flight ' s low popularity.

In short, despite the progressives ' frustration with Obama, the reality is he remains a reformer, a progressive at heart.

Her look was so progressive at the time -- so fashion-forward and directional -- so much so, that it's still a great look to aspire today.

In 1829 he entered Moscow University on a state stipend (one of the ways in which Russia was progressive at the time) but got into trouble for writing a play about the evils of serfdom.

In 3% of cases progressive to is used

That way the system is progressive to a limit of 15%.

Our tax structure is progressive to the point of being counterproductive.

I don ' ' t know very many Dems and liberals that use progressive to self identify.

Ironically he was an avid Guardian reader and deems himself progressive to this very day.

As radical as Bell is within evangelicalism, he is hardly progressive to Progressive Christians.

Apparently he has also moved from Vice President to Ardmore Progressive to President of Ardmore Progressive.

We need to adapt and live lives relevant to the twenty first century and which are progressive to society and humans.

The aim is to attain both equity and equality before the traditional law and offer remedies that are deterrent and progressive to all.

The natural talent what horse hold is to be faithfully aggressive or progressive to the road with speed or pace of eagerness towards the success.

When he charged to victory in 2008, Democrats thought they had unlocked the secret of marrying a progressive to the broad center of American politics.

In 2% of cases progressive as is used

And Teddy Roosevelt was a progressive as well as an egomaniac.

Firstly, it needs to be progressive as the environment is still not conducive to extensive devolution.

I would say that it is a scene that baffles our belief in the genuinely progressive as well as the critical nature of art.

We were beginning to see a party calling itself, progressive as opposed to what the other party was calling itself, as conservative s.

The paper finds that many taxes are progressive as well as efficient, including some broad-based taxes such as the VAT and wage taxation.

Nobody knows convenient like a leftist/liberal (NEVER a progressive as a true progressive supports forward thinking, not regression into the Stone Age).

In 2% of cases progressive from is used

Leadership must be progressive from one level to another.

We will see nothing progressive from Cameron, just muddled thought, sycophancy and lies.

Looking at Hillary's record, I see a progressive from the age of 18 till she moved to Arkansas.

They claim that the knowledge of God has been progressive from age to age, and from Dispensation to Dispensation.

His economic platform was better than Obama's -- the most progressive from a major candidate since Jesse Jackson.

The implementation of the GDA will be progressive from 1994, with a varying pace of transition depending upon user demand.

In 2% of cases progressive rather is used

I guess it's progressive rather than socialist, but not bad.

Or, it's (very) progressive rather than interlaced to make it film-relevant.

If SS were turned into a progressive rather than a regressive tax that could solve it.

Progressive rather than regressive tax increases are a fairer way to reduce the deficit.

However, bone loss from occlusal overload is considered to be progressive rather than limited to the first year of loading.

It has sometimes been veiled behind smoke-screen talk of being new, modern or progressive rather than traditional, out-of-date or reactionary.

Lower the exemption for inheritance taxes and impose a progressive rather than a flat rate, with payments spread out for those with low disposable incomes.

It would have at least been nice to see something new and progressive rather than more pot of gold chasers (will they make Risdale be the new chairman?! lol).

As the ride progressed, one of the best things about it compared to other days was that the majority of the uphills we had to do, were progressive rather than being steep.

What are the pro-growth policies being contemplated now? Will we see a more progressive rather than this regressive tax system? mark chue 11/16/2012 - 2:57 PM The minister is out of his depth.

In 2% of cases progressive over is used

You can only see the progressive over a span of time from the past to present.

It is progressive over all, but very high-income people can pay very little tax.

The illness, which hinders the flow of air to the lungs, is generally permanent and may be progressive over time.

I don't sleep around or wear weaves because I'd allergic to latex and this allergy has become progressive over time.

And yes, I know it will go up in the future-but you should be happy about that- it becomes more progressive over time! Have not paid.

Tuition in the modules is progressive over the 2 years period; introductory modules in the first year and advanced modules in the second.

The brakes were not as fierce as I was expecting but worked very well and felt nice and progressively - I'll take progressive over fierce any day.

But when the damage to your kidneys has been continuous and progressive over a number of years, as it is in chronic kidney disease (CKD ), then the kidneys usually do not get better.

Not that I wan na dissuade you from using Progressive over more evil companies -- I have zero buying advice -- but Progressive is a lesser evil, like Matt, not an organization to aspire to.

So, Gina's team has added them to their Talent Network and will continue to inform them of opportunities with Progressive over the next year, thereby building a pipeline of military candidates.

In 1% of cases progressive without is used

It's progressive without being pretentious.

That probably helps the work be progressive without getting inaccessible.

Gholden Whew! It's always a great relief to realize that one can be progressive without being young.

In 1% of cases progressive towards is used

To be liberal is by definition to be progressive towards reform and change.

If the management itself feels progressive towards these things, then they'll support it, and it will happen.

In 1% of cases progressive like is used

That's the thing with a progressive like me.

Progressive like baseline from times when uplifting trance was in its best.

When Obama was voted in everyone was afraid of having a progressive like him as president.

Even a progressive like Bishop Leo Nanayakkara condemned Deogupillai for raising the demand.

It sits somewhere between progressive like ballad music, even turning out towards space rock at times, and heavier sounds.

In 1% of cases progressive during is used

I, having a fairly clean driving record, had little need to call Progressive during my tenure as a customer.

Joseph Stiglitz a champion of banking regulation also praised DSK for making the IMF more progressive during his tenure.

In 1% of cases progressive because is used

Malaysia is progressive because of the Non-Muslims.

I am a progressive because I believe God made us to flourish together, as a community, sharing our mission to the common good.

In 1% of cases progressive among is used

The discussion so far reveals that this ministry has been progressive among the African peoples and suppression had never been successful.

Superficial qualities aside, it's tough for even the most progressive among us, including myself, to resist the lure of some of Ron Paul's words.

In 1% of cases progressive after is used

Atlanta stopped being progressive after the Olympics.

If you are still a progressive after reading it, at least you know what you're involved with.

There is a significant group (30-50%) of patients with relapsing-remitting MS which become progressive after 10 years.

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