Prepositions after "proactive"

proactive in, about, with, on or rather?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases proactive in is used

Be pro-active in raising funds.

He was proactive in his changes.

Others are less proactive in this area.

Be pro-active instead of the usual reactive mode that authorities are normally in.

Regardless of how you get it; you should be proactive in living a healthy lifestyle.

Be proactive in thinking through ways of setting boundaries sensitively yet clearly.

We need the state to be pro-active in confronting the challenges and opportunities around 3D printing, anything.

You're right I have been more proactive in making plans, which I thought was being helpful when in fact it's not.

I'd turning to this board as it would seem the mods seem to be pro-active in resolving issues - something which.

If you want to be more proactive in looking after yourself then this health check guide is a great place to start.

In 15% of cases proactive about is used

Be proactive about your health.

So let's be pro-active about it.

Be proactive about your onboarding.

The council should be more pro-active about fining drivers who block footpaths.

Run the Security Challenge, and get proactive about your security fitness level.

Rhee was not proactive about investigating this and should be called to account.

First of all well done on getting a vacation scheme - it is great to hear someone being so proactive about it.

But Manpower's survey detected only a slight uptick in the number of companies getting proactive about training.

She has a lot of experience with hiking on those feet and so she's been really proactive about maintaining them.

On a different note, one community that has been rather proactive about open access is the probability community.

In 6% of cases proactive with is used

Be proactive with your food choices.

I am against doing anything pro-active with CO2.

Prioritise, protect and be pro-active with your time.

I have mentioned in previous articles the need to be proactive with this process.

Very proactive with your candidate care, great options, quick and honest feedback.

Governments at all levels need to be more pro-active with respect to community sport.

Why has the time frame increased so much? What do you recommend I do? I just want to be proactive with my claim.

Periodic recruiting enables you to be proactive with your recruiting and prepare for the inevitable need to hire.

Even though, we have always supported him, we think he is not proactive with regard to fighting corruption frontally.

I'd going to try and be more proactive with using YouTube in this way but its hard to know what kind of videos to make.

In 4% of cases proactive on is used

They were very proactive on that hit.

Shadhona has been proactive on other fronts.

GOSL should be proactive on this without delay.

Today awareness is more and the state is vigilant and proactive on curbing the menace.

It is hard to throw off the shackles of politeness and be proactive on one's own behalf.

We can be proactive on a large scale rather than focussing only on micro consumption choices.

H Smith (rtd) has challenged women to be more proactive on issues of gender, peace and security especially in Ghana.

And that this policy include available resources to address problems and a commitment to being proactive on the matter.

But basically my question is for some people, like my friend Matt; he was also quite proactive on teen suicide awareness.

On the same way, as drivers, you have to be more proactive on this law as well as with the proper tuning of your vehicles.

In 3% of cases proactive rather is used

Get proactive rather than reactive.

It's about being proactive rather than reactive.

The sport needs to be proactive rather than reactive.

Thus, it reinforces proactive rather than reactive environmental protection measures.

We should be reasonable and be more proactive rather than employing reactive approaches.

My advice rests very much on the principle of being oproactive rather than being reactive.

It seems as though their staff anticipate bottlenecks or problems and are able to be proactive rather than reactionary.

I think we are in agreement about the need for proactive rather than merely reactive approaches to industrial security.

There are so many examples of situations where the government and/or businesses need to be proactive rather than reactive.

The music industry and indeed all media companies have to become more open to innovation and proactive rather than defensive.

In 2% of cases proactive at is used

He should have been proactive at that time.

You can be patient and proactive at the same time.

We need to be innovative and proactive at all times.

Be proactive at work to make sure your peers and colleagues are being given the chance to.

Jesus ' challenge is to be proactive at loving your enemies so you turn them into friends.

Operations Our staff handling operations is experienced and very proactive at problem solving.

People who don't plan or take steps to achieve their own personal progress will not be pro-active at work either.

Be proactive at practice -- challenge yourself to work on weak areas, and make suggestions about drills to your coach.

Maybe I need to be more pro-active at adding them to Wikipedia's apparatus criticus so Tom Reedy and his gang can slash them.

You must be proactive at this point in time and ensure that the buyer sees you are making every effort to increase the sell through of your brand.

In 2% of cases proactive by is used

So, make sure you are proactive by having these items available at all times.

You become more proactive by going out to meet other people to practise foreign language.

By setting realistic expectations and benchmarks for your tasks and goals, you'll be proactive by default.

Lets be compassionate and share and be proactive by uploading this pacifying Brahman Gnana all over the web.

Where to start? So where do you begin? For a start you are already being proactive by logging onto Jobstreet.

Whether you're 16 or 65, it's never too late to start a medical journal and being proactive by keeping a history.

Parents can also be proactive by installing filtering software that provides more control over the family's Internet experience.

You must also be proactive by regularly following the maintenance routines required by your car as indicated in the owner's manual.

In 2% of cases proactive instead is used

Your driving becomes proactive instead of reactive.

My action comes from being pro-active instead of being reactive.

I urge the authorities to take action and be proactive instead of reactive.

My challenge to districts around the nation be PROACTIVE instead of REACTTIVE.

Be pro-active instead of the usual reactive mode that authorities are normally in.

I suggest you be proactive instead of waiting for the opportunity to present itself.

The key to getting back in the game is to be proactive instead of passively waiting for the game to come to you.

But we can change; we can learn to see things in a different way; we can learn to be proactive instead of reactive.

But what if libraries fired the first shot in the battle? What if we were proactive instead of reactive? What if we took back.

Speaker Profile Track 2 The inbound marketing cookbook The evolution of marketing technology lets consumers be proactive instead of reactive.

In 1% of cases proactive as is used

As regulator, they must be more proactive as well as adequately reactive.

A happy and content person is far more functional and pro-active as opposed to one that's under stress and harassment,.

Remember Mbagala and Gongo La Mboto? Can someone please start being proactive as opposed to being reactive with this issue? Let's leave the government for now.

Things to do differently Stephenson thought that having a more focused project might have made the project easier to manage and that being more proactive as a researcher could also have done this.

In 1% of cases proactive for is used

Be proactive for when your coverage is running out.

We must become more pro-active for defending this culture.

Be proactive for next year's retrograde and mark your calendar.

I have been having ance problem for a year after I stopped using proactive for 3 years.

And then Google moved more towards Apple's approach by being more pro-active for revenue generating apps.

Kudos to her for taking charge of her health and being proactive for the benefit of herself and her family.

You need patience and you need to be proactive for several years before you reach a point of such connectedness.

The Pakistan Army supported by all patriotic citizens must become pro-active for resolution of Baluchistan's predicament.

It came about because NZ was seen as being proactive for digital start ups because of this Patent Bill sitting on our books.

What cultural adjustments would be proactive for Yuko or the class-room environment? A Vietnam veteran seems withdrawn and distant to his family and old high school friends.

In 1% of cases proactive to is used

It is easier to be a whiner than proactive to to make a change.

It needs to be more proactive to the fast changing world of science.

I've suffered from acne my whole life using everything from proactive to acutane.

If Proton sensitive enough they must read and proactive to certain sensible comments.

This has therefore been mainly reactive rather than proactive to emerging problems in the area.

ShareASale is proud of their reputation in the industry for being fair, honest, and proactive to customer concerns.

I always give out that our present class of donkeys in Dil ireann are reactive rather than proactive to a situation.

The council was more reactive than proactive to the requirements of the transitional period and to the order of priorities.

If you are an accountant/tax adviser and you do not already know you need to offer something proactive to your clients well.

You can also be proactive to the situation by bleaching your walls before rainy/humid season hits (like now -- early April).

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