Prepositions after "pricey"

"pricey for" or "pricey at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases pricey for is used

Smart Phones are too pricey for me.

Galapagos is a little pricey for us.

It's pricey for the area, but worth it.

Breakfast was good and dinner was reasonably priced but could be pricey for specials.

I thought the meal was pricey for what I received - no not the onion rings, but a $10.

The AA's told us that for most, high performance fuels are too pricey for regular use.

I really want a spine candle from these people, but it's kinda pricey for a candle, so I may have to wait for that.

We ate in because we found the restaurants locally quite pricey for a family of 5 to eat, so cant comment on those.

When you shop at stores, fake rolex watches it can be pretty pricey for the designer purses and not as many choices.

Many Singaporeans would shy away from the Pa Am Tomaquet (S$8) simply because it's pricey for the simple ingredients.

In 16% of cases pricey at is used

A little pricey at 150RMB but I.

Sounds pricey at $25, but you never know.

I thought that was pretty pricey at the time.

It's a little pricey at 13,000 Francs a month, but there's no getting around the charm.

A bit pricey at $300 per night (which included two buffet dinners ), but we had no choice.

Cashmere pieces were more pricey at $70 for tanks, dresses were $170 and cardigans at $190.

It might be a little pricey at its initial launch, but it's the kind of camera that will last you for years to come.

Although a bit pricey at B3200 plus surcharges and taxes, the flights avoid the time and hassle of travelling overland.

The phone is great but it is pricey at more than 400 and email the supplier first to check it has a valid Nokia warranty.

In 10% of cases pricey in is used

It is about reasonable to pricey in my view.

The restaurants are quite pricey in the Precinct.

A week later I am sitting with The Pricey in a plush hotel in Soho.

Models that are pricey in Asia, can sometimes be available at lower prices online, too.

Single-family detached homes with a garden are thus extremely rare and pricey in Hong Kong.

The issue using non reusable lenses is they could be far more pricey in comparison with normal versions.

In fact, everything is so pricey in Australia! A Tom Ford lipstick alone is scary Oh and don't get me started on Laduree.

Admission to the Ontario Science Center is far too pricey in my opinion, especially since the exhibits hardly ever change.

Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens is among those flummoxed as to why homes are so pricey in a nation almost as big as the US, with just 22.

True, accommodation may be rather pricey in this archipelago but if you have the cash, a private resort on its own island is very much worth it.

In 3% of cases pricey by is used

It is also quite a bit lower cost, although still pricey by absolute standards.

Above the small size, the pizzas start to get pricey by Cambodian standards ($6 upwards).

As it was official Lund University housing, it was a little pricey by Canadian standards.

Some investors decide whether a stock is pricey by comparing its current price to the present value of its expected cash flows.

Plum Creek trades at a slightly less lofty p/e ratio then does Weyerhaeuser although both companies look pricey by that measure because their profits have been so squeezed in recent years.

In 3% of cases pricey on is used

They will be quite pricey on the ship.

Things are less pricey on the software end.

It's a good company but again, seems pricey on a forward p/e of 13.

Before I know it, the bill came to around AUD$80+, a bit pricey on a small eatery.

The only criticism I had was that the entrance tickets were a bit pricey on the door (adults: 23, children 5-16: 9.

It's maybe a little pricey on the entry fee, but considering how much there is to see, you don't feel like it's a rip off by the time you leave.

Pricey on October 19, 2009 1:30 PM Well, I'd amused about how splendidly confused this has got some ' scientists ' (at least two of them by all accounts).

Unless enchanting components are terribly pricey on your server (or when the marketplace is too aggressive on greens) it can be extremely lucrative selling these rather than disenchanting them.

In 3% of cases pricey to is used

What? You get acupuncture, don't you? A little pricey to some, but the holistic process often can be.

It seems a little pricey to me since I've been going to the zoo in DC all my life and that's free (except for parking).

Choleslo price is not pricey to the balanced lifetime, selected the Choleslo as being the choice to scale back high cholesterol levels level.

The experience might be pricey to some tourist, but at that moment, I didn't care, I was living on a dream and from what I've experienced? It's priceless.

Can you give me some info on accommodation options in the Gillis (Air or Meno) and Kuta, Lombok, couldn't find much info on the web, the one's which are available seems a tad pricey to me.

In 2% of cases pricey as is used

Women's birth control is extremely pricey as an individual buying it.

Booking late of tickets may be pricey as well as misuse of money as the flight may be overbooked earlier.

Trust me, it's better than nothing or having way less time so pay for everything as quickly as possible because things will get pricey as the date gets closer.

The carribean man who runs the place took us up Sibayak, he was very good but a bit pricey as the tourist info centre in Berastagi will do it for a bit cheaper.

In 2% of cases pricey due is used

These are a little more pricey due to rarity trading for about $100 per card.

Ruaha prices Flights to Ruaha are inherently pricey due to the distances involved.

The mini is often a lot not as much pricey due to not having a handful of characteristics that the other groups have.

Unfortunately, high quality refractors tend to be very pricey due to the cost associated with producing high quality optics.

But the move came at the wrong time -- just as the European PC market weakened and personal computers got pricey due to the weaker Euro.

At $70, it seems pricey due to its low specs when evaluating it with highly subsidized cell phones, but it's fitting due to its sub-$100 texting cohort.

In 2% of cases pricey with is used

Sony came out adi pricey with outdated spec.

WE DO N'T LIKE: Pricey with options, stiff ride.

Its get a bit pricey with shipping and finding an installer.

Granite and its reputation are a little pricey with costs beginning at 60.

It's a little pricey with some subscription fees but it might well be worth it.

The airport cafe had wifi but a bit pricey with their limited products and drinks range.

SLEEP OVER The Intercontinental Boston is a bit pricey with deluxe rooms starting at $419 US, but it is situated right in the heart of.

But or even only limited kinds from this cabinet upon the market, and they are generally pricey with an amount from a wide selection of dollars of hundreds of dollars.

Kirkland Heights share attributes with other luxurious communities such as Chancery Hall, Smokey Vale, Plantation Heights and Queen Hill, all pricey with commanding views of the city of Kingston.

In 1% of cases pricey after is used

The Science Centre can be pricey after admission prices, souvenirs and food.

First time customers receive a discounted 40 minutes for 3000 yen, but it gets pretty pricey after that.

Everyone needs some tips of the trade, we cant always go around reading photo magazines, they get pricey after a while.

The possibilities of bids and counter bids will undoubtedly make acquisitions more cut-throat and pricey after the new code comes into effect.

In 1% of cases pricey because is used

This federal model is just too pricey because of the numerous ambiguities.

This also brings up the issue of cost, where venues such as convention centres and luxury hotels may be stunning choices for events, but are pricey because of high demand.

In 1% of cases pricey considering is used

I just hope that it would not be too pricey considering the use of such ingredients.

In 1% of cases pricey depending is used

PS it is a bit pricey depending on the vendor.

That can get a little pricey depending on the terrain on your property.

Australia Post can also redirect your mail overseas for up to 12 months, but it can get pricey depending on where in the world you want the mail redirected to.

In 1% of cases pricey of is used

In addition, 24kt gold is the most pricey of all gold creations.

They are the largest of all honors as well as the most pricey of them all.

It has been certified by the Kowloon Mosque and the Mandi chicken was REALLY DELICIOUS! A little bit pricey of HKD65 but it was worthy.

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