Prepositions after "prevent"

"prevent from" or "prevent by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 63% of cases prevent from is used
    He is therefore prevented from playing.
    That project was prevented from receiving.
    Lightly flour the dough to prevent from sticking 3.
    A special system used in the printer prevents from ribbon creasing while printing.
    Wee There is no point in banning something that you can not prevent from happening.
    Even though he was prevented from recording for a year, he did get out of the deal.
    RU-UDE! It would be nice if people like Ludd could be prevented from enjoying museums, concerts, fine foods etc.
    The entire process will take place in secret Family Courts and you will be gagged and prevented from speaking out.
    Therefore sinful man was forbidden and prevented from approaching the perfect God except thru the gate on the east.
    It is dangerous business to arrive in eternity with possibilities that you have prevented from becoming actualities.

    In 20% of cases prevent by is used
    This can be prevented by addition of Tween 80.
    Another important point is that osteoporosis can be prevented by taking almonds.
    Generally gum disease can be easily prevented by following a reliable daily oral health routine.
    This handful would be prevented by the devilish majority from getting their hands on the levers of power.
    What the study doesn't say is how many of those deaths would have been prevented by cyclists wearing helmets.
    I mean, certainly in the Irish section, bombs that could and should have been prevented by MI5 were detonated on the U.
    Students tried to remove the fencing wires and barricades at the university main gate which was prevented by the police.
    Contain the hazard If the hazard can not be eliminated, contact might be prevented by using enclosures, machine guards, worker booths or similar devices.

    In 4% of cases prevent in is used
    If he was, it needs to be outed in order for that kind of thing to be prevented in future, if he was n't, then his image has been unfairly tarnished.
    In order to prevent reabsorbing those toxins, our intestines produce even more mucus on it's walls, preventing in this way absorption of too much bad things.

    In 4% of cases prevent with is used
    More than 90 percent of those accidents could have been prevented with proper eyewear.
    However, others such as invasion by new plants and animals may be prevented with vigilance and resources.
    Eighty to 90 percent of breaches are caused by simple attacks, and 96 percent of those breaches could be prevented with basic security controls.
    Most of these deaths could have been prevented with the availability of more doctors or health care workers, facilitating quick health care delivery.
    In an electronically borderless world -- think Wikileaks -- there is no way that the South African government is going to prevent with this Bill the media from disseminating damaging information.

    In 2% of cases prevent through is used
    This is because millions of children die from diseases that can be prevented through vaccines.

    In 1% of cases prevent at is used
    I feel sick myself whenever i read this kind of issues happening to our brothers and sisters, mostly younger one, which can be prevented at this modern times.
    These forces must be prevented at all cost from taking control of the government that will eventually destroy the existence of a pluralism-based democratic system.

    In 1% of cases prevent over is used
    Which let me enlighten you the pharma industry with great efforts has been preventing over the years.
    According to her, the system will prevent over indebtedness of borrowers who may have multiple borrowing across the financial system, which will also improve risk management by lenders.

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