Prepositions after "prevalent"

prevalent in, among, at, on or during?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 67% of cases prevalent in is used

There's a danger, prevalent in the.

This problem is prevalent in the fall.

It was prevalent in the metropolis too.

Corruption is prevalent in the public and private sectors at all levels of society.

This concept is still prevalent in the Ooty Mettupalayam single line entry section.

Such tactics appear to be more prevalent in response to mass layoffs or bankruptcies.

Anti-Jewish feelings were prevalent in the 18 th century and limitations were placed on Jewish economic activity.

I think attacking the fuel subsidies was a very bold move and will become very prevalent in the near-term (3 mos).

His early work supports this theory reflecting the clarity and harmony which is prevalent in the work of Perugino.

Unlike malaria, which is a major health concern in rural areas, dengue is equally prevalent in the urban areas too.

In 9% of cases prevalent among is used

It also appears more prevalent among women.

Maybe this is more prevalent among the Bengali.

This is but too prevalent among buyers and sellers.

These are the top diseases prevalent among the Filipino newborns aside from G6PD.

This belief is so prevalent among Singapore guys, we even have a saying in Chinese.

All the sinful acts of the Jews and Christians are now prevalent among the Muslims.

What was prevalent among those who did not know God both in the Old and New Testaments was the eating of blood.

However, out of the ten most common intermediate and minor conditions, eight were more prevalent among females.

The epidemic is most prevalent among the 15-49 years age group which comprises a large number of the workforce.

In 4% of cases prevalent at is used

LBP was highly prevalent at baseline.

Furries were actually quite prevalent at MCM Expo.

FREE HUGSing is very prevalent at comic conventions.

The preamble reflects the values and priorities which were prevalent at federation.

Still, it might be more prevalent at some locations where the spirit of old survives.

This is most prevalent at or about the end of the year and at the start of a new year.

This unexpected result seemed contrary to the common understanding of electric resistance prevalent at that time.

These places have come to symbolize a traditional sense of healing and care, which was so prevalent at that time.

For also, when one of these flows out of the body more than is prevalent at the surface, the draining causes pain.

The pressure of imminent EEC membership and a perception that the economy lacked buoyancy were prevalent at the time.

In 3% of cases prevalent on is used

It seems more prevalent on the Left.

This is especially prevalent on the road.

That's still prevalent on a lot of small LCDs.

Several labels have become more prevalent on our favorite bags of beans these days.

Acorn and AmeriGlide stair lifts are a few of the most prevalent on the marketplace.

Messing about with games is far more prevalent on desktop computers than on consoles.

There is at least a variety of 4 Pines on tap in the public bar, and Coopers Pale Ale is prevalent on all floors.

It is said that due to a curse by his son, Bhrgu Muni, the worship of Lord Brahma is not at all prevalent on Earth.

He was to spend 13 years on Minorca and spent a great deal of his time studying the diseases prevalent on the island.

Statelessness, an anachronism in the 21st century, is prevalent on all continents, leaving millions of lives in limbo.

In 2% of cases prevalent amongst is used

Arsenic disease is more prevalent amongst the poor people.

These sentiments are still prevalent amongst many Afghans.

It's just as prevalent amongst the males that I have worked with.

Factors that can also be prevalent amongst many who end up sleeping on the streets.

It is sad to see that mental slavery to suddha is still prevalent amongst Sinhalese.

Low literacy levels are more prevalent amongst immigrants - regardless of how long they have lived in Canada.

This growth is prevalent amongst people aged 25 -- 44 years in the towns of Darwin (25%) and Townsville (21%).

The challenge of workplace diversity is also prevalent amongst Singapore's Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

I believe that this condition is sufficiently prevalent amongst the non readers and poor readers to warrant in-school testing.

In 2% of cases prevalent during is used

Healing rites are most prevalent during this time.

Larger Kings are more prevalent during the summer months.

This situation is especially prevalent during the monsoon.

Some of the above mentioned diseases are more prevalent during the rainy season.

The Christians believed in one religion that was prevalent during that time in Europe.

Corruption is most prevalent during the bid evaluation and tendering phases of projects.

The values that were prevalent during the heady days of the celtic tiger are very different from many held now.

The infection is somewhat seasonal, usually being more prevalent during the summer months of May through October.

The international practice prevalent during the mid eighties, when the intervention of India occurred, has now changed.

This then will have a profound effect on the way we view the Model of the Church that was prevalent during this period.

In 2% of cases prevalent for is used

We know this is prevalent for most people.

Cool dry air is prevalent for much of the year.

And I haven't even touched upon the sexism that was also prevalent for a long time.

In fact, it's prevalent for any individual to pay $15 in charges for any $100 loan.

I blog about this all the time in my posts, as it was so prevalent for me post cancer.

But seriously this problem is really prevalent for chrome users, just try using firefox for GR and you'll be fine.

Guilt, hurt and anger were prevalent for quite some time until I realized that a lot of my problems were actually me.

It is quite prevalent for anyone to have these kind of longchamp sac consistently when slumber deprived in any respect.

Shocked He could only be shocked if he was blind, wilfully perhaps, to accusations that have been prevalent for a decade.

In 2% of cases prevalent throughout is used

The theme of freedom is prevalent throughout the novel.

Dengue is prevalent throughout the tropics and subtropics.

Nonetheless, underemployment remains prevalent throughout the economy.

It is prevalent throughout all forms of cultural output, from music to art.

Fur, leather and patchwork were the most prevalent throughout the collection.

A number of these species are now prevalent throughout the Great Lakes Basin.

That said, this type of naming is prevalent throughout science today and throughout the history of science.

Because of apostasy in the world, moral relativism is prevalent throughout the world, not just in our nation.

Amazing and so cool that life is not unique, and is actually so common and prevalent throughout the universe.

Unfortunately, this is a practice that is prevalent throughout the world, adults preying on the young and innocent.

In 1% of cases prevalent across is used

Caste is prevalent across religions.

It is prevalent across social classes.

It is prevalent across societies and the globe.

Anti-Christian violence, prevalent across much of the Middle East, was not tolerated.

Whichever way it is spelt, Migraine is a disease prevalent across genders and age groups.

Although its roots were in manufacturing, Six Sigma is hugely prevalent across many sectors including Healthcare.

There are still a lot of challenges for the African entrepreneur: erratic power supply is still prevalent across the continent.

There is another popular methodological proposal currently prevalent across wide swaths of Christian higher education especially in North America.

In 1% of cases prevalent around is used

But weren't very prevalent around here.

There are suggestions that earthquakes are more prevalent around Full Moon and New Moon 37.

You may also be aware of a particular pattern that is prevalent around the same time of year.

Your thinking ignores the international capital floes so prevalent around our globalised world.

There is light rain forecast on the day and the soft patches are most prevalent around the Station bend.

It's different than the more pork and chicken oriented shoyu ramen that's more prevalent around these parts.

Our first decade or so were spent pursuing panfish, as they were prevalent around the lakes we were able to walk to.

Heart diseases are widely prevalent around the world and at the same time heart surgeries have become very expensive.

Prices for snacks like cotton candy also were much more prevalent around the stadium and lots of vendors walking around selling things.

If you look at all the promotions that are prevalent around Xmas time, you will see that there is more to it that just a line of credit.

In 1% of cases prevalent as is used

ECNs became more prevalent as the online trading explosion occurred.

However, in eastern societies it is more prevalent as well as acceptable.

Conflict at work is prevalent as the majority seeks affluence by employment.

Male rape has been prevalent as a weapon of war in many conflict zones and also in prison cells.

At the present moment this has become less prevalent as the bills for such endeavours have sky rocketed.

It will also lead to search being more prevalent as a mechanism in the lower salaried bands as opposed to purely executive level.

Of the articles listed I voted for t-PA for Acute Ischemic Stroke because stroke is prevalent as a leading cause of death and disability.

In fact, tablets and larger smartphones are going to become increasingly prevalent as the desktop PC slowly disappears from the workspace.

Electronic music will probably always be prevalent as well as it gets easier and more affordable for people to make music on their computers.

Furthermore, the percentage of children undernourished children has reduced a little over the years but still seem to be prevalent as a hurdle in the society.

In 1% of cases prevalent of is used

The most prevalent of these is the letter ' X '.

It is one of the most prevalent of all childhood psychiatric disorders.

Auction fraud is the most prevalent of Internet crimes associated with Romania.

Red blood cells, or erythrocytes, are the most prevalent of the three types of blood cells.

The most prevalent of these is one put forward in 1964 by high-school economics teacher Henry M.

Among the most destructive and prevalent of threats are over-fishing and destructive fishing practices.

The most prevalent of these compounds are called trihalomethanes (THMs ), of which chloroform is the most common.

Acute mountain sickness is by far the most prevalent of these and usually precedes the other two life-threatening illnesses.

Minerals Tapioca makes up for its lack of vitamin content by providing several minerals, the most prevalent of which is iron.

People come to UP for various reasons, but the most prevalent of them is that THEY WANT THE BEST EDUCATION AT THE LOWEST COST.

In 1% of cases prevalent to is used

The practice is prevalent to this day.

And anything else that's prevalent to your testimony.

For me personally, the drawbacks are much more prevalent to me.

This is something I can see being more prevalent to our fans as The Soft Moon continues.

It has never really been prevalent to me and I don't think it has been prevalent in boxing.

The most prevalent tool deployed to measure returns over a period of time is the yield-to-maturity (YTM) method.

The Moncalon, however, is more prevalent to the eastward of our establishment, and the Tomdirrup to the westward.

My parents had very definite ideas about the dowry system which was prevalent to a very high degree among the Muslims.

Gree and DeNA had a problem that's become prevalent to those selling through app-driven mobile OS like iOS and Android.

Sri Lanka ), and is considered to be the origin of the Theravada Buddhism prevalent to this day in Sri Lanka and other countries in S.

In 1% of cases prevalent with is used

Now it's prevalent with our youth.

I found this prevalent with a lot of film snobs out there.

You seem to be confusing what's prevalent with what's possible.

African Kaposi sarcoma is becoming more prevalent with the rise in HIV infection.

This factor became a lot more prevalent with the EdgeRank update in September 2012.

Results: LBP was highly prevalent with an annual prevalence varying from 73% to 76%.

Also the pressure to have a mate is not as prevalent with men so it creates a more relaxed dating model for us.

It had become prevalent with regard to slaves to modify arm rest which had element of Harriet's way of life and.

This is far more prevalent with both men than a need to accept difference amount people and not call it a disorder.

In 1% of cases prevalent within is used

Or the despair that is prevalent within a particular situation (i.

Social commentary is prevalent within my work but not always the focus.

Child abuse is most prevalent within the family, contrary to what the headlines say.

They are simply prevalent within women and yet really uncommon within men of all ages.

Participatory democracy should become more prevalent within communities, workplaces etc.

These problems exacerbate the tendency to corruption, which is prevalent within Afghanistan.

This method became prevalent within a short time as the charge-paying method was simplified.

Issues prevalent within the banking industry will have a significant effect on the retail lending market.

The constant focus on KPI's and sociopathic Managers prevalent within agencies was the main reason I left.

And if you think that type of mentality isn't prevalent within NATO/America now, you're kidding yourself on.

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