Prepositions after "pressing"

pressing of, in, for, on or from?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases pressing of is used

It's a private pressing of a German record.

Some yield to the pressing of the spirits, some don't.

It was actually a pressing of ABBAs The Visitors album.

A limited pressing of 1000 copies of Roboteering EP was implemented for the release.

And, except for the most pressing of pressing business, I'll be off grid for a week.

The original thousand copy pressing of P &D; is disbursed throughout the stereosphere.

The most pressing of which is to make sure that the Philippines comply with its obligations under the Rome statute.

Peer pressure is the pressing of a member of the collective group to behave in a manner that she finds unacceptable.

A concentrate kit will generally be ready to drink sooner, and there's no choosing, crushing and pressing of grapes.

Pressing of the Sciatica Nerve and inflammation of the surrounding areas of the Sciatica nerve leads to this disease.

In 12% of cases pressing in is used

It's politically the more pressing in some ways.

I've had this 2nd pressing in my collection ever since i picked up a copy of it.

This was an original West 63rd pressing in M- condition for the record and VG++ for the cover.

This, of course, is most pressing in countries with emerging dissident or separatist movements.

Chelsea's pressing in the first half seemed to disappear and we allowed United to come forward onto us.

In general, virtual buttons on screen are large enough, erroneous pressing in the recruitment process occur infrequently.

This line of reasoning among the Mullahs made the GCC intervention even more pressing in the eyes of the Saudis and other Gulf States.

She said goodbye to the altar where she pounded out her daily rhythm, the pressing in and pushing down, the kneading, waiting, grinding.

The need to manage water supplies is most pressing in the Middle East and in Africa, areas that are already being challenged by water shortages now.

Jesus was asking, Will there be faith on earth? ' Jesus ' question has become all the more pressing in our postmodern times, at least in the Western democracies.

In 10% of cases pressing for is used

Yet the military seem to be pressing for a large contingency.

He had a really bad year while likely pressing for his free agent deal.

More pressing for Mr Cardiff were the rapidly worsening finances of the State.

Other teams will look at This match and know they have to do the pressing for longer periods.

Forty years ago, such retirement tradeoffs, while always of some concern, were less pressing for Canada's retirees.

Now, I would like you to read the abandonment events in this survey and chose the one that you feel is most pressing for America.

Although this might be an important issue for some authors, it has not been the most pressing for the vast majority of the authors we serve.

This is why it is so pressing for us to make sure that Muslim children become aware of what is lawful for him or her to look at and what is not.

I think that i have a little bit of a ' need to feel needed ', so not giving my half or more to the relationship is maybe not so pressing for me.

Sure, some people want access to contraception, there is undoubtedly an ' unmet need ', just one of many unmet needs and unlikely to be the most pressing for most people.

In 7% of cases pressing on is used

Decent high pressing on the ball.

First Sale Doctrine only applies to the first pressing on physical media.

It?? s always a heavy pressing on the diaphram, like a particularly nasty antacid build-up.

And to my surprise found that second one has 10% less memory usage with overall less pressing on the system performance.

The pressure in my back and bump got a lot stronger as well, but it was the pressing on my cervix which was uncomfortable.

An overlay image is placed on top of the grid so that the user can tell what pressing on different areas (switches) will do.

The attraction for me is a wide toe box which means I can wiggle my toes and no pressing on the little toes which can ruin a walk.

Rory is a devil-may-care young doctor, career on the up, wonderful girlfriend at home, nothing more pressing on his mind than finding tickets for Saturday's match.

It is tough to get a perfect handle on how those two fit together, but it is easy to see our job: press on in doing good works, knowing that God is somehow behind even that very pressing on.

As he goes off with Jairus, the crowd follows Jesus, ' pressing on him ', jostling him so that the haemorrhaging woman sees her chance to ' come up behind him in the crowd and touch his garment '.

In 4% of cases pressing from is used

This is a first pressing from 1963.

Thankfully, a slice of luck and determined pressing from the Arsenal saw us take the lead in the 42nd minute.

Of all the tasks, the re-capitalization of the poor is the most pressing from the distributist point of view.

This is interesting and useful on a number of levels but most pressing from an SEO perspective are the traffic and authority benefits.

Lining up in a flexible 4-4-2 system with intense pressing from the front, the wingers are more than willing to venture back and help out the full-backs.

The hinged lid was closed at the top of the mould and locked with bolts and nuts to allow for effective pressing from the bottom of the mould, with the aid of the lever arm.

In 3% of cases pressing by is used

Something that seemed unique however was the pressing by many to reclaim America after 2008.

The national debt ranked second and was cited as most pressing by 19 percent of Millionaires.

But this recurring consumer dilemma has become more pressing by our lack of spare cash at present.

Traditionally, this oil is processed using cold pressing by the Berber women and used in many purposes.

This quest is made all the more pressing by palpable signs that global warming may indeed be more legitimate than we'd like to acknowledge.

Within the cosmeceutical sector, demands for constant improvement are bolstered, re-animated and made ever more pressing by the ongoing identification of biological malfunction.

In 3% of cases pressing to is used

It can range from massage and slow pressing to a quick thrust.

The above issues are most pressing to me as a full time WordPress blogger.

I sent a pressing to every radio station in Sydney and 2KY was the only one to play it, to my knowledge.

Getting a head start on a philosophy paper might not be as pressing to you as getting coffee with your super-busy mentor.

In 2% of cases pressing at is used

The urgency United showed in their pressing and we showed in ours against City shoulda been the urgency in our pressing at the weekend.

In 2% of cases pressing with is used

But if the garments aren't removed promptly, they will wrinkle and require some pressing with a cool iron.

It also congests space with allows for more pressing with the right movement, but many of the players still appear a bit uncomfortable.

The first pressing with limited edition postcards and double-sided poster is now only available via The Move Online and Face The Music.

Germany, generally, was slow to respond to the rise of high pressing with a back four, which was why Volker Finke had such success with Freiburg.

I had the original pressing with an unedited These Boots, but my friend lost it, so I bought another copy but it was missing the Nancy cover song.

In 1% of cases pressing after is used

From their perspective, this need became more pressing after a Jack and Jill store closed in lower North.

In 1% of cases pressing against is used

The larva then clings to the stalk and halts, seemingly dead but the adult is visible pressing against the inside.

Seybold on February 17, 2011 at 8:26 am It's not lucky that Barca runs out of gas after 65 minutes of furious pressing against Arsenal.

In 1% of cases pressing as is used

I can only afford the Korean pressing as the resale price of the u.

These will be all the more pressing as the Fund approaches its 2013 replenishment meeting.

Again with private sector involved regulation becomes more pressing as a person centred, as distinct from commodified object profit source, approach needs to be stressed.

Third, Mr Wen also spoke about the challenge of food security, an issue that will become more pressing as the full impact of the drought in the US on world prices becomes apparent.

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