Prepositions after "present"

"present in" or "present at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases present in is used

Stewart: --It's not present in the case.

This will be present in the next update.

Yet the EU is barely present in the region and has minimal impact on its development.

It is neither officially in the next sign, nor fully present in the one it's leaving.

Therefore, we can not directly show whether bcd mRNA is present in the sponge bodies.

The most famous such group is the Lubicon Cree, whose ancestors were not present in the making of Treaty 8 in 1899.

Importantly, most primary cilia are non-motile, except for those present in the ventral nodes of vertebrates 1, 16.

He or she achieves unity between himself and all present in the audience by tuning the vibrations with his actions.

Dinosaur footprints are present in the Middle Purbeck Building Stones of the Isle of Purbeck from Swanage westward.

In 20% of cases present at is used

They are present at every baptism.

Please be present at the clubhouse.

They are present at promotion time.

If you plan to have them present at the birth you need to start preparing them early.

About 15 policewomen and a few women employees of the court were present at the time.

Reef Sharks These sharks are present at sites such as Shark Point 1 and Taa all year.

He had been present at the 1998 curial meeting at which the Statement was presented, though he was not a signatory.

Some things only those present at the time should know about and will hopefully go to their graves without talking.

It is not normally appropriate or good practice to allocate an action to someone who is not present at the meeting.

If herpes symptoms are present at delivery, a cesarean delivery (also called a ' C-section ') is usually performed.

In 7% of cases present on is used

Walk-ins are also present on Earth.

Auricle is present on enfolded side.

These are present on the anus and chin.

NET features may not be natively present on different programming platforms Sin03 (e.

Emily Dickinson A light exists in spring Not present on the year At any other period.

Fossil records indicate it has been present on the mainland for at least 4,000 years.

Therefore, some of the maintenance/sanitation issues found may not have been present on the day they were assessed.

This phenomenon of magnetic field of attraction is also present on earth differently as in the triangle of Bermuda.

Meanwhile, higher-resolution shadows are present on the PC, which appear much sharper and more defined as a result.

Many of these converters actually require that a copy of word be present on the system to help with the conversion.

In 5% of cases present for is used

I will have present for my mom.

Be present for their childhood.

All present for the same reason.

Why is it infinite? It has no desires for itself; thus it is present for all beings.

Bossier thanked those present for taking the time out of their busy day to meet him.

About thirty people were present for the Mass celebrated by Cleide's old friend, Fr.

Schade was unable to be present for the Arts and Letters Club Award presentation, so he sent a videotaped tribute.

A man that can't be present for you emotionally at all times may not be a man that makes a good long term partner.

I timed my support just two games into an amzing (now?) 23 match unbeaten run to which I was present for every one.

I made a choice to be present for my kids and forego the nanny / executive path in favor of charting my own course.

In 3% of cases present during is used

Be present during annual reviews.

So that was present during the 70's.

Fires are often present during the dry season.

None of her family was allowed to be present during the traumatic time, she said.

My father in law himself was present during the Home study, done before adoption.

The Tamil volunteers who were present during that time were beaten and chased out.

The lover was present during the murder, but claims he was attacked and unconscious while the woman was killed.

Madam Vanissa also shared some of her blessings by giving gifts for everyone who were present during the party.

True, it was made in the democratic spirit and the producer Rakesh Roshan was also present during the shooting.

We need it in order to be truly present during sex, or to be in love, or when we are just contemplating nature.

In 3% of cases present to is used

Diabetes is ever present to him.

And I am SO present to that gift.

My memory makes them present to me.

We need to know how to keep track of it all and still be present to the young people.

It gives me a different freedom -- a space to listen and to be present to the moment.

This will give you a real out of the body experience while being present to the body.

He has meant a lot to me and to the team, and I wanted to have something that was present to each and every player.

From the third it follows that it has an undying light present to itself in which it remembers unchangeable truths.

It is the urge of every culture to be present to itself in a way that makes it self-confirming and self-propagating.

To trust what would follow, and let myself be fully present to a wisdom and guidance far beyond my own understanding.

In 3% of cases present with is used

Noel Baker was present with Mr.

Will He be present with us? Yes.

I think you always present with us.

Orthodeoxia was still present with SaO2 92% RA while sitting and 95% RA when lying.

It is a kind of urban culture that has been always present with the realms of city.

Makes me think again about the challenging journey to learn to be present with all.

Many upscale stores, such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Rolex, you name it, were all present with multiple locations.

Reactive arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease may also present with spondyloarthropathy.

Partner agencies will also be present with information and stands to support and raise awareness of the campaign.

Many people suffer back pain for a great variety of reasons and those reasons may be present with or without OSD.

In 1% of cases present among is used

Pirzada were present among others.

God, in the person of Christ, is present among us.

And along with it, His Rasool is present among you.

A similar gap is present among Swedes in 1977, and persisted in the US from 1987-2000.

Nevertheless GOD was present among HIS people and Columbia will never be the same again.

This Kingdom that is present among us and in us is the extension of the mystery of salvation.

In these texts, the appear-ance of the divine glory is a vis-i-ble sign that the LORD is present among his peo-ple.

Once she asked a person who had the reins of the camel in hand,? Is ' Ali present among the people?? He replied,? Yes.

We can always have him present among us, have the experience of the living Church, live what is essential to being Church.

In 1% of cases present as is used

McCulloch was present as a visitor.

Quader were present as special guests.

Iliyas Ali was present as the Chief Guest.

About 30 species of larger mammals are present as well as numerous reptiles and birds.

The process is already present as a dominant principle in most congregations in India.

The pear in this recipe was present as the jelly flavoring, not as the main attraction.

Cortisol was originally found to be present as a mechanism to protect the body from the physical demands of stress.

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is present as the Supersoul in all bodies, knows everything about all bodies.

The mental condition of irritability and ill-humor will often be present as a concomitant of the Bryonia constipation.

In 1% of cases present before is used

Right wing resentment was present before GWB.

Your face is ever present before my mind's eyes.

In whales, the hair is present before birth only.

Cassava was present before 1903, but was only used for medicinal or magical purposes.

On August 17, both the parties were asked to be present before the court on August 31.

In short, huge gaseous matter or clouds were present before the formation of the galaxies.

Grandfather Bhisma was so fortunate that the Lord personally came to be present before him at the time of death.

The proposed purchaser Sanjay Malhotra of the suit property was present before Court along with his counsel Mr G.

The film is set up as a playful, personal tale in which Messeeh is present before the camera as the bumbling guide.

The prospect of hostilities with another clan that might break out at any time was ever present before their minds.

In 1% of cases present from is used

PAE is present from pentium 3 onwards.

The threat is present from the get-go.

Andhra State was present from 1953 to 1956.

If she were, intimidation could have present from the start, and understandably so.

His ambivalence to female figures is present from the start to the end of the film.

It's present from SE Pakistan and Nepal to India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Christ is again seen here as present from the beginning of creation and the one through whom creation came about.

Uddhav's wife Rashmi and son Aditya were also among those present from the Thackeray family during the cremation.

A In addition, Nigeria raced back into the top ten where South Africa has always been present from the continent.

My passion, video games, has been present from the first time I picked up a controller and played Super Mario Bros.

In 1% of cases present throughout is used

The anaesthetist was present throughout the op.

Dynamic shadows are present throughout the game.

The police were not present throughout the attack.

Americans of English ancestry are present throughout all of upstate New York.

Labeling of FIZ1 was present throughout the entire area of photoreceptor nuclei.

If something is to be modified, it must be continuously present throughout the process of its modification.

The unique tones and remarkable success of these artists is also present throughout Franklin's performance.

Bottlenose dolphins were present throughout the year, with peak abundance during the months of March to May.

The Caribbean uniqueness is present throughout the islands, as it exists in perfect harmony with its nature.

In 1% of cases present within is used

It is always present within you.

It is present within everything.

It is present within each human being.

A mentality of the same is present within some of the characters of Seize the Day.

A continuous spectrum is one in which every frequency is present within some range.

When no ill will present within, he detects that no ill will is present within him.

Therefore, brands should re-assess their data and see if this trend is present within their customer behaviour.

However, indoor mold allergies can continue throughout the year as long as the mold is present within your home.

The anti hypertensive effect is substantially present within 2 weeks and maximal effects are seen after 4 weeks.

The spirits of the dead are, however, ritually invited to attend the Sabbat and to be present within the Circle.

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