Prepositions after "predicate"

predicate on, upon, of, by or against?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 84% of cases predicate on is used
    But it is predicated on honesty from those agencies.
    Our Movement is not predicated on any election in view.
    Davis's speech is predicated on just such a magical property.
    Those forces would not be predicated on anything outside the object.
    Inside the city, you can select Muscat hotels predicated on location.
    This argument is predicated on Act B being protective, ie maximising health.
    Finally, the success of the New Alliance is predicated on mutual accountability.
    Enacted Criminal law or positive law is predicated on the possibility of men's coexistence in society.
    The article above and the article in question are predicated on reporting of head injuries not brain injuries.
    But wait! The niceness for me was predicated on the fact that proportionately far fewer people went to university.

    In 7% of cases predicate upon is used
    Hell, Civilization is predicated upon Conspiracy.
    The methodolgy of the paper is predicated upon slip coefficient increasing with greater velocity.
    The methodology allows for broad generalisations to be made predicated upon case studies rather than explaining the whole picture.
    The cycle of strategic planning and weapons design, predicated upon the big war, had all but priced the Air Force out of the kind of operations which were now so urgently needed.

    In 4% of cases predicate of is used
    With regard to the communicatio idiomatum, the human actions of Christ should be predicated of the human nature, the divine of the deity, but both could be predicated of the Person.

    In 2% of cases predicate by is used
    All of the shots were lucky in the sense that their quality was predicated by the time of day and whatever was happening in front of the lens.

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