Prepositions after "powerless"

"powerless in" or "powerless against"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases powerless in is used

I feel powerless in this situation.

Making me powerless in choosing is.

I've never felt so powerless in my entire life.

I have no time for people moaning about being powerless in the face of politicians.

American medicine knows that it is powerless in the fact of discourse of this nature.

Way to make her look weak and powerless in front of her employees, Charlie you douche.

The fans are disillusioned and frustrated, and feel alienated and powerless in the face of such inept management.

I'd rather convince you to abort and maintain control than feel powerless in the small chance you miscarry again.

Many people feel powerless in the face of these decisions that will affect their lives, families and communities.

Powerful typhoons or calamities are strong reminders to us that we are helpless and powerless in the sight of God.

In 21% of cases powerless against is used

Romney is powerless against these crooks.

The Deferi are powerless against the Breen.

Argument is powerless against either feeling.

Snow is serious business in the UK; we British are simply powerless against it.

They are helpless, powerless against the worldwide network set up by the Dajjal.

Everyone unquestionably felt a bit powerless against what was happening I guess.

I think this is the right place to start, because the alternative leaves people powerless against the state.

America's finest fighting force (the Illinois National Guard) is powerless against this giant hopping threat.

It is true that primitive man is powerless against some of the things that threaten him; disease for example.

I realised that women are powerless against the strength and violence of men, despite what the feminists say.

In 10% of cases powerless over is used

Sin becomes powerless over you.

I do believe I am powerless over alcohol.

People are not powerless over their bodies.

We admitted we were powerless over alcohol - that our lives had become unmanageable.

Admitting we're powerless over it and need help can start us on the road to recovery.

We admitted we were powerless over gambling - that our lives had become unmanageable.

You may be powerless over this addiction but you still have the power to choose which path you want for yourself.

It seems that men are completely powerless over their libidos and therefore women must bear the burden of controlling them.

Ross Fitzgerald: That's absolutely true, and it's really only by surrendering to the fact that we're powerless over alcohol.

But try as they could, no one could pinpoint the sections which allegedly render the President powerless over Customs matters.

In 4% of cases powerless without is used

Truth is powerless without skill.

We are all powerless without God's grace.

You might say, I feel powerless without it.

The Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva) are all powerless without their female counterparts.

And like Boong Do is a bit powerless without it, Hee Jin is a bit powerless without her phone.

They contribute to that goal, but are powerless without support by the States, and can not stop bloodshed on their own.

If you've taught the American public anything, it's how to accept feeling powerless without completely losing our minds.

His magical abilities, including his flight and ice powers, are contained in his crown, and he is therefore powerless without it.

He would be able to sit back, watch his baby go mainstream, and no one could blame him for it (he'd be powerless without the senate to pass the repeal bill).

In 4% of cases powerless by is used

We were all rendered powerless by one NZ judge.

Yours was the proud assertion of naval empire over subjects powerless by sea.

Yesterday, I was watching Juicebox and they were playing Powerless by Nelly Furtado.

The only option is to render it powerless by breaking the **25;4242;TOOLONG role model.

Screw Boehner, render him powerless by taking power from him and the entire establishment.

He did not make the individual powerless by writing this down, but wrote down what the servant was going to do.

The UK government was harassed and shamelessly made powerless by a handful of pro-terrorist expatriate Tamils in UK.

It is unlikely that men would agree to such an arrangement, and the potential for women to be rendered powerless by it would be great.

Powerless by hunger, thirst, and fatigue, and being in low spirits, they made no preparations for flight, though the peril seemed imminent.

There's always a certain amount of appropriation and negotiation that goes on between a group with power and a group that is powerless by comparison.

In 4% of cases powerless to is used

These women seem pretty powerless to me.

Without the Word of God we are powerless to what is around us.

They are poor with limited resources and are powerless to a great extent.

Jamaicans everywhere are under attack from societal ills we seem powerless to solving.

I find that weird, that compassion is not a product of crossing over from powerless to powerful.

This is also one of the reasons why people get scared of ghosts, since you are powerless to something that you can't see.

Health Officials Powerless to Act Recently, rumours of a fried fish farce reached this journalist and I had to investigate.

They are wanting and needing to protect the privacy and dignity of their loved one, yet find themselves powerless to do so.

This is over and above the act of fraud she used to gain this money which is a criminal act and yet the law says it is powerless to act.

In 3% of cases powerless before is used

As a human being, he is powerless before Nature.

Democracy, however, is not powerless before this practice.

They are powerless before the professionals and they know it.

Many subjects remain powerless before this difficulty, which is beyond their capacity.

Despite being a Physical God, he felt himself powerless before the forces governing the universe.

That human beings are powerless before the majesty of commodities is the biggest scandal of our time.

Once you know how to deliberately raise your emotional state, even in a small way, you are no longer powerless before your emotions.

Commodities have the power to command the flow of capital and the entire market system that all too often human beings are powerless before them.

If the impeachment motion goes through, it will render the next Chief Justice powerless before an all-powerful Executive and a docile Legislature.

The Myth of Male Powerlessness (Before Their Boners) It's a long-running -- and frankly rather insulting -- trope that men are powerless before their own sexuality.

In 3% of cases powerless for is used

The Consitution has been powerless for a long time.

We also know he's been powerless for the last several years.

Hurricane Sandy hit hard, leaving us powerless for two weeks.

Then, 63,000 New Yorkers were left powerless for seven hours or so.

It asked basically the same question: We are powerless for two years.

I feel powerless for my son &; family and only want to do the right thing.

This has the power to decimate the calculated divisions that have kept the 99% powerless for so long.

Sandy also coincided with the anniversary of a rare October snowstorm that left New England powerless for days.

Much of ABC's New York election studio was left powerless for about 20 minutes at the height of Tuesday's coverage.

The Maasai have been powerless for too long, and there are no safety nets for this drought in Maasai land, he said.

In 2% of cases powerless as is used

As a result, I felt very powerless as a child and always tried to please.

But your need, your desire, your will, are powerless as regards my product.

The tree started to fall with us still in it, powerless as the rope had been removed.

Although the people hated him they were powerless as the king was well guarded by foreign mercenaries.

Independent PCCs will likely be out of their depth and as useless and powerless as the PAs are now, in reality.

Having always had staunch Tory views, mainly for the ideology of getting off one's bike and fending for oneself instead of depending on the state, I am now powerless as to where to go.

In 2% of cases powerless at is used

Banshee (powerless at that time) shoots him in the shoulder.

She feels powerless at most of the time and the pregnancy phase looks burden to her.

Laughter is the weapon of the powerless, and we're all powerless at some time or other.

He had been diagnosed with HIV, had no one to talk to and felt powerless at the hands of fate.

I think it is more than normal and not powerless at all to want our emotional needs to be met IN THE RELATIONSHIP.

At last a focal point for the vast majority of ordinary people who feel frustrated and powerless at this moment in time.

Asked if the government was powerless at forcing farmers to improve the living conditions of farm workers, Joemat-Pettersson said this was not so.

David Cameron talked about people feeling ' powerless at the hands of big government ', but had no understanding of the powerlessness people feel at the actions of bankers and financers.

In a world where children feel powerless at times, they learn that they can have the power to take care of themselves, and not feel ashamed of their parents ' struggles with mental illness.

In 2% of cases powerless with is used

A simple man-in-the-middle attack is powerless with certificate authentication.

But sometimes life can get so overwhelming that you feel powerless with yourself.

A rights-based approach provides the powerless with leverage to address the causes of food insecurity and poverty.

My daughter stays with us 2-3 nights a week, so I am a big part of her life, but I feel powerless with some things.

It's about hitting the most marginalised and powerless with the bulk of the cuts, and leaving high earners essentially unscathed.

You can be powerless with the knowledgeable theme, although it is possible to discover a vocation that can healthy ones talents which has a alarm system corporation.

Democracy means giving choice to voters to choose from, but the President election did not really give a choice, as both candidates were powerless with de- facto power elsewhere.

In 2% of cases powerless on is used

The fall was a huge disaster, because it left God powerless on earth.

In the end it makes us feel somewhat powerless on an individual level.

The pacers seemed powerless on a pitch that had no pace and bounce on it.

Powerless on his own, King Bhuvanekabahu became a puppet of the Portuguese.

He is a phenomenal cricketer on low bounce tracks, but he is powerless on such tracks.

Extraordinary, charismatic men, giants in Opposition, when they seize power and become Heads of State, they become powerless on the global stage.

In 1% of cases powerless from is used

Remember that you are POWERLESS from a distance.

I believe I was powerless from my first meeting, even before I had my relapse.

It is said that his right arm had grown powerless from having been raised so often.

It is said that his right arm had grown powerless from having been raised so often over the heads of those whom he baptised.

In 1% of cases powerless under is used

You are now powerless under a cashless system.

We all know its sleight of hand techniques but are always rendered powerless under its spell.

These authors claim, perhaps extravagantly, that such a psychopath is powerless under the influence of methamphetamine.

The Sunnis from ' Golden Triangle ' had the arrogance of being the masters and they are dreading about becoming powerless under the Shiite dominated government.

In 1% of cases powerless of is used

This world has highly opressed the weak and the powerless of any form.

Supporters that include the powerful, of course, but more the ignorant powerless of the red states.

Don Manuel was the plantation's instrument of oppression and he was killed by the powerless of society.

And this is derivined from the powerless of local government and the centralization of power in Ireland.

In an edition of Strugatsky's The Powerless of This World, the back cover blurb is only the surprise ending, and nothing else.

Millions of Americans have been temporarily without power -- an eloquent symbol of how the powerless of the world must feel every day of their short lives.

The ITU will allegedly help train CCK staff in the new systems, the ITU? Ha! what people seem to forget is that out of all the UN bodies, the ITU is the least effective and powerless of them all.

Conforti are dedicated to promoting co-operation and reconciliation among all peoples, regardless of race, gender, culture or creed, particularly the poor, disadvantaged and powerless of the world.

In 1% of cases powerless about is used

Most of these people felt powerless about doing anything.

As the world now faces both an access, distribution and a production challenge, many ordinary people feel depressed, guilty and powerless about these issues.

In 1% of cases powerless during is used

This energy drain almost rendered him completely powerless during the adventure.

The public who is left fundamentally powerless during periods dominated by predators of the economy has only mythology to speak for it.

So the narrative that says that monetary policy is effective outside of a liquidity trap and powerless during a trap is highly questionable.

In 1% of cases powerless after is used

I will probably go on the same march I have gone on for the last 4 years this weekend but it makes you feel powerless after.

But they seem powerless after triggering something which is rapidly taking on regional - and even international - dimensions.

I personally have been involved with someone who spoke like Maria and I felt powerless after a while and emotionally blackmailed.

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