Prepositions after "potential"

potential for, in, as, to or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 80% of cases potential for is used

There is potential for the show.

Excited by the potential for gain.

There was also potential for more.

It suggests that in a season of reform there is potential for pedagogical changes.

Outlook: Potential for more value as RW clearly has least amount of elite options.

This one really has potential for many android users who do not care about gaming.

There is potential for the tech sector to address the needs of the unbanked, particularly through mobile phones.

These students have excellent academic record, high potential for success and strong motivation for achievement.

As continents, Africa and South America may have the most potential for change and growth over the next century.

It is certainly not to be recommended if you have met someone who really seems to hold potential for the future.

In 11% of cases potential in is used

There's potential in this town.

And there's more potential in it.

He also saw potential in Michael V.

There's potential in Microsoft Surface technologies, but a lot of people have iPads.

As soon as I came in and they saw potential in me, they asked me to be a part of it.

There is potential in this becoming a regularly effective playmaker-attacker tandem.

I didn't really want it but I wanted the car I had less and since I am a valeter by trade I saw potential in this.

Texas has potential in this way, too, but I don't live there, and I don't know as much about what's planned there.

From the standpoint of the present, this collection is potential in the sense that it will exist, but does not yet.

But these things were always potential in paganism; they are certainly not the peculiar character of Latin paganism.

In 3% of cases potential as is used

It has potential as a chick-flick.

Many believe the bur oak has potential as an edible nut.

It's potential as an income generating activity; and iii.

It's potential as a therapeutic process was also starting to be recognized (Boyd 1935).

He showed potential as a 16-year-old, making the Kitchener Rangers and playing 44 games.

The fact that Ceylon tea has potential as a GI protected trademarked produce is a given.

United fans saw Cleverly's potential as an explosive attacking midfielder during the summer tournament last year.

I definitely think it has potential as an alternative student space to accommodate students from all walks of life.

He notched 21 goals and 44 points in 76 games with AHL Chicago this past campaign and has potential as a top-six center.

It is reasonable to conclude that learning objects have potential as a teaching tool in middle school math and science classrooms.

In 2% of cases potential to is used

Most Potential to bust -- Pass game.

Events that have potential to impact financial markets.

Bao has potential to stage a truly exciting feature-length thriller.

Aqua aerobics has the potential to be an ideal exercise for pelvic floor protection.

And when piracy costs real money, not potential to developers it's terrible and unacceptable.

Because of this, I know that there is a lot potential to this and I want to keep going with it.

There is no harm in trying new ways and methods that have potential to uplift a business to new heights, which helps.

Delightfull: Jazz Inspired Pieces The other brand that is showing it's potential to the world this year is Delightfull.

They took the game down because of the potential to have their property stolen and their servers taxed by the stolen code.

This poignant video has potential to impact the practice of end of life care across disciplines throughout Canada (and beyond).

In 1% of cases potential of is used

This had the most potential of any venue we had used.

Dress to Impress Harness he potential of your beauty.

On the other hand, there are potential of capital gain in the near future.

Phil Jones probably has the most potential of the current generation of youngsters.

Of course prophet did not burn out his deeds, but there was potential of danger of burning for him too.

There was also talk about the en bloc potential of the estate, similar to Amberville, to explain the unusually high price paid.

Jones could have the most potential of all the Nittany Lion quarterbacks, but really that is just based off practice and Blue-White games.

We think algae biofuel development is still a good decade away from realizing its potential, but we believe it has the most potential of today's advanced non-food biofuels.

Your Company has always believed in (lie long term growth potential of India and also invested significantly in capital expenditure ten be ready Id seize growth opportunities.

In 1% of cases potential on is used

These arrows can have potential on them.

Upton has the most potential on this list; by far.

Hunt has potential on the ball or in the centre as well.

Results We identified and reviewed 94 potential ON cases.

Both versions had potential on their own but the tracks didn't work together.

Rachel serving as the Neandrathal publicist seemed like it had potential on it as well.

I spent a few years of my career building technology that capitalized on the emergence of the web and the ignorance of it's potential on the part of traditional media.

ET Now: So what sectors are you recommending your clients to buy at the current juncture? Hemang Jani: Clearly some of the beaten-down sectors are where there is a much more potential on the upside.

In 1% of cases potential with is used

But there is potential with a university backing it.

By the way, I see potential with YEH-PYC collaboration.

I think CSU has potential with BCS money to grow into something.

Flavor profile wise this has potential with the caramelized apples.

Russ sees more potential with the immediate uploading of videos to the web.

That means neutral does not always have zero potential with respect to ground.

From his early years at Millonarios, the young striker showed potential with a deadly finish.

All in all a disappointing campaign from someone who showed potential with a lesser team last season.

Volkswagen's got potential with the Beetle, but there are too many niggling details for us to consider the iconic car a finalist.

High beta stocks or rate sensitive stocks would be a short term risk, but going forward there is potential with a one and a half-two year horizon.

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