Prepositions after "populate"

"populate by" or "populate with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 60% of cases populate by is used
    A planet fated to be populated by people intermixed.
    He lives in a battered house populated by tatty, itinerant women.
    Most voters have always known that the political realm is populated by miscreants.
    The Rif was populated by many tribes who generally acted only in their own interests.
    But a person who wants that world populated by like-minded people is simply out of luck.
    It is almost exclusively populated by hen parties and people who just got out of Pentonville.
    Come to think of it, the entire internet seems, at times, to be populated by keyboardhammering versions of Ms Wilkes.
    Kolonie-Lommel, the part of the town nearest to the border, is 40 per cent populated by emigrants from the Netherlands.
    Whilst wandering around one of the main streets which was populated by bars &; restaurants I spotted a most unusual sight.
    We live in a world populated by those who find watching men run in lycra more interesting than landing on an alien planet.

    In 30% of cases populate with is used
    Not because the world became populated with self important pricks like urself.
    Because the men folk is populated with idiots like you women r going thru a lot.
    This region is populated with Fulani and Songhai people, who tend to be tall and slender.
    The area was always populated with fruit trees and is still graced, by several large palm trees.
    I only want the projhours column to be updated, but still want all 3 drop-down's populated with values.
    The AH is barren, the potental to raid is minimal and Org is only populated with fearsome dust bunnies.
    By the end of November, the map will be populated with veteran-friendly career opportunities in Fortune 500 companies.
    The north end of the square was populated with tents, containers, mysterious structures, and three empty telephone boxes.
    This area was populated with some of the original samurai, so many of the streets have been used in recent movies and dramas.

    In 5% of cases populate in is used
    When you share a new photo from your iPhone, it populates in a photo stream on your phone and on your online profile.
    The reason is 2/3 of the Somalia population is populated in South-Central Somalia and the other big somali clans have fled to their region of origin.
    There's obviously a really engaged community on Tumblr already, and we're heavily populated in the New York area, so I think for sites like Gawker and Jezebel, it kind of was a perfect fit.

    In 1% of cases populate across is used
    Once this data discrepancy has been populated across the redundant web services, it's also difficult to repair.

    In 1% of cases populate between is used
    The late Albert Delahaye, a former archivist for the city of Nijmegen, developed the idea that The Netherlands could not have been populated between AD 200 and 800.

    In 1% of cases populate into is used
    The values currently show up in 3 text boxes, but I'd rather they populate into the same drop-down fields instead.

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