Prepositions after "poor"

poor in, of, for, at or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases poor in is used

Alves was very poor in this regard.

The food will poor in the cats bowl.

The poor inhabitants of Cuba and St.

Here? s one specific example: The soil around a certain Midwest city is poor in calcium.

All of this raises concerns for the urban poor in the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

I always give my zakat money to the NGO's that help the poor in the entire subcontinent.

I appreciate all the Help and Support that you have given and still are to all the Rural Women and Poor in bangladesh.

While the poor did not get poorer according to absolute real income levels, they did get poorer in a relative sense.

This is your chance to ensure our leaders look to the future and keep our commitment to the world's poorest in the.

This increased the interest at country and global level in policies able to assist the poorest in their livelihood.

In 15% of cases poor of is used

We are the poor of the poorest.

Poor of spirit and poor of penny.

Poor of you now go to wash toilets.

We have to make sure that poorest of the poor should get the best education possible.

In the ocean outside each lifeboat swim the poor of the world, who would like to get in.

At the same time it asks the poorest of the poor to give it their few meager dollars.

It can only be a small number of people who cynically and willingly savage their neighbours and the poor of the world.

These fishermen were among the poorest of the poor, with incomes averaging only 25 percent of the national average.

Melamed makes a good point - amazing concept, but in itself is flawed when trying to reach the poorest of the poor.

This explains a lot about why things aren't changing -- and in fact, are getting worse -- for the poor of this country.

In 7% of cases poor for is used

The bandwidth is poor for the 2.

Very, very poor for The Guardian.

We are much poorer for her loss.

Even European workers and students who have never heard of him are the poorer for it.

So if as a country we don't make the most of our tourism, we'll be the poorer for it.

Prognosis is poor for this type with survival ranging from 2 weeks to more than 1 year.

We think we are too poor for these things, not knowing that it is perhaps because we think this way that we are poor.

Its trendy to do that in this day and age, but it's ultimately a bad decision and poor for the product of basketball.

A War on Poverty that consisted of rewarding the poor for not having marriages, father-figures, work ethics and so on.

Why does growing inequality matter? After all, we have all heard that people who are poor, they are poor for a reason.

In 6% of cases poor at is used

And he's been pretty poor at that.

Grammar a little poor at times here.

Look I am poor at this point in life.

I think it's one of the reasons why Pepe's form was so poor at the start of this season.

The Japanese can study and recite many facts and figures, but are very poor at transfer.

Celtic moved the ball around well and it was only the final third that they were poor at.

We are poor at making absolute judgments of stimulus amplitude, basing decisions on relative, ever changing standards.

The Whakatane woman's oldest son was slow to talk, dyslexic, poor at reading and not interested in any school subjects.

Under the mask of concern for the poor at home, how many excuse themselves from all care of the perishing heathen abroad.

They also appear poorer at detecting the olfactory components of a flavour relative to the taste and somatosensory parts.

In 5% of cases poor to is used

His makeup seems so poor to me.

D 120-139 Poor to below average.

The other 74% is rated very poor to fair.

Yet you can not find a single person who is poor to the point of being anothers servant.

PJ Patterson era was marked by the greatest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.

The result? All they have achieved is a vast transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.

It also said poverty incidence -- the proportion of those considered poor to the total number of families -- was at 26.

Good rule of law and fiscal discipline are other factors that benefit the poor to the same extent as the whole economy.

This indicates that there are three groups within this population at different levels of health status from poor to best.

Whilst asking the poor to be patient the encyclical asked industrialists to be more caring in their treatment of workers.

In 4% of cases poor with is used

Were poor with meager resources.

He crowns the poor with salvation.

He was just really poor with crosses.

US are very poor with to many of their players being inconsistent or just out of form.

It unites the genuinely poor with the very well-off against an (imaginary) common enemy.

I get that I haven't been dirt poor with debt collectors hounding me - really, I get it.

Even though it would save money in the long run, the timing is poor with price rises and wages sometimes going down.

If there's people that simply want to exist that way, and I believe there are, we will always have the poor with us.

It is people who do crap like this that makes me want to say screw helping the poor with the only hope that matters.

Otherwise India would have been still poor with western CEOs pilfering the rest of the pittance left by colonialism.

In 4% of cases poor by is used

Every poor person is poor by choice.

It could be perceived poor by others.

Every evening we are poorer by a day.

The Worstall Way is to increase the incomes of the working poor by stopping taxing them.

What about the poorest countries? Niger, the poorest by MPI standards, is home to 13.

We will be the poor by 2050 and Asian states have to give us aid and we live in poverty.

Swift's deliberately outrageous solution is to reduce the number of poor by using their children as food for the rich.

Our country has been purposely made poor by the national government's unwillingness to change anything for the better.

Give Financially You can join us in serving the poor by making a one-time donation, or by scheduling a recurring gift.

Though PDS has benefited the poor by getting additional income, but in reality the middle men benefited more than poor.

In 3% of cases poor as is used

Rather those are poor as a bowler.

And our nation is poorer as a result.

At best it is very poor as a nasal decongestant.

We want to provide choice and benefit to the poor as well as encouraging race relations.

Our industrial base is being dismantled and we are rapidly becoming poorer as a nation.

Community organization The poor as individuals are seldom able to afford land and housing.

They serve the purpose of portraying the poor as a minority group representing some 20 percent of world population (1.

Man has a continuous relationship to land, in agrarian as well as industrial societies, in poor as well as rich nations.

Where other external agents such as NGOs were involved, efforts focused on the poor as a means to redressing the balance.

And it is immoral in its intent because it will subject the poor as the class that depend upon food stamps for sustenance.

In 3% of cases poor from is used

He left a family not poorer from loss.

It was poor from giving the penalty away.

The rich swell up with pride, the poor from hunger.

He wants to put in place a welfare safety net to rescue the poorest from exclusion.

Abahlali has been organising and mobilising to build the power of the poor from below.

Christian churches have a commandment concerning the poor from the very lips of Jesus.

I couldn't in any way betray this higher education, this more developed intellect, lest I alienate the poor from me.

The only reason for trying to stop the poor from getting educated is because uneducated people are easier to control.

What can the man do when the chairman spends 3 million pounds in the summer? Really really poor from them at the top.

In 1986, Reagan reduced tax rates for the rich from 50% to 35%, then increased the rates for the poor from 10% to 15%.

In 3% of cases poor on is used

Feeding the poor on the days one.

And it is poor on the diary itself.

I wonder if he plays poor on purpose.

De Gea was poor on the first goal, did well to prevent another near the end of the game.

Great job on the interview and the video quality was great on your part but poor on hers.

He is a poor communicator, only fair on set piece interviews and poor on impromptu pieces.

Six months for lifting a shoe? This week this column manages to be weak on content, light on fact, and poor on humour.

Do the right thing and abolish your ministry and take those funds and start educating the poor on how to make a living.

He was also a star athlete, built houses for the poor on weekends, and ended up going to West Point, where he excelled.

Still, I think I'd move out Kacaniklic this week, as he's not a lock to start and Fulham are typically poor on the road.

In 1% of cases poor without is used

We would be vastly poorer without it.

Everyone POOR without a pot to piss in.

And we'd all be the poorer without him.

Bardamu becomes a doctor, one who serves the poor without purpose and little reward.

I feel sure that the Catholic church here would be so much the poorer without them.

On the other hand, declining prices benefit the poor without any need for negotiation.

Kallis and AB de Villiers have implied that England would be poorer without Pietersen and their captain agrees.

Even if Hong Kong became poor without Mainland Chinese tourists, being poor would be better than in constant fears.

Malcolm Pein and Sabrina Chevannes ' efforts increase the public profile and the ECF is much the poorer without them.

Caring for the poor without the federal government means cutting safety net programs, like Medicaid and food assistance.

In 1% of cases poor against is used

Napoli were poor against Milan.

Manchester United where poor against Gala on Wednesday.

Means testing has turned the nearly poor against the very poor.

But on other hand Warne has played more against England who were poor against spin.

The first question was: What aspect of Theo's play has been poor against Sunderland.

If supporters are honest with themselves, they'll admit that he was poor against Utd.

We should defend the poor against the rich, the powerless against the powerful, the defenceless against the armed.

Zavon was poor against Port Vale, Rochdale and Dagenham -- a half time removal at Victoria Road entirely justified.

Without tarnishing Giggs's name, he was poor against Liverpool so I'd not sure how it warranted a start against Spurs.

Raise the poor against those wealthy libs who really do keep them down, but use the vocabulary and arguments of the left.

In 1% of cases poor through is used

The poor through taxes pay part of that.

You're already leeching the poor through usury.

Those who are poor are poor through their own fault.

But, then again, I was poor through most of my life and didn't have the money to waste.

May the national cake be shared to benefit the poor through provision of quality education.

James ' Settlement and supports Hong Kong's street sleepers and poor through its People's Canteen in Sai Ying Pun.

All of us who have been working to empower the poor through microfinance are enormously encouraged by this recognition.

So these are the people you seem to wish to entrust with taxpayer money to help the poor through redistibutive policies.

The settlement house ministered to the area's poor through education programs, health initiatives, and community services.

In 1% of cases poor out is used

Haussmann effectively did this by tossing the poor out of Paris.

You took care of the poor out of fear of God, not concern for a fine.

The bottom line is this: growth alone is not sufficient to lift the poor out of poverty.

Lord Maurice Saatchi was proposing taking the poor out of income tax nearly ten years ago.

Capitalism is the single greatest means for bringing the poor out of poverty ever invented.

They are here to drive the poor out of the cities, contain us in the human dumping grounds and repress our struggles.

Step two is to move the poor out of cities by imposing low-income-housing quotas on development in middle-class suburbs.

This moving the poor out of sight to the arse-end of the country (geographically speaking, where there are houses anyway.

Christ, had Blair spun the Iraq invasion and the subsequent slaughter of countless civilians as ' taking the poor out of.

In 1% of cases poor like is used

How? Investing on the poor like Chvez.

Your vision is to keep them poor like this.

He believes local leaders should advocate for the poor like American President Barack Obama.

Francis and wanted to be poor like him, also had promised to share her bread with anyone she met.

When I arrived in Dhaka I felt strange because Bangladesh is poor and I have never been to a country poor like that.

Contact-holds and flying in players for friendlies is too expensive, exactly for the even poorer like Zambia, Cameroon, Mali.

They never get new dresses and they know that Eid is meant for the people, who are lucky and rich but not for the poor like them.

In a statement on his Facebook page he tells of his disappointment that state leaders would single out and pick on the poor like that.

In 1% of cases poor into is used

It uplifted the poor into the middle class.

They press by getting the poor into college.

They just love pushing the poor into the gutter.

You Can not legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom.

Kennedy worked to improve the middle class and move the poor into a better social class.

How do you bring the five billion poor into the consuming base? That requires innovation.

The character Iris despises her nation's decision to force the poor into working camps as a result of the depression.

This transformation exercise will benefit the riches while living the poor into the darkness of life thus increasing poverty.

Romney is not some ruthless Ayn-Randian fat-cat out to grind the poor into a massive sausage to beat gay people to death with.

In 1% of cases poor due is used

Cable Reception was poor due to stormy weather.

Now she has also become poor due to this ailment since long.

However, some people are poor due to factors beyond their control.

Tell them about the voice quality on your line being poor due to cracks &; pops &; static sounds.

Susan The government doesn't base its policy regarding the poor due to the dictates of the church.

However, the prognosis was poor due to the effect of poisonous substance used to inflict the injury.

Poor due to differences between supply and demand in the first quarter average vacancy rate in Bucharest remained close.

Eyewitnesses told the police that the school-van was speeding, despite visibility being very poor due to thick fog cover.

In 1% of cases poor because is used

I'd getting poor because of it.

We are all poorer because of Pelosi.

Our attendances are poor because of one man.

Economists have long argued that people are poor because of a low level of savings.

It's just sad that there are people who serve the poor because of a hidden interest.

AND Not that capitalism is bad or that people are poor because of a rich person's greed.

Now our lives are currently in complete shambles and we came out of the deal a great deal poorer because of it.

That is all that is relevant to my ridiculing your claim that SL is poor because of all that colonial plundering.

Those who are content to stay on the surface of the text are the poorer because of their ignorance of such riches.

Here's a blinding flash of the obvious, Many If not most of them are poor because of choices they made or did not make.

In 1% of cases poor among is used

Save when there shall be no poor among you,.

Jesus knew we'd always have the poor among us.

The poor among all races have to be factored in.

The people affected by war on all sides of ethnic divide are the poorest among all.

I live in Asia and the quality is certainly not regarded as poor among my contemporaries.

Hello Lanta -- It's true that the very poor among Hong Kongers make money from recycling.

According to government statistics, the percentages of poor and extremely poor among Venezuelan households were 23.

A way to ease the family burdens, and make Christian education a cheaper option - especially for the poor among us.

No one has ever prevented the private sector or localities from aiding the widow, the orphan, and the poor among us.

Romans 15:26 For Macedonia and Achaia were pleased to make a contribution for the poor among the saints in Jerusalem.

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