Prepositions after "pollute"

"pollute by" or "pollute with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 47% of cases pollute by is used
    The repub rank and file is polluted by low lifes.
    Kibera is not only densely populated but is also heavily polluted by soot, dust.
    Man reverts once more to living in a cave, but the cave is now polluted by the mephitic and pestilential breath of civilisation.
    That way we could continue forward with our own vision and not be polluted by a balding pony tail dude wearing a ' members only ' jacket.
    As the number of water supply companies increased, the number of intakes from the Thames increased, and the river was becoming more and more polluted by the human waste.
    I knew that during WW II, the Germans claimed that anyone who was a part Jew, was polluted by his/her Jewish ancestry -- and were destined for the crematoriums if caught.
    Fresh Water Project in Papua New Guinea May 14, 2012 Sister Mariska Kua RSM writes,?? Today many rivers, creeks and streams are polluted by the people living along the banks.
    I was sad when seeing most of the used-to clear rivers were polluted by the nearby factories, or even with high chimneys discharging billows of black smokes into the blue sky.
    That you never get a chance to appreciate that amazing family bond without simultaneously seeing it being polluted by the foulness within is what makes the book so terribly affecting.

    In 28% of cases pollute with is used
    My inbox is polluted with crap.
    Both these fuels are polluted with sulphur, which produces sulphur dioxide when it burns.
    It is beyond human understanding, polluted with worldly knowledge, it is easily understandable to the submissive fools towards Kingdom of GOD.
    Compared to how showbiz was in Nollywood in the 80s and 90s, entertainment in Nollywood today has been extremely polluted with negative lyrics.

    In 3% of cases pollute at is used
    New Zealand freshwater ecologist Professor Mike Joy predicts that if we keep polluting at the rate we do now, our native fish will be extinct by 2050.

    In 3% of cases pollute from is used
    Air is mainly being polluted from smokes.

    In 3% of cases pollute over is used
    M odernisation and progress have led to air getting more and more polluted over the years.

    In 3% of cases pollute since is used
    We've been on a binge of overpopulating, over-extracting, and polluting since the beginning of the industrial revolution and the bill is coming due in more ways than one.

    In 3% of cases pollute to is used
    In order to construct buildings, dams and embankments, lots of plants and trees are cut down and subsequently these are burnt for bricks for which air is polluted to a great extent.

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