Prepositions after "poke"

"poke at" or "poke through"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 37% of cases poke at is used
    He can't help teasing her and poking at her at every turn.
    I was lying on my side and I felt this really weird poking at me in my midddle section.
    This is not about assigning blame or poking at the hard-working people who put these and other events together.
    As Bishop fires up the control table, the marines poke at charred skeletal of what must have been the colony's inhabitants.
    Showing scientists poking at slivers of flesh in a Petri dish through a microscope was deceptive and it dehumanizes this debate.
    The web client in vSphere 5 was an interesting toy that we collectively poked at, shrugged, and went back to the familiar C# client.
    This post to me appeared to be a veiled attempt at poking at ' Christian Evangelicals ' instead of constructively raising discussion on important issues.
    My question is why does she find it acceptable to poke at Obama as such? He is not, contrary to some people's belief, in president mode every minute of every day.

    In 21% of cases poke through is used
    It was filled with giant shrimp, quite alive and squirming with their tentacles poking through the holes.
    His left forepaw was poking through the cruel bars to rest on the concrete floor outside, the only place it had to go.
    Hammett wears a black T-shirt, black jeans and black socks covered with skulls, with strands of gray poking through his.
    People may even find themselves poking through their medicine cabinets, looking for a dose of Advil to minimize a tension-induced headache.
    You may be able to feel knobbly parts of your baby poking through your belly, but you won't be able to tell which body parts they are just yet.
    Most days, living as I do in the takeaway zone of Darlington, there is a glossy flier poking through the letter-box: Chinese, Indian, but mainly pizza.
    Hammett wears a black T-shirt, black jeans and black socks covered with skulls, with strands of gray poking through his goatee and shoulder-length curls.
    In conclusion, Self-Organization and the City is a stimulating book, a collection of various strands of Portugali's work, with many ideas poking through a grandiloquent baldachin.

    In 8% of cases poke into is used
    Stop car, usually with a good chunk of the bonnet poking into the road.
    Day/American Shale Oil LLC) Drillers in Utah and Colorado are poking into a massive shale deposit trying to find a way to unlock oil reserves that are so vast they would swamp OPEC.

    In 6% of cases poke in is used
    And why did bendtner get booked for being poked in the eye? thats a weird one.
    No it's asking you tell us all how all your disputation about realism would affect being poked in the eye.

    In 6% of cases poke out is used
    The flowers are bright sulphur yellow and poke out of the bracts like the beaks of fledglings from a nest.
    Rano Raraku is set on the side of a spent volcano, a rounded hill of shorn grass where the heads of more than 400 figures poke out of the ground.

    In 4% of cases poke around is used
    Luckily, Ron was immune to anything of this sort, and poked around it with impunity.

    In 4% of cases poke by is used
    This is an area that has been picked and poked by miners for well over 100 years.

    In 4% of cases poke on is used
    I waited for my turn where they took my pulse count and was poked on the middle finger for a tiny bit of blood to test if I'd diabetic.

    In 2% of cases poke across is used
    As I chose my recently acquired favourites, I was poked across the table, in the abdomen.

    In 2% of cases poke for is used
    To show the world how easily the Muslim can be poked for destruction, and put hinders for Islam which is even know the most fastest spreading religion in the world 2.

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