Prepositions after "plunge"

plunge into, to, in, from or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 60% of cases plunge into is used
    No BRT bus fell or plunged into the Lagoon.
    It's like a knife has been plunged into your heart.
    Including any limb you're daring enough to plunge into it.
    Millikan plunged into the subject, liked it and soon decided to make it his career.
    The drought we were plunged into for several hours in the spring is now a sick memory.
    Don't plunge into a new sector without having done extensive homework -- or preferably having worked in the field.
    More things to know Here are some more things that help you keep your sanity when plunging into HTML5 development.
    It is hoped that readers can plunge into this 400 million years of historical and cultural journey whenever they like.
    The temperature will drop as the moon overtakes? the sun and casts a shadow so large the land will be plunged into darkness.

    In 9% of cases plunge to is used
    The company plunged to a low of Rs 71.
    Coffee prices plunged to as low as USD1.
    The wax melted and Icarus plunged to earth and drowned in the sea.
    The temperature hovers around freezing instead of plunging to -20C.
    The price didn't reach the targets that I expected and plunged to new lows.
    The couple has a seven-year-old son but the relationship is plunging to rock bottom.
    He hasn't won since then, failed to qualify for any of the majors this year, has plunged to No.
    You saw the planes hit the towers, you heard President Bush's address, you saw the Pentagon wreckage, you watch in horror as you see people plunge to their death, jumping from the burning towers.

    In 8% of cases plunge in is used
    And with Democrats plunging in the polls, Obama's election is beginning to look like an exception that proves the rule.
    Here in Krabi, you can explore the landmarks, see the sights, and be able to plunge in some of the best beaches in the world.
    But it does raise another point - if drugs were legal, the poor in those countries would suffer massively as their one viable crop plunged in value.
    In the past generation, state funding per full-time college student has fallen by about 25 percent, and the Great Recession rapidly accelerated that plunge in spending.
    The products were sold by local banks as a low-risk, higher-yielding alternative to regular deposits, but have since plunged in value as Spain's economic crisis has worsened.

    In 5% of cases plunge from is used
    The government introduced school fees, and primary enrolment plunged from 95 per cent to 67 per cent in 1999.
    How can England have plunged from third to 19th in five years, spending so much to go backwards? It almost certainly didn't.
    But in the Arctic, warming is more than twice as great as here in Europe and in summertime, torrents of melt water now plunge from Greenland's kilometre-high glaciers.
    Shareholders of the company's stock lost almost US$11 billion in value when shares plunged from US$90 a share in mid-2000 to less than US$1 by late November of the following year.

    In 3% of cases plunge by is used
    External trade Total exports of goods plunged by 22.
    The path was not easy -- when subsidies were dropped in 1985, farmers ' incomes plunged by 40 percent.
    Textiles was especially hard hit, with the number of sewing-machine operators plunging by 18,300 or 32.
    But Saez's research shows that the top 1 percent really took it on the chin, with average real income plunging by 36.

    In 3% of cases plunge off is used
    You can plunge off the dock to cool down or play with the little ones on the beach.
    I do not need to plunge off the bridge to put God to the test; I already know He would not catch me.

    In 1% of cases plunge toward is used
    But as Vincent plunged toward the ocean, sea and sky blended into the same color.

    In 1% of cases plunge through is used
    plunging through the alder, birch and hazel undergrowth, mushrooms were everywhere.

    In 1% of cases plunge past is used
    But Le Clos, third at the final turn, plunged past Phelps at the finish to win in 1min 52.

    In 1% of cases plunge beneath is used
    Or, you could look at it as the Pacific plate plunging beneath the North American, Asian or Philippines tectonic plates.

    In 1% of cases plunge as is used
    Revenues, profits and economic growth are all going to plunge as the recession begins to bite.
    Credit ratings are plunging as debt load from boom time dreaming is weighing down balance sheets.

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