Prepositions after "plot"

"plot against" or "plot in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 32% of cases plot against is used
    Obama was in the barn plotting against massa.
    GPDI is plotted against the Capital Gains Tax Rate.
    Tohu and Te Whiti were charged with plotting against the Government and jailed.
    Above graph shows the ionization energies of the elements are plotted against atomic number.
    Best of all, the bureaucrat who concocted that plot against his rivals finds it exploding in his face.
    Don't worry, your white (extreme couponing) friends will plot against you if they lose their jobs as well.
    I felt a deep disgust for my friends as they all seemed to plot against me and pointed out all my short comings.
    Panel b) Bland Altman plot, with the difference between the values derived from the two algorithms plotted against their mean.
    Right: the corresponding modulation-based rate tuning curve (red) is plotted against the spectrogram-based tuning curve (blue) from (A) (only positive rates are shown).
    Officials did not explain the decision to sack Gosh at the time, but Khartoum political circles widely speculated the former chief was suspected of plotting against Bashir.

    In 19% of cases plot in is used
    Table 1 contains the numbers plotted in Figure 1.
    Yes, when the price of gold is plotted in US$, the price does look like a bubble.
    Note that nearly all of the data plot in an undefined blob at the lower left of the diagram.
    Here we turn to the role of Lord Ashcroft, a highly visible presence at the corridor plotting in Blackpool.
    In this connection the riot situations have been plotted in Ranchi (Jharkhand) and Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) also.
    In addition, percentage changes were plotted in a polar diagram using the transformation described by Critchley et al.
    This is reflected as mild declines in employment of service sectors and its dominance in the total nonfarm employment, as plotted in Figure 4.
    Figure 3 Total crude oil production capacity for 12 OPEC countries obtained by superimposing the spare capacity plotted in Figure 2 upon the production stack shown in Figure 1.

    In 13% of cases plot for is used
    This is an amplitude-based coding scheme (plotted for the peak modulation channel, bottom right).
    Not one personnel move has been made, unless you count hitting coach Gregg Ritchie quitting for a college job he?? d been plotting for months.
    Construction or purchase of house or flat/site or plot for self or spouse or joint ownership - You should have completed at least five years of service.
    The linear spectrogram model (top) assumes that neural responses are a linear function of the spectrogram envelope (plotted for the tone center frequency channel, top right).

    In 10% of cases plot with is used
    Brian's teenage son Ryan plotted with his sister and mother -- as well as friends -- to kill his father.
    These sections of society, with the high-class lamas who controlled the monasteries, were soon plotting with foreign powers with a view to organising secession.
    What has been shown above is the observed position as plotted with the TZD, but this again is not possible on the ship, since we still can not plot the GP of the bodies.
    Joshua Andre Pee Police arrested Joshua Andre Pee and claimed he plotted with a teenage friend to fake the 17-year-old's kidnapping in Florida from a celebrity tennis tournament.

    In 9% of cases plot on is used
    All of the data are plotted on Leeman's Fig.
    DGPS and GPS positions were not plotted on the paper chart.
    And of course long-term charts should be plotted on a log scale, because long-term all charts representing steady growth appear exponential.

    In 6% of cases plot from is used
    plot from the Japanese Meteorological Academy: http: **35;70;TOOLONG.
    Sea level data for Kahului, Hawaii for 11-14 March 2011 (plot from NOAA).
    Sea level data for Sand Island, Midway for 11-14 March 2011 (plot from NOAA).
    Sea level data for Crescent City, California for 11-14 March 2011 (plot from NOAA).

    In 3% of cases plot by is used
    If you want to stop plotting by moving all.

    In 1% of cases plot according is used
    The data are plotted according to the colour-coordinated y axes.

    In 1% of cases plot at is used
    Nor was the plane plotted at the anti-aircraft control room for the west of Scotland.

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