Prepositions after "pleased"

pleased with, about, at, for or by?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 90% of cases pleased with is used

I am very pleased with the unit.

I'd very pleased with the house.

PETA was pleased with the ruling.

Pleased with the result, despite much of it being done by the light of a headtorch.

Knightly, and we are all well pleased with the rightness of their respective fates.

I thought you we're always very professional and was very pleased with the outcome.

Christophe (numro 1 et numro 2 ), We were very pleased with the apartment and everything was exactly as promised.

Indeed it was approved of by the Companions, may Allah be pleased with them, and that was for a maslaha (benefit).

Obviously I am very proud for myself, getting to 100 and really pleased with the lads for large parts of the game.

I was much pleased with the gentle manners of the natives of Benin, who are truly a fine tractable race of people.

In 4% of cases pleased about is used

We're not too pleased about it.

I guess I am pleased about that.

Jeffery looked pleased about it.

Is it just me, or is he waaaaay too pleased about his snowball? I know it's silly.

Now, I have to admit, when I first heard this news, I wasn't too pleased about it.

One of the touchpad features I'll come to later on which I'd not too pleased about.

I'd also pleased about the investment in the land sector, in biodiversity, and in the carbon farming initiative.

Gunnar and Brynhildr, unaware she's been deceived, get married and everyone seems to be pretty pleased about it.

The ' Paper Loving ' reggae sensation will headline the festival, something the event organiser is pleased about.

I'd very pleased about the way you have handled it and I feel that my beloved animals are in good hands with you.

In 3% of cases pleased at is used

Incorrect: I am pleased at you.

I'd well pleased at the change.

Farmers were very pleased at this.

Let us work and at the end of the day everyone will be pleased at the end of the day.

They all called in to see us and were genuinely pleased at everything we have become.

I am still infinitely pleased at how much pain losing this election is causing Romney.

Pleased at this, Kapila offered to grant Amshumana a boon and Amshumana desired that his uncles might go to heaven.

We were extremely pleased at how Deck Fifty carried through our creative vision on the Cowichan Zero Waste website.

ST 11 The same Homer, who pleased at Athens and Rome two thousand years ago, is still admired at Paris and at London.

Delighted the reviews have all been so positive so far, and especially pleased at the backing from my adopted nation.

In 2% of cases pleased for is used

I am immensely pleased for you.

But am so pleased for the corp.

That said, I'd pleased for Haye.

PC - so pleased for you that the transfer went ahead, sorry I haven't been in touch.

There are other negative things he has being released from and I am pleased for that.

Assumed Carly Rose would be top! Pleased for her, Diamond, Fifth Harmony and Emblem 3.

I am pleased for you that you have a new contract! And pleased for your readers they have more to look forward to.

I'd especially pleased for Great Britain who's athletes rose to the home ground advantage just like we did in 2000.

Now, I'd very pleased for her that the former Mrs Lohan is an out-and-proud dungaree-wearer and muncher of the rug.

Someone came with a photograph of something she had made from her purchase last year and we all felt pleased for her.

In 1% of cases pleased by is used

We are very pleased by you Barcelona.

He became very pleased by these words.

I can't say I'd all that pleased by the results.

I spoke with several members of the management team who are all pleased by the turnout.

They will join him on the Day of Judgement, and he will be very pleased by the re-union.

They are ecstatic about what you have done for them and I am so pleased by your kindness.

Bombino looked pleased by the reception and started out on acoustic guitar with his percussionist playing calabash.

Living in a liberal area of Florida, I am amazed and pleased by how the Romney signs far outnumber the Obama signs.

I mean I think most Australians are quite pleased by the notion of having an Australian saint, be it Catholic or not.

Being so pleased by Krsna's return, Maharaja Nanda began to give many cows and much gold in charity to the brahmanas.

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