Prepositions after "pleasant"

"pleasant to" or "pleasant for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases pleasant to is used

It will not be pleasant to hear.

This name is more pleasant to me.

The scent is quite pleasant to me.

I went, dressed very nicely, was very polite and pleasant to the architect's guests.

I think she was unaffectedly glad to see me; somehow my presence was pleasant to her.

He has no motivation for anything but to have a good time and be pleasant to everybody.

We have had strong disagreements, and there have been times when we have not been the most pleasant to each other.

The very colors and smells of the flowers have evolved in order to be pleasant to other species, including humans.

I recently read that a child must taste an unpleasant food fifteen times before it becomes pleasant to his palate.

He wanted to quit, but because of considerable debt, had vowed to drag himself into work and be pleasant to Barnes.

In 24% of cases pleasant for is used

Hair loss is not pleasant for all.

It was not pleasant for him either.

The beach is pleasant for a stroll.

The second solution is pleasant for Germans but painful, even suicidal, for Greeks.

Unfortunately, neither of them will be pleasant for the agent on the receiving end.

A sweater or jacket can be very pleasant for the early mornings and cooler evenings.

And if the holiday involves a long car journey, it's up to you to make the experience more pleasant for your pet.

A good question to ask on a regular basis is how can I make the buying experience more pleasant for my customers.

My small come near individual spot which make it shine, a gift that will make it more pleasant for your situation.

Its not pleasant for either gender to be stalked and harrassed and I honestly cant believe it isnt a crime already.

In 12% of cases pleasant in is used

We were pleasant in spite of ourselves.

It was pleasant in the afternoon sunshine.

The Mongolian face is pleasant in childhood.

The Holy Qur'an considers supporting orphans as something very pleasant in Sight of God.

Body wraps are pleasant in the event you wish to lose some more inches off of their body.

This device is all-over luxury, with the curved metal casing feeling pleasant in the hand.

Thanks to the strength of the late April sun however and light winds, it will feel very pleasant in direct sunlight.

Control your anger because I did not find a thing sweeter than it in end and nothing more pleasant in the final result.

The first morning was spent with Radovan the guide checking the boats and rolling which was pleasant in the warm water.

Kylie Minogue ' s voice is fairly pleasant in a girlish, light-weight sort of way, perfect for the pop fluff she records.

In 8% of cases pleasant with is used

Dinner was pleasant with speedy service.

Its weather is pleasant with four distinct seasons.

The climate is cool and pleasant with no mosquitoes.

These teachers have to have substantial persistence and be pleasant with toddlers.

The flavor is sweet to mildly sweet and pleasant with little or no detectable acid.

The weather becomes pleasant with temperature ranging from 69 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

He was pleasant with me, but explained that he had another appointment in Jessore and could not stay any longer.

The road from Kalaw to Pindaya is really pleasant with panoramic mountain views, reminiscent of the ALPA in Europe.

We have our very own Beho Beho Band!! The weather has been very pleasant with only 1 or 2 quite windy and cool days.

The views out the window were pleasant with an overwhelming amount of green and lots of small villages along the way.

In 5% of cases pleasant on is used

Makes it more pleasant on the ground.

I don't need them to be pleasant on top of all of that.

Mid range is pleasant on the F3 but a tad behind the D675.

While they can be bulky to pack, sleeping might be more pleasant on your own pillow.

Thankfully the wind abated (mostly) and it was relatively pleasant on the west coast.

The shrimp roe sauce was a thick gloop, not very pleasant on the eyes or the palate really.

Of all Korean BB products that I've used, this one from Laniege feels the lightest and is very pleasant on the skin.

Mitte is most pleasant on foot, but if you then want to check out Charlottenburg, you'll next need to take a bus or train.

The winter climate varies from freezing in the central regions to pleasant on the southern coast and in the Balearic Islands.

On the screen, he is the lovely cheeky chappie that everyone loves and I too am a fan of his easy and pleasant on screen persona.

In 3% of cases pleasant about is used

They were very pleasant about it.

There is nothing pleasant about this topic.

There's something pleasant about getting a card or a note.

No one objected, and especially were the children pleasant about being photographed.

They are just revolting, there is nothing pleasant about seeing anybody in a mankini.

I mean who wants to be part of that?!! It's so intimidating; there's nothing pleasant about it.

This is very much not a hard and fast rule, and our only advice is to be exceedingly pleasant about your situation.

There's something really pleasant about those songs of old that made them enjoyable hits despite the heartache behind them.

There was at times something pleasant about this to him in a way that flitted across his brain quick as crickets into scrub brush.

I did have an incident at an SM in Manila where they refused to accept a credit card from the states and they were not at all pleasant about it.

In 3% of cases pleasant as is used

She was very pleasant as well as the owner.

Climate The Climate in HK is pleasant as a whole.

A balance is pleasant as well as more acceptable.

Darlene is so pleasant as a walk through a beautiful park or a nice meeting in a Cafe.

Reusable totes tend to be environment pleasant as well as fulfill a person bagging require.

This course of is nice, it makes utilizing your pc extra pleasant as a result of issues happen faster.

Pain: The I-Dose sensation does not look pleasant as a girl videos herself writhing But there has been such alarm in the U.

He or she as well provided us a number of cleansing guidance which keeps my own silver jewelries pleasant as well as gleaming.

The problem of congestion has been solved by getting rid of some of the cars -- and the city has been made more pleasant as a result.

Bivying is becoming more pleasant as the weather continues to warm up, though, without my poles, condensation continues to be a issue.

In 3% of cases pleasant at is used

All staff were pleasant at all times.

I was a lot more pleasant at work today.

I find the sensation both disgusting and pleasant at the same time.

Limited time sounds good as does early May as the weather is so pleasant at that time.

It's not pleasant at all to work a few days or more and at the end to see it's all a big scam.

At 2,000 meters, the visitor reaches the cool mountain highlands, pleasant at any time of year.

You work super hard and just be pleasant at all times, everyone has to love you and you'll grow and move up from there.

When asked about his impressions about the country, he said it has been very interesting and pleasant at the same time.

Instead of getting panic in the spontaneous interviews it would be good to be cool and pleasant at the time of interview.

Staff couldn't do for us more; they were very pleasant at all time! We enjoyed a great variety of food in all restaurants.

In 3% of cases pleasant by is used

The view that anything is pleasant by itself is incorrect.

The trip was rather pleasant by train, after the bus experience.

Pleasant by day, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park was icy by night.

The hot subtropical day is very pleasant by the crystal clear turquoise water of Indian Ocean.

Add some spice to your workstation Make your workplace more pleasant by adding a painting or picture.

Make the most of your stay pleasant by experiencing one of our regional breakfasts! From 4:00 am to 8.

From beginning to end it contained not a single sentence capable of being made to sound pleasant by any ingenuity whatsoever.

There are lots of intimate public spaces and walking is often made markedly more pleasant by minimising the presence of cars.

The only sound reason to control carbon output, etc is to make life more pleasant by reducing smog, pollution of air and water, etc.

In 3% of cases pleasant of is used

Fox) doesn't have the most pleasant of lives.

The Iranians i've met have been the most cultured and pleasant of people.

And most importantly, that Baig did this all in the most pleasant of ways.

Now the pleasantest of all the Irish hills was Tara, which lay in Eremon? s half.

Blessed with a girdle of peaks, Tromso is one of the most pleasant of Norwegian towns.

The next fortnight was the most pleasant of the battalion's stay in this part of Italy.

Such amenities ensure not only the most pleasant of sleeps for the Lady Anne, but also that she cares naught for what.

The desserts, however, offered the most pleasant of surprises and displayed the student's creativity in the sweets realm.

After all, let's face it -- discussing bowel movements doesn't exactly make for the most pleasant of dinner conversations.

Again, it is important that your workout is as pleasant of an experience as possible to help you maintain this healthy routine.

In 1% of cases pleasant after is used

Nor was their stay in the sewers very pleasant after the first eight days.

The rose wine has just the right amount of sparkle with a very pleasant after taste.

The center was on a farm in the country, which was very pleasant after a week in the City of Dar es Salaam.

It was pleasant after that honour to return to the profane world of spectators amid nudges and significant looks.

We spent a lot of time together and he often joined me for the pleasant after dinner walks and the stargazing that followed.

The hotel has a bar, a restaurant, a massage parlor (very pleasant after the climb ), safes for valuables and laundry services.

The cities (Kunming, Vientiane, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Phnom Penh and Bangkok) will be much more pleasant after their populations halve.

There were no other intimate friends about us in Geneva; and our life became, I must confess, less varied and pleasant after the young men had gone.

The woman you are, your career, your values, education, financial status and character are still ingredients you need to make life pleasant after marriage.

In 1% of cases pleasant during is used

The weather is pleasant during this season.

Weather is also pleasant during these times.

The weather was pleasant during our entire stay.

For some people, remaining calm and pleasant during any difficult situation is a gift.

The weather at Hyderabad is normally pleasant during the months of December till February.

The climate is the pleasantest during the north-east monsoon, which lasts from October to April.

The weather was nice and pleasant during the summer, but not real brutally hot like it is in the Southern States.

It wasn't pleasant during November, very itchy, but not (I'd sure) on a par with running a marathon, which I couldn't do.

While Steven was perfectly pleasant during our visit until then, he definitely perked up a bit more when Joey came in the room.

To make the house pleasant during the dry summers of Ahmedabad, the couple have small openings across the house with eaves hanging to create shadows.

In 1% of cases pleasant from is used

Very sweet and pleasant from almost any angle.

The climate is most pleasant from June to August.

Even in common speech men distinguish the Pleasant from the Good.

Sea breezes make the climate very pleasant from May to September.

It is usually still hot and humid at the start of the school year, but starts to get more pleasant from Mid-October.

According to psychologist Dr Ashum Gupta, to look happy and pleasant from outside is considered as the first condition of success.

The Lama replied that with His Majesty's grace reaching out to him from afar, his journey had been peaceful and pleasant from beginning to end.

On my travels, I find that it is okay to omit that I changed my travel plans last minute and got off at a town because it looked pleasant from the bus window.

In the meantime, North Korea, which is still less pleasant from the humanitarian point of view but which has managed to acquire nuclear capability, feels secure.

In 1% of cases pleasant through is used

The journey was pleasant through pine forest.

I find that if you are pleasant through problems, you get much better service.

Winter season may also end up being pleasant through putting on Moncler overcoats.

While the weather is pleasant through the year, you may want to avoid the monsoons.

Coonoor has a climate that is milder than Ooty and it stays pleasant through the year.

High temperatures will return to the 70s by Thursday, then remain very pleasant through Sunday.

It was not till 2010 which Suu Kyi might stroll free of the girl house, to some rapturous pleasant through the girl other Burmese as well as democratic system activists around the actual world.

In 1% of cases pleasant throughout is used

Climate The weather in Tanzania is pleasant throughout the whole year.

The clime of this place is delicate and pleasant throughout the period long.

In many areas of the country temperatures remain pleasant throughout the year.

Pleasant throughout the year, travelers can even lie on its beautiful beaches during Christmas.

What's the weather like? The weather in Tanzania is generally quite pleasant throughout the year.

The interview appeared to have lighten his mood because he was very pleasant throughout our conversation.

These are perfect times for visiting the mountains to try some hiking and wine tasting, while wandering around the ruins of Baalbek and Byblos is pleasant throughout the day.

In 1% of cases pleasant without is used

This interview would not have been possible or as pleasant without the support from Sean, Joshua, Steve.

Same with the security; be pleasant without expecting anything in return (except bldg security) &; save the cupcakes etc.

I had pretty high expectations of the place but it well surpassed it! Staff were extremely pleasant without appearing fake and the decor of the place was fabulous.

The young monk students ' inner thanksgiving and blessing would turn into endless prayer, that is the world is peaceful without wars, and human beings are pleasant without disasters.

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