Prepositions after "plain"

"plain to" or "plain for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases plain to is used

This was plain as plain to Dick.

They are all plain to him that understandeth,.

And Mary having to explain to Joseph about the child.

And then explain to me why the secular societies are the ones that seem to work better.

That revelation, that God is and is trustworthy, is plain to all, we are told (Romans 1.

Our duty is plain to us -- to be totally honest -- and none of us does his duty perfectly.

But those -- though well worth looking at and exposing again -- are already very plain to anyone who bothers to look.

It is plain to anybody outside the elite cocoon of money and power that such a claim must be garbage of a high order.

These men will exploit weak-willed women, but will not make much progress, since their folly will be plain to everyone.

But apart from that it should be perfectly plain to anyone with a bit of wit that the truth of a matter can't be decided.

In 18% of cases plain for is used

The facts are plain for all to see.

The truth was plain for all to see.

Its message is plain for all to see.

Forget trickle down economics - it doesn't work, as is now plain for everybody to see.

These are the limits of Allah, which He makes plain for the people who have knowledge.

If, however, his life had been spared, no doubt this would have been plain for all to see.

He and his preferred candidate are both ' no can do ' people while Marvin Rees ' ambitions are plain for everyone to see.

Sometimes you just want something plain for lounging around in and lingerie doesn't always have to be babydolls and teddy's.

A distinction is made between covert (or hidden) depression and overt depression - the type which is plain for the world to see.

In 13% of cases plain from is used

The author's meaning is plain from the context.

Two things, therefore, are plain from this text: 1.

And that it is so is plain from actual occurrences.

But he was a man very happy in meeting arguments, as is plain from what we have already said.

It is plain from the record that no notice of any time was given to anyone else in the family of Gault.

It's quite plain from Revelation 17 when it's paraphrased that Rome WILL rule the world as Daniel foretold.

That the dragon is primarily Satan, the arch-fiend himself, is plain from the statement of the previous chapter (Rev.

What was very plain from an early stage in the bill was that private sector involvement would be considerable and fundamental.

In addition, Justice Lyons stated: It is plain from Mr Moon's own evidence that he was prepared to be dishonest to obtain finance.

In 10% of cases plain in is used

I thought this was plain in the article.

This, too, has been made quite plain in v.

Regrettably, the Irish is perhaps not so plain in places.

The Bible is plain in teaching that these supernatural gifts were marks of apostleship.

He had made up his mind, and he saw his best policy quite plain in front of him like a white road.

She had a D plain in her exam and the required minimum grade is a C plain as per what the interviewing officer told her.

If the room is a bit plain in terms of architecture, then this gives a chance to create a focal point that attracts attention.

Though a bit plain in ambiance, the restaurant gets points for price and quality, and is a good place to get your Pad Thai fix.

The evidence is all too plain in the current rise of populist anti-immigrant and xenophobic rhetoric, especially in European politics.

In 5% of cases plain with is used

It was plain with a round neck.

The music ap is really plain with little fluff.

The stir fried shrimps came out looking very plain with no sauce.

The reverse is plain with the recipient's service number, rank, name and unit impressed on it.

The food? Plentiful though plain with a tendency to repeat on you, night after night after night.

If murderous intent exists, the ideological and religious justification for that intent is most plain with Islam.

I had the smoothly ground patty cooked medium rare and apart from a slight tang, it's very plain with little to be said about it.

Mine is very plain with only 3 flat colors, but at anything above jpeg quality 70 it looks fine (50 destroys it like facebook did).

Mix everything around, and serve the chicken on a crusty roll, a soft hamburger bun, on crackers, or just eat it plain with a fork.

The box itself is quite plain with its ironing board shaped remote: They're going to cost $199 and that includes a 30 day paid channel pack.

In 4% of cases plain on is used

The Bible is plain on the Sabbath.

The blocks looked too plain on their own.

The choice for the Tamil Diaspora is plain on which side of the divide they wish to be.

Ideally the squares should be plain on one side and have squares marked on the other side.

It is very plain on the outside within a office block complex at Complex Hamoni, Blok B 1-2.

The plundits are jizzing over the amount of big money players at City they refuse to acknowledge what is plain on the replay.

It is plain on it's face the only way an actual Republican can ever win in Maine is probably to have a Dem serve at least one term.

Grass can come across as a bit plain on both consoles compared to Battlefield 3's due to the absence of ambient occlusion on console.

Packaging and Bundle We have seen a number of Ultrabooks now and it is fair to say that the boxes used are reasonably plain on each one.

In 3% of cases plain like is used

Anousheh, we just plain like you.

I also just plain like it better; I hate shopping.

Men just plain like doing it, they're like bull elks, as Hunter S.

Obviously, it can't be completely plain like a list or an instruction manual.

That will make her think you are kind of creepy and just plain like you less.

Objection #9: I just plain like the ACC and its tradition, and I don't want to leave it.

So what does this guy have that you don't other than six NBA championships? Well, people just plain like him.

Re: The tune just doesn't want to be played! Michael, I do like Molloy's version, but then I just plain like the Tarbolton.

This adjustment relaxes the standards of how like a bulldozer a thing needs to be in order to be just plain like a bulldozer, like a bulldozer without qualification.

Fine, dance is an art form but to think a national newspaper owned wholly by a political party to give this, I repeat, silly dance craze as the head-lines today is plain like its bankrupt of news.

In 3% of cases plain of is used

Yes, speaking in the plainest of terms, Romney is the lesser of two evils for many conscientious followers of Christ.

There is alas the plainest of evidence that the lure of short-term gain is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

If you enjoy their tartness, spread a handful on a salad -- their bright red colour will brighten up even the plainest of salads.

Comments have appeared steadily at the bottom of my original blog, some telling tales of woe, others reporting the plainest of sailing.

It is still winter and Sir Paul's household is busy preparing a feast before Lent (a period of fasting when only the plainest of foods may be eaten).

I'd confused that the first class plate seems the plainest of the three in pure white, until Ken explains that the gold leaf that would have adorned it is eroded.

In 3% of cases plain out is used

Most I have seen you are just plain out of luck.

For the majority of people, 350 is just plain out of.

But to say it isn't possible is just plain out of touch.

He seemed tentative, nervous and just plain out of place.

On their own, the cost of insurance is just plain out of reach.

Some by virtue of having retired, others just plain out of work.

I agree that the whole midfield looked tired, or rusty, or just plain out of sorts.

Tere is no other way to look at the statement of their Pm than plain out of order and highhanded.

This means that those looking to extend battery life with a larger capacity battery are plain out of luck.

I read all the posts here today and I also found much of the advice irrelevant to the subject or just plain out of touch with the real world.

In 2% of cases plain about is used

The Scriptures are very plain about this issue.

There is nothing plain about these covers -- they've got bags of character.

Hardin: If you read those e-mails, it's pretty plain about what they intended to do.

Even from these bare bones of his life, two things are plain about George Washington.

If you are going to claim that it does this, then you need to be plain about what these words actually mean.

But there is nothing plain about India and definitely not the food on offer! In the north Kashmiri and Punjabi cuisine dominate.

My bestman married a lady he really loved, and was quite plain about it - with him being a Yorkshire man - that he didn't want kids.

The Bible is plain about the universal nature of sin's effect on the human race, as per these examples: Romans 3:10-11, 23 there is none righteous, no, not one.

In 2% of cases plain as is used

Now I can see both and it is plain as the nose on a Rodian's face.

We are just plain as the nose on your face, right, and that is the bottom line.

The sheer one sided, barracking, pro-refugee stance was plain as the nose on your face.

Mitt was my least favorite Republican candidate, and now it's pretty plain as to why that is.

As a stylist, the traditionalist seldom veers from form, his voice as durable yet as plain as a pair of blue Wranglers.

Once the finance companies went down in a big way - the forward development prospects were plain as the nose on your face.

But it is plain as a pike staff that repeated rounds of immediately imposed austerity are making matters worse, not better.

The only fitba you talk about is that you keep insisting its the same Rankurs when the evidence is as plain as the blue nose on your face.

There was blood everywhere, a fact made all too plain as the arc lamp suddenly came on, sweeping light and shadows across the walls and roof.

The dining-room is as white, cool, and nobly plain as a Greek temple; long and very lofty -- reaching to the roof -- the second story opening upon it in an arched and balustraded clere-story.

In 2% of cases plain by is used

He has made that painfully plain by exposing his untenable positions on the U.

For this is plain by the history of the Cities of Attica thus set down by Thucydides.

Moreover, it was already plain by then that version of ' fighting for Ireland ' promoted by Redmond was no longer credible.

I hope this only makes you more determined because it is plain by the attention your getting that you are hitting the right spot.

But with Millahauser (as with many of his stories ), the themes he was trying to explore were laid very plain by a consistent emotional tone.

This has been made abundantly plain by the 3-year IUCN Elephant Survey - funded by WWF and the New York Zoological Society - which is now complete.

In 1% of cases plain before is used

Further scriptures will make this fact very plain before our quotations are finished.

The path of duty is plain before us: and it is also the path of wisdom, of national prosperity, of national honour.

Thus our path will be plain before us: by taking, and keeping fast hold of instruction, we shall avoid being straitened or stumbling.

In 1% of cases plain upon is used

He told me he heard me very plain upon Delamere Forest, at a place about twelve miles off.

In 1% of cases plain without is used

The left side of the device is plain without any buttons on it.

We have been told that the desert of Ghad? r Khumm is plain without water; it was midday and the heat of the sun was scorching.

But you're quite right about the deliberate decision to make her wear the bright lipsticks, she does look very plain without that glam factor.

Now, earlier I also made another ciabatta and this time I did it plain without the extra toppings but I'd going to show you how to do something very special with this one as well.

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