Prepositions after "pivotal"

"pivotal in" or "pivotal to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 44% of cases pivotal in is used

They have been very pivotal in my life.

He will once again be pivotal in our success.

ZP is pivotal in keeping it worthy of balance.

The Chill Pro Junior has been pivotal in shaping the futures of many surfing champions.

I am sure that intelligence acquired under Bush were pivotal in the discovery of Osama.

The revelation by wikileak to me is pivotal in the road to Putrajaya for the opposition.

Professor Sachs ' work has been pivotal in many of the key junctures of globalization during the past thirty years.

He has also proved pivotal in the Champions League so far this season with 4 goals in 5 starts for the Italian club.

New Mexico (5) -- Influx of Hispanic and younger voters are Obama advantages in this state pivotal in 2000 and 2004.

New Mexico (5 )?? Influx of Hispanic and younger voters are Obama advantages in this state pivotal in 2000 and 2004.

In 42% of cases pivotal to is used

Communication is pivotal to business.

It is pivotal to a successful Judiciary.

This background has been pivotal to his art.

Know that these two skills are different, and each is pivotal to a successful program.

It will also be pivotal to what happens in Syria and the ending of the violence there.

Since the glue is pivotal to the book project, I have to leave an impatient toddler waiting while I search for glue.

The publication of this conceptual framework has been pivotal to the development of this research theme in dentistry.

The reason is this: what is the essence of airport? Airport is pivotal; aviation itself is pivotal to economic growth.

Over the coming decades humanity faces six enormous challenges, each of them pivotal to our destiny in the longer run.

In 8% of cases pivotal for is used

This season is pivotal for him.

Those two weeks were pivotal for me.

Donovan, at 30, remains pivotal for the U.

There are some characters that are pivotal for story lines (Civil War comes to mind).

Rather than outbound calls, it is the inbound calls which will be pivotal for companies.

This is pivotal for any brand wanting a 24-hour presence, or had a team of people working on it.

Cardiovascular Risk If you are currently on an hCG protocol, this piece of information is pivotal for you to be aware of.

I think it would of been pivotal for teens to see just how much they are loved and adored by their parents/family members.

One associate thought his influence was pivotal for women at a time when women were beginning to move into the professions.

But I have learnt that she can deliver now, and these new alliances- Modi-Jaya for one, may turn out to be pivotal for India.

In 1% of cases pivotal as is used

Tonight could be pivotal as to who the second team will be to progress from Group C.

The playoff races in each conference are heating up, and every game is pivotal as the season is past the halfway point.

Unfortunately an injury to Scott Wilson proved pivotal as a lack of players on the bench for Ayr meant they had to dig deep to give 110%.

What is, however, most fascinating about this inevitable death is the pivotal as well as provocative role that digital technology is playing to bring it about.

In 1% of cases pivotal during is used

You were pivotal during my launch of Design in a Box and a support in more than just the marketing side of things.

The region was pivotal during the battle for the Coral Sea and despite concerns that the Japanese could invade, most residents chose to stay in the area.

Like the Saint's Reading's home form will be pivotal, as beating the likes of Swansea, West Ham, Norwich, Wigan, Stoke etc at the Madejski will prove pivotal during squeaky bum time.

He was pivotal during the 2005 finals series, setting up winning goals with his ruck work in both the semi-final against Geelong, and the Grand Final against his old side, West Coast.

In 1% of cases pivotal of is used

In fact, this middle period was the most pivotal of his life.

In this most pivotal of elections, the next president of these not-so-United States is.

With his pioneering inventions, and his penetrating ideas, Kurzweil convincingly takes us to ' the other side, ' in what promises to be the most pivotal of centuries.

The most pivotal of the root causes is that the current ownership structure and business model have failed to adequately provide for the safe and efficient performance of the refineries.

In 1% of cases pivotal with is used

I use the word pivotal with intention because, to me, it feels like a time for new possiblities.

Apparel buy leads have become pivotal with the growth in the apparel manufacturing and retailing industry.

Paul Pierce led Boston with 23 points but Leandro Barbosa and Jeff Green were pivotal with 16 points each.

I think the next two years are going to be really pivotal with digital comics, and it was interesting to see another branch of that tree reaching out.

The companies are one of the popular pivotal with challenging part of society inside them for hours an advanced degree and so education continues to go long with regards to being successful there.

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