Prepositions after "pissed"

"pissed off" or "pissed at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases pissed off is used

Maybe you won't be so pissed off.

Pissed off koala? Hell yeah, lol.

The man is angry, really pissed off.

Bradley Cooper is the Pissed off ex-prison bank robber after Dax Shepard for Revenge.

I'd a pissed off African Gunner fan! Frankly, I think Wenger doesn't have it anymore.

And my mum dominates the kitchen; she gets pissed off when I try to cook my own dishes.

The real fun starts in the arena when they release the smaller extra pissed off bulls that are taunted by the crowd.

If I was staying at a place no matter where it was and couldn't post about it there at all I'd be pretty pissed off.

I do get pissed off though when I open a door for a woman and get a filthy look as though I've somehow insulted her.

In 17% of cases pissed at is used

As if God were super pissed at D.

Others get pissed at the cupboard door.

They stole my lunch and I got pissed at them.

That being said, if Liz ends up quitting her job, I'd gon na be real pissed at the writers.

I really do nt want to pay for a bunch of people I never see to get pissed at my expense C.

And she's super pissed at you and you'd probably receive a severe scolding and be grounded.

I get your anger, but being pissed at women in general is not helping, nor is that OK either -- that's called mysogeny.

Maybe I've got the homer blinders on, but I can't remember ever being so pissed at the officiating as I was last night.

But once again, being extremely tired and pissed at someone makes you write fast and hard and post it without hesitation.

David Luiz never really looked interested in the proceedings (pissed at having to let go of Twitter and Instagram maybe?).

In 8% of cases pissed of is used

I didn't want to get pissed of.

Yes, Dr M is pissed of with Jibby.

Would you be as pissed of in their shoes.

I mean, this is like Madonna getting pissed of at Lady Gaga for being an exhibitionist.

I'd pissed off that there was no battle scene at the end of BD and the end was anti-climatic.

She seemed very pissed of the fact that they didn't want her for The Fashion Politan instead.

Are ordinary people of all political persuasions pissed of with the elite, the ruling class, the ultra-rich? Very much so.

After 15 miniuts of pissed of baby dude, I go in to pick him up and run my fingers through his hair until he falls asleep.

So if some one gets out of the house and see the long line of stacked pumpkin, i am sure he will get pissed of to see that.

Half the time they do nt mean it and are just in a bad mood, or pissed of at something and friends can be an easy scape goat.

In 7% of cases pissed about is used

I, for one, am pissed about it.

They get more pissed about tax raises.

Naturally we're pretty pissed about it.

Can we move on from Brandon Marshall, If your pissed about it you are a fan of him.

As much as it sounds as though I'd pissed about the race I'd actually fine with it,.

I was so pissed about how horrible that scene was it almost took me out of the episode.

Which reminded me that I'd pissed about both my period and Peter Jackson and so I started to draw lines of comparison.

Now, maybe Robinson's Asperger's colors the way he perceives things, but he isn't all that pissed about his childhood.

Like Russell (plugged into the PA hive-mind today I guess) I AM more pissed about United getting a Cabinet post, for the same reasons.

When we told waitress that she could send the apps back, seing as we were practically done with our meal, she was pretty pissed about it.

In 5% of cases pissed with is used

Gaahl's gon na get pissed with that oversight.

I was slightly pissed with her pester to call home.

Or that others may get pissed with being bombed too.

I was seventeen when I met the friend I am going to get pissed with in London tonight.

It is believe that she had an arguement with her boyfriend and was very pissed with him.

I am super pissed with Sam for that, and it will take me some time to get good with that.

The point of this entry is this: people who got pissed with the editorial have been calling out Thomasians for it.

If you are so pissed with us, live with your pakistani brother whose army you defend when they raped lakhs in 1971.

I have a headache, hell no! more like i'd pissed with you and i just don't want you to touch me like that right now.

He was shown to be devastated with Sam's death in tSRtS and in DSotM and that was when he was the most pissed with Sam.

In 4% of cases pissed on is used

I was super pissed on draft night.

I went to her funeral, and pissed on her grave.

Dear 20-year-old Keith, don't get pissed on your 21st.

Walker's corpse and pissed on it he would still be more popular in Blackburn than Steve Kean.

My woman is complaining since I was up drinking ' till 0500 and pissed on the bathroom floor.

Seriously, they better put his grave where the public can't get to it because it will be trashed and pissed on daily.

Then globalisation came and pissed on everyone's parade apart from the very rich, those wanting to be very rich, etc etc.

You'll get to see some cov-er-age on the RTE news in your slip-pers and you can laugh at all the wasters get-ting pissed on.

I am pissed on the matter that e-libel's punishment is greater than that of a rapist molesting a woman, now tell me if that's reasonable.

In 3% of cases pissed up is used

I didn't infer that a pissed up dope head couldn't hold down a job.

Well legally this girl should not have been pissed up hugging a train.

It must be Dave Lamb and just watching people getting pissed up whiles they cook.

Cue raucous laughter from pissed up crowd, and dozens of others who'd now started looking.

At the SOS thing it was a few pissed up fans that briefly sang Munich chants and that was it.

Actual statistics comparing us to other nations, especially other nations known for getting pissed up large? Sadly not provided.

He pauses and has to create small talk with the other pissed up fart who unfortunately is sat beside the Guinness tap for a mintute.

I have a word with the askari at the beach wing, tell him there is trouble again with a pissed up tart, describe her and tell him not to let her in.

Ah well may be i'd being to harsh but i pissed up to the highest degree as a result of our incopetence The was an article in today's Graphic about this.

In 2% of cases pissed in is used

Of course Owen's pissed in CJH.

The woman growled, and pissed in front of the polling booth.

I have gotten pissed in the past at some of Keith's criticisms of the Pres.

Maybe a rebuild but forging and all that non sense is gon na leave u broke and pissed in the end.

Unfortunately Gideon would probably send Chloee Smith to explain Sir Stephen's role while he gets pissed in Number Eleven.

Whatever the case, it's pretty clear that OFA and its supporting players have eaten Romco's lunch and pissed in Karl's milkshake.

The suburbs inspire Seal?? s tribute to an evening in the Albany (?? A Piss Up In Roath?) *, the Happy Mondays?? You?? re pissed in St.

Pissed in the traditional sense (I have been drinking beer on a sofa all afternoon, in my knickers) but mostly in the American, angry sense.

I immediately thought it was one of my gf's housemates (she lives with two other women who I had nt met) who had come in half pissed in the middle of the night.

Seems a lot of people are more pissed in these comments for making their OWN wrong choices and getting paid less then those with an ' inferior education ' (smarter then you apparently).

In 1% of cases pissed as is used

So I just got pissed as a fart (drunk as a skunk).

However, it was just shared with me TODAY, and frankly I am pissed as to why no one has shared it before.

We ignore the effect it has on families and society when you have people getting around pissed as a fart on a regular basis.

It was easier to be at Canterbury Uni back then too as the site was in town (what is now the old arts centre) and you could get pissed as a.

I'd be pretty pissed as a kid for someone to tell me I can't eat what my mother packed for lunch just because the kid sitting next to me believes something different.

In 1% of cases pissed by is used

I was so pissed by the content of the skit.

Might explain why He's so pissed by the time Kirk and crew show up.

Sorry, I tried not to get pissed by you but you just crossed another line.

Turn on and turn off I love the goodness in people and get pissed by the opposite.

Maybe he was pissed by Tonto's theatrics or he got pissed by what he heard on radio that day.

The embassy busters got pissed by a parody video and killed an ambassador who supported their cause.

My point is, lets get angry and pissed by all means, but do nt blame it on a mythical set of evil people.

There is nothing wrong with going to a backpackers in Australia, having fun, and getting pissed by the way.

I don't even remember what I said but I didn't give her the direction because I was just getting pissed by the minute.

In 1% of cases pissed for is used

I ended up getting too pissed for my own good.

He got pissed for the first concert and then tried to sober up by eating kiwi fruit.

Of course she protested but is too pissed for a decent argument and to react properly, thank god.

In 1% of cases pissed out is used

Yes the person may turn up pissed out of their 250 times but they might not on the 251st time and that's fine in AA.

FIRESAFETY LAD Couple of years ago in Malia me and the LAD S got there but I got pissed out of my head on the plane so I wasn't fit to go out.

I clearly spelt out that she should have had enough intelligence to not get so pissed out of her brain that she could not get in a taxi and go home.

You're like an alcoholic turning up at AA meetings pissed out of her head every time -- that's no good for you and it's certainly not good for anyone else.

I simply can not keep getting pissed out of my face and shagging randoms, especially not in places with pools and Oceans and rock formations I can fall off.

My dad would get pissed out of his brain every single night, and when the telly finished he'd storm out of the house like a lunatic to get to the Eel and Pie shop before it closed.

People often turn up pissed out of their heads and although someone may call them out on their comments, quite rightly, they are listened to (often disregarded! cos they are pissed.

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