Prepositions after "philosophical"

"philosophical about" or "philosophical in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases philosophical about is used

He was philosophical about this.

I'd deeply philosophical about this.

He is philosophical about those years.

I don't know, they seem more thoughtful and philosophical about what they do.

The young people we interviewed were very philosophical about their relapses.

Artist was very philosophical about it ' leaving the sole black as a reminder.

Whilst I am sad I can be more than philosophical about a 98 year old man who lived an amazing life passing.

Barry Hearn, the man in charge of world snooker, attempted to be philosophical about the Rocket's departure.

Without getting to emotional or philosophical about it, the last two months have been a freakin ' privilege.

She is philosophical about her sudden visibility there when she still has not had a single on the pop charts.

In 19% of cases philosophical in is used

Vaz was philosophical in defeat.

He was philosophical in his approach to life.

It is philosophical in nature, not scientific.

Buddhism, more philosophical in one aspect, is still more mystical in the other.

It is called the Philosophical Theory because it is mostly philosophical in nature.

Zola was philosophical in defeat and does not expect to transform the club overnight.

With every insolence we detect in his tics and grimaces, we grow nobler, we turn philosophical in our violence.

Keenan is intent on drawing some deep philosophical insights about his captivity and learning more as a result.

The unknown one seeks remains philosophical in nature (a thought or hypothesis) until proven through experimentation.

And during those days, countries like Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia were similarly philosophical in tune to Singapore.

In 4% of cases philosophical for is used

Maybe that is too philosophical for some.

Tiarnan is rather philosophical for a six year old.

Speaker for the dead is very philosophical for a science fiction.

His 150-page report was very philosophical for the first 99 pages, and on page 100 he started with an example.

With Masha Reva, you would always have to think deeper because things just always get so philosophical for her.

Murakami Yasumasa, thinks its methods are too severe, its principle too deeply philosophical for widespread popularity (Stevens 1984b:41).

The man who will sit quietly for hours taking a ' meds ', is the same man who can be ' vibesy ', chatty and philosophical for as long as he wants to.

I had waxed philosophical for ten minutes about kids and fathers and hope and entrepreneurs and beaches and daughters and now you want to know about the.

This thread is too philosophical for me, which is not my area; however I just want to throw in this comment to see if it makes any sense to the discussion.

The edifice of this **27;16440;TOOLONG is oppressive and dehumanizing to many innocent lives, a reality that is philosophical for many in the caste system.

In 4% of cases philosophical of is used

But she remains philosophical of her journey.

He has been hailed as the most deeply philosophical of contemporary Australian novelists.

They are the most philosophical of all -- and I suppose they are friends with me because after that many chics in one family, they can take (almost) anything.

In 4% of cases philosophical on is used

The margins of defeat might be concerning, but coach Sarel Cilliers is philosophical on the subject.

They go from practical laundry tips, to technical talk about pv to waxing philosophical on the abundance of the universe.

Not to get all philosophical on you, but in order to understand the look, one must first understand how a French woman views herself.

They suddenly get all metaphysical and philosophical on us when it comes to abortion, when normally they like to tout their strict allegiance to science.

In any case I know plenty mad people who will wax philosophical on a whole host of issues that they claim to have experienced with little or no evidence.

In 4% of cases philosophical rather is used

My approach is philosophical rather than biological.

This is a philosophical rather than a religious concept.

But now, having thanked my benefactress for past delights, I turn to her philosophical rather than fictional genre.

Causality is a philosophical rather than a physical principle so it would not be surprising if it were found to be wanting.

Are you one of life's optimists? I'd philosophical rather than optimistic -- I have a rational way of looking at existence.

Ibn Sina's interest in mathematics was philosophical rather than technical and such as we would expect in a late Neoplatonist.

Our reasoning is expressly scientific and philosophical rather than either pragmatic or religious, or merely political or emotional.

In 4% of cases philosophical to is used

They range from the philosophical to the farcical.

These range from the philosophical to the hands-in.

His work ranges from the humorous to the more traditional; philosophical to political.

This situates neuroethics to engage issues ranging from the philosophical to the juridical.

Newton specifically stated in his work that he was advancing beyond the philosophical to the mathematical.

Omniscience of the leader: Acceptance of the leader's beliefs and pronouncements on all subjects, from the philosophical to the trivial.

It can describe all aspects of human life from the most abstract philosophical to the latest scientific discoveries, hinting at further developments.

In 2% of cases philosophical as is used

There are other philosophical as well as scientific questions about pain.

Here though, they are a bit more like hired thugs and aren't in any way so philosophical as the cool Aussie bloke you described.

Le Guin influence is very obvious -- this is anthropological fantasy, in which the meetings between different cultures raise interesting philosophical as well as cultural issues.

In 2% of cases philosophical with is used

Most recently, feeling more indulgently philosophical with some of the edge worked off.

There were still a few things philosophical with this book, though with less introspection.

In 1% of cases philosophical after is used

But Baker was philosophical after the defeat and warned punters the horse would be ready to show his best in his main assignment, the Group I VRC Derby next weekend.

The Italian was philosophical after the race at Phillip Island, having finished a mediocre seventh, some 37 seconds behind the winner at a track where Rossi once won five years in a row.

In 1% of cases philosophical at is used

Some of this discussion might be pretty weighty and philosophical at times.

Probably being a bit philosophical at the moment, but my friend's death was a big reminder never to take life or people for granted.

TEENS TOAST DECISION Teenagers out and about in Wellington were relieved but philosophical at Parliament's decision to leave the drinking age at 18.

In 1% of cases philosophical by is used

Both men are more mellow and philosophical by the end of the story, largely because they had both escaped the region some years previously.

One can get quite philosophical by sitting at the edge staring into the nothingness - if it wasn't for all the Sri Lankans who wanted to have their picture taken with me.

In 1% of cases philosophical over is used

It's one thing to wax philosophical over conversations like these and another to put this into practice when your blood is boiling.

Springsteen has become philosophical over such misinterpretations, recognising that no artist has the ' fascist power ' to control the meaning of their words.

In 1% of cases philosophical regarding is used

I guess I am philosophical regarding my diagnosis.

In 1% of cases philosophical without is used

But to Kant it is the only way to be philosophical without letting our philosophy rob us of what is most authentically human.

The writer also is being too philosophical without recognizing the need to apply these ' theories ' in a scientific way in a society such as ours.

Saramago's writing is philosophical without being sophistry, and is immensely readable once you are able to align yourself to the rhythm of his work.

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